This Is What You Need To Do When The Printer Says Attention Is Required (9 Simple Steps)

Using a printer of any type Inktank, Deskjet, or Laser is very simple, and facing error is also very common. 

Printer attention required is very common which is faced generally by everyone. And the solution is also very simple. The error can be simply fixed by updating the new driver or configuration. 
In this article, I will explain 9 simple troubleshooting ways that could help you resolve the issue from your computer. 

Why Does The Printer Say Attention Is Required?

Printer attention required error is a common error that is seen mainly when there is a problem in the configuration of the Printer. 

Besides this, it is also caused by a driver or software error on the Printer. These are some major reasons that cause the Printer to throw Attention required errors on your computer.

Printer attention required error is mainly shown when you are trying to print the document using your web browser. 

If you happen to see this on your computer, there is a high chance of the driver and software misconfiguration. 

Therefore, check if you have installed the wrong or outdated driver on your computer or not. 

Depending upon the Printer, you may see various error messages like “Printer needs user intervention,” “User attention required,” and “Printer attention required.” 

If your computer is showing any of these error messages, then you are experiencing the same Printer attention required error in your computer. 

A common problem reported by users:

Depending upon what OS or Printer you are using, you will encounter different errors in your computer. 

It is not necessary that every device should show the same error. Here are some of the common errors that other users report.

  1. User Intervention required printer Windows 10
  2. Attention required Printer Lexmark.
  3. The Printer needs user intervention.

These are some of the common problems that other users report. Therefore, if you are encountering any of these errors in your computer, then understand it is the same Attention required error.

What Is The Solution To This Problem?

There are different reasons that could cause this error in your computer. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the various problem in order to fix the issue from your computer. 

So, here we have brought a step-wise solution to resolve the issue from your computer.

Print Website pages with an alternative browser

The Attention required error is mainly seen when you are trying to print the document online. 

If you are getting this error when printing documents from website pages, then I will suggest you use a different browser.

When you get the error from one particular browser, there are very few chances that you will see this same error in another browser. 

Besides this, printing the document using browser add-ons can also fix the issue in some cases. Therefore, I suggest you try printing the document by adding add-ons. 

Updates Drivers

Software or drivers is another problem that could omit this error in your computer. If you have not updated our driver for a long time or installed it wrong, you will certainly encounter this error. 

So, what you can do is check your printer model and then go to your Printer’s official page.

There you will see different drivers depending upon the OS and architecture of your computer. 

Besides this, you can also directly update your driver instead of downloading and installing. If you have installed the driver, but it is still not working, go to the next solution. 

Disable Protected Mode in Internet Explorer

Every OS has this protected mode in Internet Explorer that protects users from malicious software or programs. 

The feature was first introduced in Windows Vista. Since then, the feature is still available in Windows OS. 

The feature is very helpful to protect against malicious files and software programs. 

But, sometimes, it may consider our drivers a malicious program and could stop us from printing any kinds of documents. 

So, make sure to disable this mode on your computer and see if it works or not. 

If you don’t know how to disable protected mode on your PC, follow the below step-wise instructions.

  1. First of all, click on the start menu.
  2. After this, click on the setting button or control panel.
  3. Now search the Internet option in the Control panel.
  4. After this, a new tab will appear in your windows.
  5. There you will see different options like General, Security, and privacy.
  6. Click on the security option from the tab.
  7. Here you will see a square button to activate and deactivate Enable Protected mode to ensure it is deactivated or deselected. 
  8. After this, click on Apply button and then click on Ok. 

This is how you can deactivate the protected mode on your computer. After this, try printing the document and see if the error is solved or not. 

If the error persists, activate the protected mode again by following the same steps.

Install the latest Updates

If you haven’t updated your Windows for a while, make sure to update it. Sometimes the outdated version of Windows OS could also show this error in your computer. 

Here is the step-wise instruction to update Windows on your computer.

  1. First of all, click on the start button.
  2. Now, click on the setting or control panel from the start menu. 
  3. Search Update and Security option on the control panel.
  4. Click on Check for update button.
  5. After this, Windows will search for updates and click on the available updates.

Now restart your PC, and then try printing the document again on your PC. If the problem is not solved, go to the next solution.

Restart the printer Spooler Service

A spooler service in your windows helps your computer interact with the Printer. So, I will suggest you restart this service on your computer.

  1. Click on the start button.
  2. Open the Run or search Run in the start menu search bar.
  3. After this type of Services. msc and click OK.
  4. Here you will see various running services on your computer.
  5. Locate Printer Spooler there and click on it.
  6. After this, you will see the different settings of Print Spooler. There you will see an option to restart the service.
  7. Click on the Restart button. 

Now try printing the document from your computer and see if the problem is solved or not. If the problem exists, then go to the next solution. 

Assign a static IP address to your Printer

If you are using a network or wireless printer, there could be some problem with your IP configuration. 

If you have configured your Printer in another network, it may not work in a new one. Therefore, I suggest you uninstall the printer driver and install it again on your computer. 

Check the ink levels.

According to some users, Printer Requires attention error can occur when running out of ink. 

So, make sure to check the ink level in your Printer and see if it is sufficient to print the document or not. 

If not, refill the ink on your Printer and make sure that your printer’s cartridge should work properly. 

Make sure that your Printer is installed correctly

If you have recently installed your Printer in a new place, then make sure to check if you have properly installed it or not. 

If you are using a wireless printer, make sure you have configured your wireless Printer properly. 

Run the troubleshooter

If none of the above solutions are working, then the last solution to this problem is troubleshooting. 

Windows has this inbuilt feature that lets you fix the error automatically by running a troubleshooter. 

Here is the step-wise instruction to run the troubleshooter on your computer. 

  1. Click on the start button.
  2. Click on the control panel or setting option from the start menu. 
  3. Now click on Update and security from the control panel. 
  4. After this, a new tab will appear to see different setting options related to your computer. 
  5. On the left side of the tab, you will see the troubleshoot option. Click on it. 
  6. And, on the left side, you will see the printer option. Just below the Printer, there you will find the Run the troubleshooter button.
  7. Click on Run the troubleshooter. After this, windows will start troubleshooter and fix any kinds of errors if present. 

This is how you can run a troubleshooter in your windows. I hope that this method should fix the error if present. 


Printer Attention error is one of the common errors found on computers that have installed outdated Printers in their computer. We have discussed the solution to this problem in the above section. 

I hope that you have followed it properly and fixed the issue. If the problem persists, make sure to contact your printer service center about your problem. 

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