Outstanding TCL 32S327 Smart Roku TV: What You Need To Know? (Review And Specs) 2022

TCL 32S327 smart Roku TV is an entry-level 1080p LED TV with decent picture quality. And overall it has a strong performance record. Though the TV doesn’t support HDR, it has superb SDR image accuracy.

TCL 32S327 Smart Roku TV Review

Smart TVs have traveled a long way from the previous models. TCL 32S327 Roku is one of the few best TVs that allows you to get the experience of innovation and delivers the feeling of advanced smart TV when you don’t have space or the budget to accommodate the premium smart TVs.

Budget Buy

Best Price: $168 on Amazon

Type: LED, Panel Type: VA, Resolution: 1080p, RR: 50 Hz, Sound: 20 W

Pros: Image accuracy is excellent, Input lag is very low, cheap

Cons: No HDR, Cannot get bright enough, Doesn’t support 4K

Manufacturer: TCL

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Total Score

Picture Quality8.1
Sound Quality6
Build Quality7
Smart Features7

Our Verdict

The TCL 32S327 is an average TV with a decent usage rating. The movie-watching experience can be disappointing because it can’t deliver great dark room performance.

This TV is most suited for an average-lit room where it can handle reflection well. However, if you want to use this TV for gaming then we recommend going for casual gaming, not for higher-end gaming. 

The TCL 3 series is not so good for movies. As contrast ratio can create deep blacks but in the absence of a local dimming feature, there is no way to improve dark room performance.

The TV delivers decent performance for watching sports. With mediocre gray uniformity, there may be dirty screen effects that can affect serious sports fans.

The TCL S327 has decent performance as a PC monitor. It can display proper chroma 4:4:4 when in ‘PC” mode, but the TV has a maximum 1080p @ 120Hz resolution.

Thus if you are looking for a smart TV at an affordable price then it is the best but do remember this TV is not for HDR content. 

If you are looking for a TCL smart TV that supports HDR then check out TCL 4 series television. 

TCL 32S327 Smart Roku TV Variations

TCL 32S327 is a model under TCL 3 Series 2019. TCL 3 series holds 5 different models of various sizes. Only TCL 32S325 and TCL 32S327 are of 32-inch size but have different resolutions (TCL 32S325 is 720p and TCL 32S327 is 1080p). We have provided the model and purchase links below.

Check Price

32″ 32S325 | Amazon.com (SEE PRICE)
32″ 32S327 | Amazon.com (SEE PRICE)
40″ 40S325 | Amazon.com (SEE PRICE)
43″ 43S325 | Amazon.com (SEE PRICE)
43″ 43S325 | Amazon.com (SEE PRICE)

Our Analysis and Test Results

TCL 32S327 Smart Roku TV Review

Design And Build Quality

The build quality of the TCL 32S327 is decent. The stands are made up of plastic nearly as wide as the TV, support very well but allow a little wobbling if the TV is nudged.

The back is divided into two different parts the lower part which contains most of the electronics is made up of plastic whereas the upper part is thinner and is made up of metal.

The thickness of the TV is average and it is acceptable. Ports are facing sideways for easy reach. The overall build quality of this TV is good there are no gaps or loose ends. So, we think you will not have any issues.

Picture Levels

Native Contrast: 3426:1, Local Dimming: No

TCL 32S327 has a great contrast ratio. In the darkroom, blacks look good but unfortunately, the TV doesn’t have a local dimming feature to improve the appearance. The black uniformity of the TV is on average quite better than TCL 32S325.

It is visible all over the screen but it gets affected only in very dark scenes when watched in a dark room. Gray uniformity is average, sports fans may get little disappointment because of the clouding and dirty screen effect.

The viewing angle is not so good those who are watching from the side will not get perfect image accuracy. The TCL 3 series doesn’t support 4K resolution but upscaling of low-quality content is good.

If you are looking for a 4K quality TV then we recommend you take a look at TCL 4-Series’ Roku TV outstanding performance and excellent picture.

Whereas 720p and 1080p content looks excellent. The good thing is VA panels are immune to burn-in risk, as we think TCL 32S327 will not experience permanent image retention.

The TV is not capable of creating a full range of colors in various luminosities because of mediocre color volume. And also the TV doesn’t support a wide color gamut, but rather a standard color gamut.

Motion: Response time And Refresh rate

TCL 32S327 Smart Roku TV Review
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz, Variable Refresh Rate: No, FreeSync: No

The response time of the TV is fast 15.4 ms for 100% response time but not enough fast to compete with 49S325. The TV doesn’t have a black frame insertion option to make motion crisper. Just like higher-end models, TCL P8 AI 4K UHD, S327 doesn’t have motion interpolation features.

Sound Quality

We are not impressed with the sound quality of TCL 32S327. And it is obvious you cannot expect very much with a low-budget TV.

However, we always recommend an external sound system (home theatres) with any television models. If you desire higher-end performance then try this combination of TCL 32S327 + TCL Alto 6+ 2.1 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar

You will get many combinations with TCL 3 series model which you can check before buying.

Smart Features

OS: Roku TV (9.0), App selection: excellent, Casting capability: Yes, HDR in: N/A

The platform is simple and easy to use but not so smooth. The TCL 32S327 has a large number of apps similar to TCL’s higher-end models.

But as downside navigation and functioning of apps in laggy, and some apps hang for a few seconds before they can react to your command. Similarly, on the upside, the Roku interface permits phone cast and USB playback.


The remote is very basic, with different choices for quick launch buttons. It is an infrared remote which means it requires a direct line of sight for the sensor. As the volume controller is on the side of the remote and can be hard to find it for the first time.

TV Controls


TV controls are serviceable at the bottom of the television right under the TCL logo. It consists of one button that can be utilized to turn off and on.

TCL 32S327 Total Inputs And Specification

Total Inputs:

HDMI 3, USB 1, Digital Optical Audio Out 1, Analog Audio Out 3.5mm 1, Composite In 0, Tuner (Cable/Ant) 1, Ethernet 0, DisplayPort 0

Input Specs: Video

HDR10 No, HDR10+ No, Dolby Vision No, HLG No, HDMI 2.0 Full Bandwidth No
HDMI 2.1 Class Bandwidth No, CEC Yes, HDCP 2.2 Yes (HDMI 1,2,3), USB 3.0 No, Variable Analog Audio Out Yes, Wi-Fi Support Yes (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz)

Input Specs: Audio

ARC Yes (HDMI 3), eARC support No, Dolby Atmos via TrueHD via eARC No, DTS:X via DTS-HD MA via eARC No, 5.1 Dolby Digital via ARC Yes, 5.1 DTS via ARC Yes, 5.1 Dolby Digital via Optical Yes, 5.1 DTS via Optical Yes

What We Like/Dislike About TCL 32S327 Smart Roku TV


  • Backlight LEDs are amazing you will not find them in budget TV. 
  • Superior color reproduction. You will find rich and glowing colors.
  • Best TV for picture quality also in this price range. 
  • TV delivers the deepest blacks and bright colors.
  • Supports eARC. 
  • Input lag is significantly low. 


  • Dolby Vision is not supported.
  • Doesn’t support HDR and 4K.
  • Ok sound quality and sound bar are mandatory. 
  • Average viewing angle. 

Usage Ratings


Overall Usage

TV Shows7
PC Monitor7.2

For Watching Movies: Watching movies on TCL 32S327 Smart Roku TV will not provide you with an exceptional experience. It has a great contrast ratio and can create excellent blacks but cannot enhance dark room performance due to the lack of a local dimming feature. 

For TV Shows: This TV is decent for watching your favorite TV shows. The TV can get enough bright to fight glare so it is best for the average lightroom. The Roku TV has a good number of streaming channels that will host your favorite show. 

For Sports: The TV is decent for watching sports. The TV has a good contrast ratio and great reflection handling so it is mostly recommended for the average-lit rooms. Whereas we found grey uniformity is off but it has a dirty screen effect thus it may affect negatively to serious sports fans. 

TCL tv gaming

For Gaming: The TCL 3 Series smart Roku TV has had a low input lag and fast response time so you will get a responsive feeling. But the resolution is limited to 1080p at 60Hz and with no other advanced gaming feature. Therefore this TCL TV is not best for advanced gamers but casual gaming is fine. 

For PC Monitor: TCL 32S327 Smart Roku TV is good for PC use. The TV in PC mode displays proper chroma 4:4:4 but the viewing angle is not so good so you may get some uniformity issues at the borders when sitting close to the screen. 

HDR Movies And Games: This TCL 32S327 TV is not for any type of HDR content as it does not support HDR. 

Overall Usage: The overall usage rating is average. The TV can get enough bright and delivers deep blacks with a good response time but still, you will find some blur trail behind a fast-moving object. Due to a lack of local dimming, it doesn’t have a good dark room performance.

Who Should Buy TCL 32S327 Smart Roku TV?

It is good for watching sports, and TV shows, and good for playing casual games. But for watching movies and playing serious games this TCL 3 series TV is not recommended.

One more thing it is the cheapest Smart Roku TV that is available on the market. But if you are looking for a TCL TV with better gaming performance then we recommend TCL series 4 televisions.

Product Update

TCL 32S327 Smart Roku TV is a 2019 edition whereas there is a newer model available TCL 32S335 of series 3 2021. Both are similar TVs with decent performance. 

Difference Between TCL 32S327 And TCL 32S335

TCL 32S327TCL 32S335
Resolution- 1080pResolution- 720p
Year- 2019Year- 2021
Price- $168.00Price- $158.00

— Tanmoy Misra and Bishnu Misra

Where’s The Best Price?

TCL 32S327 | $168 on Amazon

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