This Is Why You Should Pay For Premium WordPress Theme

Is Premium WordPress Themes Worth Buying? Why do you require a premium WordPress theme and not the free ones? Should You Pay For Premium WordPress Theme

Let’s see the logic behind finding out what you need to know before buying a theme?

Choosing a WordPress theme for your blog is not a very challenging task. But selecting the proper theme for your blog can be a difficult task as changing the WordPress themes put an impact on SEO and impact your Google organic traffic.

It can be a more inexplicable task if you are a newbie because it is the time when everything is unknown to you.

As per my 4 years of blogging background, premium themes are always worth buying as they provide better functionality, premium support, and advanced features. Premium themes make your site stand out by delivering much flexibility in terms of design.

So, to start and grow in your blogging or digital marketing two things are very significant first is Premium Hosting as hosting can put a huge impact on SEO and Premium Theme.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Free WordPress Theme?

WordPress provides a ton of themes that you can download or use on your website? Plenty of themes are paid and some are complimentary.

See the down content to know the Pros and cons of Having a Free WordPress theme for your website.

The Pros of Free WordPress Themes

The biggest advantage of having a free WordPress theme is zero cost. This points out that you’ll get the theme without paying any amount.

Cons of Free WordPress Themes

Well, Free WordPress themes acquire plenty of benefits but also attain some cons. So, let’s examine what are the cons which you have to suffer in a few WordPress themes.

  1. Support Opportunity is limited:- The WordPress theme which doesn’t acquire any cost is available with a little support option. You’re not qualified to access every option in the free WordPress themes.
  2. Elements are limited:- Free themes attain restricted features to access. You can’t access the elements like Creating landing pages, using shortcodes, and many others.
  3. 0 responsibilities:- Free themes don’t have any security, if something happens wrong with your website then you have to face your own.
  4. Not Distinctive:- Free themes are not distinctive. This acquires a general outlet of a website. Not only this, but it also acquires duplicate design which is generally added by the developers with general characteristics.

Why do Companies Design Free WordPress Themes?

Well, free themes are the doorways to premium quality themes. They have the necessary standards as a theme and that’s why they’re proposed to the audience without any cost.

And It is of reputed marketing strategy to forge sales and accumulate a large premium customer surface.

Free WordPress themes that are open at higher quality standards. This helps the developers to sharpen their craftworks and knowledge regarding the creation of themes. Developers build free themes to review their level of work and skills.

Note 1:- We’re not suggesting you have a Free WordPress theme for your website. Free themes are not completely bug-free and may cause problems while working. They are just the model or we say the result of the talents and knowledge of developers.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Premium WordPress Theme?

Pros of Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress offers free themes correspondingly it also offers some highly attractive premium themes. Well, you don’t have the free permit for these types of themes.

These themes are available in return for some charge. Let’s have some pros of the premium WordPress theme.

  1. The most significant and biggest advantage of having a WordPress theme is the premiums of the segments. In the WordPress theme (Premium), you’ll encounter high quality and different types of exceptional and interesting features. You can easily use shortcodes, drag and drop builders and perform many other segments.
  2. The next significant benefit of having a WordPress theme is the support design of WordPress. You’ll also get recent updates and new parts from the developers in the premium WordPress theme which are big, free, and comparatively more useful.
  3. These types of themes are special, they’re paid themes so not everyone will acquire the same changes and configurations done in a theme.
  4. Pleasingly coded and structured well. Premium themes are coded very fine so they are lightweight and load much quicker than free themes.

Cons of Premium WordPress Themes

Yes, Paid WordPress themes also have some disadvantages. See the points below to learn about the cons of having a premium WordPress theme.

  1. Sometimes premium themes attain too many elements. Well, yes this is a benefit but also a disadvantage for some people. Unwanted components will enhance the load of the website and the website will begin a slow response.
  2. Crossing across into the plugin domain is also a drawback of having a premium WordPress theme. This proposes functionality in the features that will vanish all the custom settings which you’ve done in a theme.

Distinction Between Free And Premium WordPress Themes

Well, the argument is about What type of theme will be determined whether a free theme is better or a premium theme is better. We have a clear look at it with the help of points that are listed below:-

Free WordPress Theme

Premium WordPress Theme

This type of theme is free and open at zero cost.

It can be accessed after spending a specified price. You’ll also appreciate some extensive benefits under this type of website.

The free themes which are officially downloaded via have undergone a strict review process which is impressive.

You don’t have to encounter a detailed review procedure before getting into the market completely.

If you’re a learner or a novice and want to get a theme that is manageable to use, the free theme will be most useful. This type of theme is not hired with heavy unwanted features. So, you can use them easily.

The design of this type of website is premium and it acquires a unique outlet. You’ll experience a unique outlet in it which is comparatively more influential and fast.

Not bundled, the support design is also confined to this theme. It means that it doesn’t acquire any warranty. So, if any issue occurs then you have to face your own.

You’ll get appropriate documentation from the vendor which supplies you with the support system and ensure your site through the warranty system. In the finale, we can tell that Premium websites are more secure.

Lack of in-depth customization plan. You can only customize some usual things and updates.

You’ll enjoy more lavish customization of various types of options. You’ll encounter a good support system with regular updates.

When To Utilize Free WordPress Theme And Premium WordPress Theme?

If you’re just begun your website or a blog then having a low level of understanding then a free theme will teach you a lot.

But it is right to use premium themes from the beginning as it is the time when you will absolutely require support and the theme provider is always ready to provide you support.

But, if you’re skilled and want to pursue your website professionally then head for a premium WordPress website.

Still, Twisted? Ask Few Questions To Yourself Before Picking A Theme

If you’re confused about what type of theme is best for you then ask yourself some questions before choosing the type of WordPress theme listed below:-

  1. Do you truly require plenty of features, customs, and other options on your website? Well, if the response is yes then you should head for a premium WordPress theme otherwise Free WordPress theme is also useful.
  2. Are you qualified of solving WordPress problems of your own or do you require a support system? Well, if you can manage the cases occurring then you can go for a free theme otherwise Paid premium WordPress theme gives you more help.
  3. Is a skilled and unique-looking theme your choice? Then Paid premium WordPress theme will be your first option. If a normal-looking theme is ok for you then the free WordPress theme will be more reasonable.

7 Elements To Check Before Picking A Right Theme for Your Business

See some leads which are very helpful for you to determine what type of theme will be best for you:-

Determining your Need:- Your requirement is the main thing that you have to think about while choosing the type of your theme.

A bunch of people will buy a theme or download a free plugin theme from the plugin library which is not very effective. You have to discover what you require from your website and divide it accordingly.

Responsive theme:- If your theme is not responsive then you’ll have inferior-level traffic in it. A responsive theme is very useful because it can efficiently run on any device with a fast response time.

Rating and review:- Rating and review are always valuable to identify the quality of experience of the users of the theme. So, always have a theme that has a satisfactory rating.

Pace and Lightweight:- Always choose a High speed and lightweight website theme. This will improve the user experience and make your website comfortable to use.

Inspect browser compatibility: Only a responsive and lightweight theme is not sufficient. The theme you choose has to be compatible with other browsers.

Because your site didn’t obtain visitors from one browser there are many browsers from which your visitors arrive at your site. To inspect compatibility utilize the tool Powermapper.

Go for a theme with technical support: Normally, free themes didn’t have technical support. But according to me, technical support is very essential for website owners to fix any type of theme-related issue.

Go for a theme that is revised frequently: An updated theme is very much needed to manage the WordPress updates.

If the theme is not updated often then one day the total site will tumble after a WordPress update.

How Much Premium WordPress Themes Cost It?

Well, when we go to WordPress and look for the best and most trustworthy premium WordPress theme then you’ll have to hold the price of $25 to $100.

There are some other outlets like Themeforest and thunderstorms which present a better and more trustworthy price for your theme ranging from $30 to $70.

We must say that if you have accepted your business seriously and want a respectable level of growth then a good cost premium level theme will be most reasonable for you. Don’t compromise with price because this is the main basis of your business.

Greatest Sources Of Premium WordPress Themes

There are a ton of themes available for WordPress which you can effortlessly download whether you’re looking for a paid theme or a free theme.

Well, the most straightforward way to find a premium theme that is right as promised is the selection of a great-level platform you have. If you buy the theme from an authorized web page then you’ll get the finest among all as promised.

My Preference For Best Source Of Premium WordPress Themes

ThemeForest From Envato Market

Envato is my favorite shop for WordPress themes, plugins, templates, and more. It is like Amazon of the digital products.

I am utilizing Envato since 2020 and I am totally comfortable with their service. Below I have furnished a screenshot of my account.

Advantages Of Using Envato Market:

  1. They have a massive collection of WordPress themes, plugins, and code.
  2. They have a pool of 3,553,020 Video effects and stock footage.
  3. More than 1,882,160 Royalty free music and audio tracks from $1.
  4. You can find more than 728,793 fonts, logos & presentations for $2.
  5. Their cluster of Royalty-free stock photos is outstanding.
  6. Not only WordPress they deliver stuff for other CMS also like Joomla, Drupal, Weebly, HubSpot, and more.
  7. They have a group of themes, plugins, and templates for popular page builder Elementor.
  8. Envato delivers excellent service to its customers.

If you want to begin it is best to go with Envato Market because they have products for every type of blogger, affiliate marketer, or Youtuber. You can discover more on Envato.

Themify and StudioPress are the additional 2 best platforms that offer premium quality WordPress themes as promised.

But I didn’t use them personally so I cannot describe their benefits and drawbacks. So, you can view these 3 platforms to start with. But my advice is for Envato Market.

Understand what you are buying

When purchasing a new WordPress theme whether it is a premium level theme or a free theme, you have to understand what you’re paying for.

A reasonable and trusted premium WordPress theme will always come from a warranty. So, make it foolproof that your WordPress theme will attain a warranty.

Documentation and support is the next thing that you have to think about while selecting a theme that you want.

You’re paying for trust and support so make certain that your website attains good documentation and support service.

These are the criteria that you have to consider to make your money worthwhile buying the high-quality WordPress theme.

Do premium themes help in your site SEO?

Yes, WordPress themes are very useful for better optimization of Search engine optimization.

A better and premium theme will be valuable for the search engine for a better insight into what you need.

Search engines love to engage with cleanly coded websites. A well-coded website will be extremely efficient for the SEO of your site. You’ll get extra functionalities and plugin processes that will improve the SEO of your site.

What do You obtain With Premium WordPress Theme?

In my opinion, there are vital 4 advantages you will get with premium themes.

  1. Exceptional look and professional appearance.
  2. Lifetime help and update.
  3. Themes are lightweight as they are nicely coded.
  4. Advanced elements and a good customization option.

What Are The Best Premium WordPress Themes?

There are numerous themes which you will find in the different stores but my suggestion will be these two. As I have utilized them personally for my clients and for myself.

I use these themes to craft finance blogs and personal portfolio blogs. You can check my recommendations for the best theme for the finance blog and personal portfolio blogs.

1. My Top Pick: The Gem Theme

Gem is an excellent multipurpose and Woocommerce-ready theme. I am employing it on my website since 2020.

The Gem theme provides a distinctive look to my website. The theme is coded and structured very pleasingly so it takes less time to load.

I am utilizing it on my dot in extension website the site is frankly targeted at an Indian audience below you can review my speed test scores on GTMetrix and Pingdom tool.

GTmetrix speed test targeting the USA

Pingdom speed result targeting the USA

This website has 30 posts of more than 2500 words with plenty of images and 10 pages. It utilizes the popular page builder Elementor for posts and pages both.

In the GTmetrix information, you can catch Google web vitals all parameters are in the green zone.

And Pingdom tool displays it takes only 2.30 seconds to load this site in the United States. Only have a page size of 1.6 MB though my site utilizes 19 plugins.

It is a general law that if your site utilizes a weighty page builder like Elementor it will take much more time to load. But it is not in my case.

And one of the finest things about premium themes is that they update on a frequent interval and you don’t require to check it by yourself they will inform you by mail.

Other than that the theme is packed with cutting-edge features. When you install a theme it delivers you with premium and useful plugins like Revolution slider, YITH Woocommerce wishlist, Layerslider, Zilalikes, and page builders like WPbeakery and Elementor pro versions for free.

The Gem theme has detailed customization opportunities.

The Gem theme includes hundreds of pre-built demos for different types of niches to import. So, there are 7 grounds to choose The Gem theme:

  1. Unique style
  2. Fast loading speed.
  3. Advanced features
  4. Various customization options.
  5. Hundreds of pre-built templates.
  6. Regular update.
  7. Excellent customer support.

2. 2nd Best: Avada Theme

Avada is one of the most famous themes in the Envato market. 25k user has given 5-star ratings to the Avada theme. I have utilized it on one of my client websites.

It also has the same proper features as the Gem theme:

  1. Exceptional style
  2. Fast loading speed.
  3. Cutting-edge features
  4. Diverse customization options.
  5. Hundreds of pre-built templates.
  6. Steady update.
  7. Superior customer support.


So, here we conclude our article “Why You Should Pay For Premium WordPress Theme”. I am certain that now you have a complete understanding of Premium WordPress themes and free themes. All the facts and data supplied in the discussion are real and analyzed. Hope you like it.

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