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Our editor’s alone research, test, and rate the finest products. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. Learn more

BSL provides an original and valuable product review ecosystem for true shoppers. It feels great when someone got benefited from our review and gives us sweet, energetic, and positive feedback and we’re honored to help them. Whether you’re an expert or not we’re always here to help you.

Who Is The Founder

Hey everyone! I’m Tanmoy Misra Founder of Big Screen Lab. I’m a 30-year-old family man from a small town in India. After completing my basic education instead of looking for a job I started my own business in my native place. It is not that I’m a technology dude but it’s my nature that makes me like one of them. In my personal life, before buying any product whether it’s a Television or a Sound System first thing that I do is to get in-depth and detailed information about that product because every single piece of money is hard-earned money.

We surely don’t want to waste it. This helped me and my friends & relatives because it feels fantastic when you invest your money in such a product that serves excellently for a long time. However, it is not possible for everyone to judge a gear before buying it can be for many reasons, people don’t have enough time to spend, many of us don’t want to spend it, and lastly, it is beyond their understanding.

How BSL Started

A Little Story of Foundation.

I found in my circle many of my friends end up purchasing a bad product due to a lack of technical information. But they could get a better end if they get better sources. In the next buy, I gave them a little help, and luckily the product is still now just performing great. It is the first point that hit me, there are many peoples like my friends who don’t get the right information. And the second thing which I like to mention is that it was always my dream to create a blog of my own. So, I decided to combine my interest and blog together as BSL.com.

My “niche site” led me into the world of Internet marketing and online business. And now I & my team run more than 3 websites including one eCommerce website.

Work With Purpose

The best, most valuable work we can do comes from focusing on priorities, reducing the waste of resources, providing helpful feedback, and collaborating with positive intentions.

How we do it:

1. We go for top products in every category.

2. We and our contributors buy every product we review. Exactly like you buy from the retail. We do not accept any free or promotional products from manufacturers. 

3. Then the products are put into side-by-side testing plans including lab and field testing by our testing teams. We also give importance to user reviews and feedback available online and offline. 

4. At last we rank the products with an explanation and present them to you in a systematic manner.  

How We Earn Money

BigScreenLab is a reader-supported free service. We work independently and honestly. We can only earn and grow this site when you buy any of our reviewed products by clicking our affiliate link (you can read our Affiliate Disclosure) and that supports our hard work. 

If you click on a vendor’s affiliate link on our site and complete any purchase, the vendor will donate a portion of the sale to help support this site. It won’t cost you anything extra, and it’s a simple way to help us finance our product reviews. Thanks for your support of our work!

Product Selection And Listing

Our product selection is not so simple and easy in every category we check hundreds of products and select our top contenders. We look for product ratings, availability, and price in all online stores. After that, if the product core specification satisfies us then we compare the product with the price (whether the price is genuine with respect to brand, feature, and specification). Then we go through all online stores’ customer reviews.

No Promotional or Freebies

We do not accept free evaluation units from vendors and we always refuse any paid promotion. We always give importance to honest and perfect reviews that can benefit our readers and our business model is focused on our reader interest. 

Our Testing Circle


To develop a good review on the basis of a fair score we have designed an objective testing plan for every category we give importance to subjective parameters these data help us to generate key performance features of the product and important differences between competing products.   

Our lead product testers hold excellent science or engineering backgrounds such as IIT, MIT, NIIT, and ISF. Our lead testers create in-house lab and real-world testing plans where we put our testing products in challenging conditions to see how good they are in the competition. For each category review, we use the latest tools and technology that make our work engineering standard. We connect with people who have already used the product to get the real-life experience but it is not always possible.  

Crafting An Honest Review is Very Hard


When a review is test-based then believe me it is very hard but yes not impossible. Testing a product thoroughly takes a lot more time and effort without that you are not definitely going to get the best review. According to us when a visitor reads a product review he/she not only wants to know if the reviewer liked or disliked the product but also wants to know why the product is better than all other top products available out there and how the product is perfect for him/her than another. 

If you like our commitment to honest, independent, and objective testing then help us grow by letting your friends know about BigScreenLab. 

If you have more questions you can contact us we always love to hear from you and your feedback help us to improve. Be sure to check our reviews and let us know did we succeeded to hit our goals

Tanmoy Misra
Founder and CEO

A clean, honest, and better way to product reviews

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