VU Pixelight QDV Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV Review India 2021

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 Type: LED    Sub-Type: IPS     Resolution: 4K

VU Pixelight is a smart TV series launched by VU. The TV is well built it is of Ultrasmart and premium quality. Whereas you can say Sony, Samsung or LG are a kind of a legend in the Television industry but now they are getting tough competition from Xiaomi and VU. VU Pixelight brings premium quality Television at an affordable price, VU Pixelight TV is available in three sizes 43, 50, and 65 inches.

VU Pixelight 65 QDV / 65 QDV -V1 will cost you only 54K whereas Sony 65 inch UHD 4K or OLED cost you near 1 lakh (UHD 4K) and above 4 lakh (OLED) so there is a huge difference but yes in some sections Sony delivers better performance than VU TV. 

In this article, we will explain to you the VU Pixelight series which is the same for all sizes in this series. Let’s pull down below for a detailed review.

VU Pixelight price changes with size but all prices are absolutely attractive and reasonable for everyone. As per our research from all online stores, the best price for VU 50-inch ₹25480, 65-inch (65 QDV / 65 QDV -V1) ₹47990 Amazon, and 75-inch (75-QDV) ₹89990 from Amazon.It is our request to you that if you like the model then surely have a look by yourself.

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Design and Look

The VU Pixelight is extremely well built, giving it a very premium look. The bezels surrounding the display are very thin and impressive nearly it is not noticeable. The build quality is excellent, and you shouldn’t have any issues with the TV.


The VU Pixelight is very thin. It’s thicker at the bottom where the electronics are housed, but even then it’s still thin and won’t stick out much if you wall-mount it.


The back of the VU Pixelight is plain. Back in the combination of metal and plastic. Some of the inputs are facing sideways and some are facing outwards, which can get in the way if you wall-mount the TV and very well cable management.


VU Pixelight

The stand design of the VU Pixelight is quite good looking and not so big but supports the TV extremely well.


VU Pixelight

The VU Pixelight borders are thin and aren’t distracting when watching TV.

Picture Levels

VU Pixelight TV supports 4K and HDR10. Like most IPS TVs, the VU Pixelight can’t display true blacks, and this is most noticeable in a dark room. Like most IPS TVs, this display has a good viewing angle. The image remains accurate to a wide-angle, then starts to lose accuracy, and the image gets washed out gradually. But this TV has mediocre black uniformity. Whereas it has excellent reflection handling, but the semi-gloss coating isn’t able to fully diffuse reflections across the screen.

VU Pixelight has a great wide color gamut but due to the limited contrast ratio, this TV can’t display dark colors very well. There is some minor temporary image retention. This isn’t uncommon with IPS TVs and does vary between units. IPS has some image retention but they do not have any permanent Burn-in risk. This TV has Good peak brightness and decent gray uniformity.


This TV has a good response time. There is some very minor overshoot in some transitions, but this shouldn’t be very noticeable in most content. This TV has a decent motion interpolation feature, and even busy scenes are very smooth.

The VU Pixelight can display, without judder, 24p movies no matter from which sources they are playing. The TV is decent at showing low frame rate content smoothly (like movies and 30fps video games), but the TV’s fast pixel response time can make motion look a little stuttery, especially in wide panning scenes.

Unfortunately, it can’t flicker at 60 Hz, so 60 Hz content will have visible duplications in its motion, but some may find it preferable to no flicker.

Native Refresh Rate: 60 Hz                                             Variable Refresh Rate: No

Sound Quality

VU Pixelight does get pretty loud, but they could produce some pumping and compression artifacts near their maximum volume. The frequency response is quite flat and well-balanced. However, at maximum volume, VU Pixelight TV produces a lot of distortion, but this kind of distortion won’t be very audible with real-life content (movies, music…).

Number of Speakers
  • 2
Speaker Type
  • Box Speaker
Sound Technology
  • Dolby Digital and DTS True Sound
Surround Sound
  • DTS Truebass, DTS TruSurround, DTS Dialog Clarity
Speaker Output RMS
  • 20 W
Sound Mode
  • Standard, Speech, Late Night, Music, Theater
Supported Audio Formats
  • MP3, PCM, AC3, AAC, COOK, MP2


Great low input lag, especially when playing 4k video. The 1080p input lag is higher than for 4k but is still good enough for most gaming. All common resolutions are supported. 4k @ 60 Hz @ 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 is only possible on HDMI inputs 2 and 3. however, many TVs from other brands have lower input lag.

  • 1 Rear, 2 Side
  • 1 Side, 1 Back
NFC Support
  • No
Headphone Jack
  • No
Audio Out
  • Optical, ARC
Analog Audio Input
  • Composite In

Smart Features

smart features

Smart OS: Linux  

VU Pixelight has opted for a Linux-based operating system instead of an Android-based OS. The interface isn’t very smooth to operate via remote control and often lags in registering input from the remote. VU Pixelight comes with Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Zee5, ErosNow, Hungama Play, YuppTV, Dailymotion, AccuWeather, TED, Toon Goggles and Plex apps. The TV also takes some time in opening apps… pressing the Netflix button on the Vu Pixelight’s remote. But one thing is very impressive is the feature of Remote now which lets you use your smartphone as a remote control for the television.

The performance is also quite inconsistent; sometimes the TV will open menus quickly and have smooth animations, but other times menus will lag for a second or two before opening, and their animations will be choppy. The home menu of VU Pixelight is especially slow to open, which is unfortunate because of how often it needs to be used.

The apps run fairly smoothly and with minimal lag, unlike the frequent mini-hangs of the main interface.

Number of Cores
  • 2
  • Dual Core
Graphic Processor
  • Dual Core
Graphic User Interface
  • Linear Home UI
Ram Capacity
  • 1 GB
Storage Memory
  • 4 GB
Supported App – Netflix
  • Yes
Supported App – Youtube
  • Yes
Supported App – Hotstar
  • No
Supported App – Prime Video
  • Yes
Supported Mobile Operating System
  • Android, iOS
Operating System Present
  • Yes
Operating System
  • Linux
Screen Mirroring
  • Yes
Pre Installed Browser
  • Yes
Content Providers
  • Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Hungama Play, Yupp TV, Daily Motion, AccuWeather, Game Center, Wow TV, icflix, TED, Toon Goggles, Viaway, Plex, TV Browser, VEWD App Store, etc
Supported Devices for Casting
  • Mobile
Content Languages
  • English
System Languages
  • English


VU Pixelight

VU Pixelight is offering clean-looking remote controllers with as few buttons as possible. There are broadcast controls at the top with a directional pad in the center. Then there are the volume and channel buttons along with playback buttons and streaming buttons at the bottom. Together with regular control the remote assembled with this TV also has quick-access keys to Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video.
The remote doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity features so, you cannot use wireless Bluetooth soundbars have to use an audio cable.

Touch Remote
  • No
Smart Remote
  • Yes
Color Screen
  • Yes
RF Capable
  • Yes
Internet Access
  • Yes
LED Backlit Buttons
  • No
Battery Type
  • 2 AAA Batteries
Remote Charger
  • No

Control from TV

VU Pixelight simple button system can be used to change inputs, speaker volume, and tuner channel, as well as act as the TV’s power button.


In The Box
  • powercable,remote control battery manual,table stand ,wall mount bracket
Model Name
  • 65 QDV / 65 QDV -V1
  • Rear: Black, Stand: Grey, Front Bezel: Titanium Grey
Display Size
  • 163 cm (65)
Screen Type
  • LED
HD Technology & Resolution
  • Ultra HD (4K), 3840 x 2160
  • No
Smart TV
  • Yes
Curve TV
  • No
  • Pixelight
  • No
Motion Sensor
  • No
  • 3
  • 2
Wi-Fi Type
  • 802.11 b, g, n
Built In Wi-Fi
  • Yes
Launch Year
  • 2019
Internet Features
Built In Wi-Fi
  • Yes
Mobile High-Definition Link
  • No
3G Dongle Plug and Play
  • No
Ethernet (RJ45)
  • 1


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