These 22 Steps Make My Laptop Faster For Gaming

Gaming laptops need to be faster for better and more smooth performance. Making your laptop faster not only gives better gaming performance but also delivers you with overall outstanding laptop performance. 

In this article, I will provide you simple 22 steps to make your laptop faster for gaming and for anything you use it for.  
These 22 steps are personally applied by myself on my Asus Tuf F15 gaming laptop to improve its gaming and laptop’s overall performance.

How To Make A Laptop Faster For Gaming

Update Drivers

If you wanna make your laptop faster so that you can enjoy an extraordinary gaming experience then updating your drivers can be a pleasant option for you. 

Updating your CPU, Motherboard, and graphics card. Also, make sure to update your laptop to its latest version. 

If your Graphics card is an NVIDIA then you can update this graphic card by visiting this website

Otherwise, if the system attains an AMD graphic card then visit this website. Other than Al, if your laptop Is powered by Intel then you can update your drivers from this site. So, update your Graphic drivers and enhance your gaming experience.  

Use boost mode and game booster

driver booster

Using the Driver Booster app is a good option to improve your gaming experience drastically. Allowing the Game mode and game booster for the low-end systems is a great way to improve the gaming experience. 

These types of settings configurations automatically close the unnecessary windows which let your system slow. 

Game boosters generally stop the unnecessary windows which are running in the background of the laptop. 

These windows let the performance of gaming slow and the player shows lag while playing. Once you activate the game booster it will close all the unnecessary windows so that your game runs smoothly. 

Increase Virtual Memory

You can also increase the virtual memory of your laptop to twice when your RAM gets out. This is a hidden setting that can’t be enabled after several settings. 

  • Firstly, visit the control panel of your laptop and select the option of System and security
  • Now, select the option of the system, and after that click on the option of Advanced system settings.
  • Now, a new list will open where you have to select the option of performance
  • Go to advanced and select the option of memory. Now, set your memory at the double and come back to your home screen. 

Your RAM becomes 8GB from 4GB and your gaming experience becomes more fluent.

Clean laptop to boost airflow

Cleaning your laptop is important for work that should be performed by everyone but let me tell you that it will also provide you with a better gaming experience. 

Cleaning your laptop leads to reducing overheating because your laptop is experiencing proper cooling from cooling fans. 

This will make your system cool and your gaming experience will get enhanced indirectly. According to professional gamers. 

Everyone should have a dedicated cleaning of their laptop every six months. This is a compulsory thing to do. You can also clean your laptop 2 times every six months.

Using an SSD

Plenty of people didn’t know but an SSD card is also an effective way to improve the gaming experience. 

When you download on the SSD then the game will run on your system more fluently. The Use of an SSD card reduces the additional load on your system so that the system runs faster and gives an impressive gaming experience. 

SSD cards are cheaper so you can easily buy them and use them to improve your experience.


You must apply this process. You cannot imagine the change in performance you will notice. When I switch from HDD to SSD it outstandingly increased my laptop overall performance.

I have used Samsung 870 EVO SATA III 1TB SSD but sorry I cannot show you it visually because I have already placed it in my old laptop. It is been 8 months and it is giving me a terrific performance.

Windows setting to max performance

If your windows settings are not advanced or we can say it is not configured then you also face problems of lag and hang during heavy gaming. 

Well, the best thing is that you can easily solve this problem by following the steps below:- 

  • Firstly, visit your control panel
  • Now, find the option of System and security
  • Click on system and later click on advanced system settings
  • Now, click on the option of performance settings and click on advanced. 
  • Lastly, select the option of visual performance and adjust it. 

Hence, your windows settings are configured and you’ll get improved performance from it.

Turn off unnecessary services and widgets

Unnecessary services let your system slow down and hence you face problems while gaming. 

There are plenty of stock apps that are not in use but still occupy space on your laptop. You just have to uninstall these apps. 

There are plenty of applications that detect useless applications and hence you can improve your gaming performance by uninstalling them. 

Also, close the working of background applications. You just have to visit the settings and turn off all the background apps. 

Using Cleaning Applications

Let me tell you that heavy junk files and heavy cache can also reduce the performance of the gaming. 

To clean the junk files you can take help from any third-party application which will easily collect all the junk files and cache and present them to you. 

You can delete all your junk files with one click. There are plenty of applications like CCleaner available online. 

You can easily download and use these applications to clear junk files from your desktop. This will free your memory from unnecessary data and let your laptop work properly.

Use an antivirus to clean your system

anti virus

If your laptop is old and you use it for some years or many years then you must place an Antivirus system on your laptop. 

his will protect your device from unwanted viruses and malware. Not only this, but it is also helpful to improve your gaming experience. 

Antivirus software improves the stability of the system which is helpful to improve the gaming stability in the laptop. 

You can also disable anti-virus while using it so that it will not be able to take extra storage while gaming. 

I am using McAfee total protection for all my laptops including my gaming laptop and till now it is providing great service.

I didn’t find any problem (lag or slow) in my system performance oppositely it is optimizing my apps to perform faster. So, if you want you can check out definitely.

Defragment your hard drive

Hard drive defragmentation is very much important for your system to run fast. It not only improves gaming performance but also improves overall laptop performance. 

It’s very necessary to repeat the importance of cooling. The cooling fans of your laptop must be cleaned every time so that dust doesn’t place any effect on it. 

If dust is applied to the fan then it will reduce its speed and the cooling capacity becomes low. 

This will enhance the heat level and your system starts lagging. So, again we’re targeting cleaning your laptop from time to time. 

There are many ways by which you can easily get the knowledge created to better clean Fans. Likewise, Defragment of the Hard drive also provides a positive impact on the hard drive.


Make sure to not defragment the SSD because it reduces the working life of the SSD.

uninstall all the unwanted applications

Sometimes the lack of space in the laptop reduces the gaming experience. To solve this problem you can delete or uninstall all the unwanted applications which you didn’t use or use rarely. 

This will lead to maintaining more space in the laptop so that your laptop works fluently and you’ll get the best gaming experience from it. 

Install and update Direct X

Direct X is one of the most important tools which easily optimize your gameplay on the laptop. You just have to make sure that the Direct X you installed is the most updated version of Direct X. 

Direct X helps you to get a fluent and impressive gaming experience. If you want to download the latest version of Direct X then click on this link

Keep Windows Updated

If your windows are not updated and you’re using an old version of Windows ten also may face problems in gaming. 

Now, games require better optimization of processor and screen. The updated version of the window provides a better platform for the game for working fluently. 

Yes, indeed, some of the updates of windows are not considered but some of the recent updates are good for better optimization of gaming.  

Upgrade RAM and Graphic Card

If you’re ok with spending some amount for getting a better gaming experience then the best way to get the solution is to upgrade the graphic card and upgrade the memory. 

Well, you can easily buy an SSD card that doesn’t cost you high. So, attach an SSD card with your Laptop and upgrade your RAM. 

If you’re a gamer then you have to make sure that your Laptop must attain 8 GB of RAM. Upgrading your RAM and Graphics card provides an extraordinary change in your gain performance. 

Disable Startup Services

To disable the Startup services you just have to visit the task manager and click to disable the Auto Start function here. 

Now, once you disable the settings then all the apps and webs which are running in the background get disabled and release lots of memory and RAM which they’re using to run. 

This will provide you with a good space in the memory and your RAM also. So, your gameplay becomes more fluent.

Overlook the GPU

If you want to improve your gaming performance on the laptop significantly then you should make a check on Overlook the GPU. 

Well, let me also tell you that overlooking the GPU will reduce the life of the laptop. So, it may be harmful also. 

We’re considering this method as a last resort. So, if you apply the tips and you still didn’t get the required results then you can proceed towards this.

Fast Internet (For online gaming)

Well, this is the most basic tip for all online gaming players. If You’re playing games online or playing an online game on your laptop then the most important thing which you take care of is the quality of the internet. 

If your internet quality is not good then you face lag problems while doing no matter how much you have storage, or RAM if your internet speed is not good then you face lag problems in your system. So, always ensure while playing an online game that your internet speed must be good.

Tune manually to make the game perform better & faster

Manual Tuning is also a great way to improve the better & Faster gaming services programs like anti-aliasing and texture filtering takeouts of space and are used rarely. 

By disabling them you can easily enhance the performance of gaming in a better and faster way. 

You just have to ensure that you’re acquiring proper knowledge about what type of graphic setting is best for you and what type is useless. 

Adjust Power Settings

Power management is a tool that is embedded in the laptop to provide a better gaming experience. 

In windows, some power settings can enhance the gaming performance of your laptop. Let’s see the process which is used to adjust the power settings:- 

  • Firstly, click on the Start option and later find the option of settings in it. 
  • Now, go to the system option and after that select the option of Power and sleep
  • At this step, go to the additional power settings
  • A new menu will open on your screen. Here you have to click on the option of High power/performance. 
  •  Now change the plan settings and click to change advanced power settings
  • At this step, just confirm that the power settings are configured at various optimum levels. 

Windows 10 game mode

Windows 10 attains a dedicated gaming Mode that optimizes the laptop and prepares it for fluent gaming. 

If you don’t know how to activate Windows 10 game mode then follow the steps listed below:- 

  • Click on the option of start and visit the option of settings
  • Now, find the option of Gaming and click on the Xbox Gaming Bar
  • Now, switch it on and wait for the response. 
  • Go to the left-hand side of the screen and select the option of Game mode. 
  • Switch this option to On and close to finish. 

Well, you can also complete this process by clicking on WIN+G in the Xbox panel and clicking to Game mode. 

Change texture settings for laptop optimization

Changing the texture settings is also one of the best ways to enhance the overall performance of the laptop. 

There are plenty of settings available in the graphic card for improving the texture of graphics in the laptop. 

To enhance the gaming performance in the laptop you just have to lower the frame rate and texture settings.

Disable automatic update

The most common problem with the laptop is lagging while playing games. Well, lack of storage and heavy load in the system is a problem but sometimes the unwanted update of an application may also reduce the performance of the laptop. 

Well, there is not a single set of your application working without any update but you can disable the permission of automatically downloading the update. 

If you’re a newbie and don’t know how to do this setting the follow the steps below:- 

  • Firstly, you have to open your steam client. 
  • Now, select the option of Steam in your toolbar and click on the option of Settings
  • In the settings select the option of downloads.
  • In the download restriction section, an option will be displayed named Allow downloads. You just have to uncheck it and the process is completed. 

So, here we have discussed all the major tips and tricks which are helpful to engage the gaming performance of the laptop. 

I’m sure that these tricks will solve your problems and also enhance the performance of the laptop. 

Related Questions

What Causes Laptop Lag?

There are plenty of reasons by which a laptop lags. Some of the major reasons are listed below:- 

  • Insufficient RAM. 
  • Poor CPU performance. 
  • Old Graphic Card. 
  • Damaged Hard Drive. 
  • The operating system is not properly upgraded. 
  • Poor quality of drivers. 
  • Low-quality internet and many others. 

Due to these issues, the laptop starts hanging and the gaming performance of your laptop becomes poor. 

Does gaming slow down laptops?

Well, it is a myth. Plenty of people didn’t install heavy graphic games because they’re afraid that their laptop system gets slow. 

It is not true. Games don’t make your laptop slow. The heavy load on the CPU and a graphic card will impact the laptop but there is no relation between gaming and slow performance of the laptop. So, don’t worry that the use of games will slow down your laptop. 

Is it bad to play games while charging?

Well, it is also a myth. You can play games while charging your laptop. It doesn’t damage your laptop anyway.

While it is most important to play games by keeping your laptop on charging and not to play games on the battery as it damages the battery and reduces its life span. 

Is it good to charge a laptop continuously?

No, it is not good that you leave your laptop continuously on charging. Let me tell you that, it doesn’t affect your laptop but you have to make sure to have proper care of your battery. 

If you leave your laptop in charge continuously then it doesn’t harm your battery and laptop but makes your battery warm. This will decrease your battery performance after a long time. 


So, here we discussed how you can take care of your laptop and enhance its gaming performance easily. 

All the above tricks will help you to improve your performance (Gaming) so that you’ll get the best quality experience while gaming. 

Enhancing the gaming performance of a laptop is not critical work. You just gave up on upgrading your laptop with reasonable configurations. So, just go and enhance your gaming experience on your laptop now. 

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