Outstanding Sony Bravia 65A9F OLED TV Review And Specification India 2022

Sony has an outstanding OLED masterpiece in his bag Sony Bravia 65A9F which still blows out other similar models of this genre.

A shiny new X1 Ultimate image processor and the arrival of the Android Oreo TV OS make this a panel every 4K enthusiast will be lusting after.

The Sony Series A9F OLED TV is one of the best OLED TVs on the market and blows away the competition with its great picture quality, an innovative sound system and an improved version of Android TV.Sony Bravia 65A9F OLED TV Review

Like all OLEDs, it delivers perfectly deep blacks and has wide viewing angles. HDR looks great thanks to the excellent wide color gamut and the best color volume that have been measured so far on an OLED. Even better, as it’s coupled with an enhanced version of its Acoustic Surface Audio technology, it sounds tremendous great, too.

The only major drawback is that some Dolby Vision content looks a little dark and the TV is extremely expensive. But if high-quality performance is what you are looking for then this is one.

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Price Range and Amazon’s Deal

Sony Bravia 65A9F is available in two screen sizes, 55- (KD-55A9F) and 65-inches (KD-65A9F) but in the Indian market, it is available in only 65 Inch on Amazon and also on other places. But Amazon is delivering it in with a great discount of nearly 30% or more.

The price of Sony Bravia 65A9F is presently carrying 5,79,900.00 rupees but in Amazon offering a price of ₹ 2,96,299.00. Whereas it is not worthy to trust only on us better you check yourself on Amazon.

good And Bad


  • Instantaneous response time.
  • Nuanced UHD HDR images.
  • The acoustic surface produces good sound.
  • The image remains accurate when viewed at an angle.
  • All 4 HDMI ports are HDCP 2.3.
  • Flawless design.


  • Very much expensive
  • Brightness is limited in white scenes.
  • Back design awkward.


Whereas this is the Sony Bravia 65A9F OLED TV Review And Specification,​ the best led TV of Sony, surely among many. So, let’s drive into its full specs and find what are those.

Sony Bravia 65A9F OLED TV Review And Specification

Design and Look

Sony Bravia 65A9F OLED TV Review

Sony Bravia 65A9F OLED TV Review: Sony Bravia 65A9F has an outstanding look. The TV tilts back by about 5-degrees and stands just like a picture frame should, putting the display at an angle.

An adjustable counterweight is provided that can be affixed to the bottom of the kickstand, to keep the TV stable on a stand. Without it, the TV remains light enough for wall-mounting.

When placed on a table, the only thing you will see is the screen. There is a small white LED at the bottom of the display that glows when the TV is on and if you find this disturbing, you can switch it off from the settings.

The bezels surrounding the display are quite thin.The bezel around the top and sides are about 0.3 inches and at the bottom, it is 0.5 inches.

The bezels are decorated in black brushed metal, and a single, subtle Sony badge in the lower-left corner is the only branding on the design.

Unfortunately, the design makes the A9F difficult to move, but most people are not going to be moving the TV often, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

TV Type Smart TV
Screen Size 65 Inch
Screen Resolution 3840×2160
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Motion Rate 100 Hz
Viewing Angle 178°/178°


Sony Bravia 65A9F OLED TV Review

The Sony Bravia 65A9F is thin but slightly thicker than the LG C8. The electronics are more spread out over the back of the TV and it is more uniform.



The back of the 65A9F appears outstandingly gorgeous with the covers on, and has a great cable management. The back panels have a fabric cover on them, the same with the speaker panels.



The stand design of the 65A9F is quite large and bulky, but supports the TV extremely well. The stand cannot be removed, as it houses the major of TV hardware, from a covered connector panel to an integrated subwoofer.

The rear stand adds significantly to the overall thickness of the set and appears to play a larger role in supporting the TV. These feet require a surface at least 12.8″ (32.5 cm) wide.


Sony Bravia 65A9F OLED TV Review

Sony Bravia 65A9F borders are very thin and stylish, there is no noticeable gap between the border and the first row of pixels.

The only downside is unlike traditional stands, there is no space between the table and the bottom of the screen.

So, if you place a soundbar in front of the TV, it will obstruct your view. If you are someone who places like a Blu-ray player, gaming console, etc. below the TV, you will have to reconsider its placement.

Picture Levels

The Sony Bravia beat many high ground players in picture quality. The TV delivers excellent picture quality.

The OLED panel is especially well suited for a dark room, as the self-emissive technology delivers perfect blacks.

In darker scenes, shadows were deep and rich, without sacrificing ultra-fine details. Some OLED TVs will struggle with crushed blacks, where anything below a certain brightness becomes a single, undifferentiated black mass; the A9F had none of these issues.

Sony Bravia 65A9F is bright enough for most rooms, but it doesn’t get very bright with bright white scenes. It has an excellent wide color gamut. A9F is powered by the X1 Ultimate chip.

The X1 Ultimate is said to be double powerful as the X1 Extreme and also brings with it better picture processing along with object-based HDR rendering.

Like all OLED TVs, since each pixel is self-emitting there is no local dimming as each pixel can dim individually.

Sony has packed 65A9F with all the video processing and optimizing tricks it has, from the Sony’s top image-processing chip (X1 Ultimate) to Sony’s Triluminos Display, which configures images from a wider color palette to the Pixel Contrast Booster, which emphasizes the contrast offered by OLED’s perfect blacks and uses object-based enhancement that makes on-screen objects more unique.

Decent peak brightness in HDR and Good peak brightness in SDR on the 65A9F. The 65A9F has decent viewing angles nearly identical to the other 2018 OLED TVs, like the 65A8F, the image remains very accurate even at wide viewing angles.


Sony Bravia has excellent motion response compared to others. The OLED panel has an instantaneous response time, the image produced is free of motion blur and distortion. But it may appear irrelevant for someone as it leaves no trail behind fast-moving objects.

Due to the instantaneous response time of the OLED panel, 24p motion in movies can look strange to some people and appear to stutter. This is especially noticeable in slow, wide-panning shots.

Sony Bravia 65A9F has a native 120 Hz panel, but like all Sony TVs, it does not support VRR. The 65A9F can insert black frames to simulate flicker, which can help motion appear clearer.

Native Refresh Rate: 100 Hz

Variable Refresh Rate: No

Sound Quality

Sony 65A9F has better sound quality than A8F. Acoustic Surface Audio Plus, the updated version of Sony’s excellent sound-from-screen audio technology.

With three audio drivers directly behind the glass of the OLED display, the TV uses the glass panel as the vibrational surface of the speaker, literally producing sound with the 65-inch screen.

This TV gets loud enough for most environments, produces clear and intelligible dialog, and has a decent punch to its bass. However, it has no sub-bass and tends to produce pumping and compression artifacts under heavier loads.

We really enjoyed the performance of the audio from the 65A8F and the same can be said about the A9F. One feature that is quite impressive and unique to the 65A9F is the ability to use the TV as the center channel of your home theatre.

At the back, you will see the option to connect the TV as a center channel with your amplifier. Although this TV may sound good enough for some people, getting dedicated speakers is still recommended for a better sound.

It all adds up to a 3.2 speaker system built into the TV, offering rich and varied sound. Between the great sound quality and the powerful volume, this is one of the best audio experiences you’ll get from a TV.

Sound Mode Standard, Music, Cinema, Game, Sports
Audio Power Output 98 Watts Output
Dolby audio format support Dolby® Digital
Sound Technology Acoustic Surface Technology


65A9F OLED is outfitted with a wide selection of ports, with everything you need to connect your home theater equipment.

The set is equipped with four HDMI ports – three on the stand and one on the side of the TV – an RF antenna connector, three USB ports – two on the stand, one on the side of the TV.

And also an optical port for digital audio, two speaker connectors, and a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack.

The A9F has a good low input lag that should most people like. It supports all common resolutions, including native support for 1080p @ 120 Hz, great for Xbox One S/X owners.

Great for use as a PC monitor. The Sony 65A9F supports Dolby Vision, but advanced external devices must be used to support it.

Input Photos



Supported Resolutions

  • 1080p @ 60 Hz @ 4.4.4 : Yes
  • 1080p @ 120 Hz: Yes
  • 14440p @ 60 Hz: Yes
  • 14440p @ 120 Hz: Yes
  • 4K @ 60 Hz : Yes
  • 4K @ 120 Hz : Yes
  • 4K @ 60 Hz @ 4.4.4: Yes

Unsupported Resolutions

  • 4K @ 120 Hz : No
  • 8K @ 30 Hz or 24 Hz: No
  • 8K @ 60 Hz: No

Total Inputs

  • HDMI: 4
  • USB: 3
  • Digital Optical Audio Out: 1
  • Analog Out 3.5mm: 1
  • Composite In: 1 adapter required
  • Tuner (Cable/Ant): 1
  • Ethernet: 1

Inputs Specifications

  • HRD10: Yes
  • Dolby Vision: Yes
  • HLG: Yes
  • HDMI 2.0 Full Bandwidth: Yes
  • CEC: Yes
  • HDCP 2.2: Yes
  • USB 3.0: Yes (1)
  • Analog Audio Out: Yes
  • Wi-Fi Support: Yes (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz)

Smart Features

OSAndroid       Version8.0


The 65A9F has great smart features. Oreo comes up with plenty of nice new features, including a recently watched content rail, curated recommendations, and a favorite channel listing.

The updated Android TV OS and faster chipset make for a much faster experience than the previous Sony TVs. The Android Oreo interface is well organized and easy to navigate.

Some common apps, like the settings menu, are now easier to access as they have been moved to the top of the page.

Streaming services include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube, all of which support 4K. Netflix and Amazon also offer HDR according to availability.

Sony’s smart TV will also work with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices. It also comes with Google Assistant capability, effectively making your TV a Google Home, which lets you search for content, find online information, use online services and even control smart-home devices.

  • Ease of Use: Average
  • Smoothness: Average
  • Option: Many
  • Apps: Many and Trouble Free
  • Casting: Yes
  • USB Drive Playback: Yes
  • USB 3.0: Yes (1)
  • HDR Playback via USB: Yes
  • HDR Play on Netflix: Yes
  • HDR Play on Youtube: Yes


Sony Bravia 65A9F OLED TV Review

Sony’s 65A9F remote has rubberized back, and soft-touch buttons. There are a lot of buttons, more than most remotes from other brands. There is also a quick access button for Netflix, the Google Play Store, and Google Assistant voice control. Most of the remote functions require direct line-of-sight to the TV.

  • Size: Large
  • Universal Remote: Yes
  • Voice Control: Yes

Control from TV

In The Box

  • Removable power cable
  • IR Blaster
  • Instruction manual
  • Batteries
  • VESA Spacers
  • Remote
  • Setup Guide


  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: KD-65A9F
  • Model Name: Bravia
  • Model Year: 2018
  • Power Consumption: 98 W
  • Power Consumption (Max): 184 W
  • USB 3.0: Yes (1)
  • Item Weight: 35.6 Kg
  • Product Dimensions : 144.9 x 32 x 83.2 cm
  • Image Aspect Ratio: 16:09
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Display Resolution Maximum: 3840 x 2160 Pixels
  • Supported Audio Format: mp3_audio
  • Battery Cell Composition: Alkaline
  • Connector Type: Built-in Wi-fi
  • Digital Media Format: DVD-Video
  • Supports Bluetooth Technology: No


Sony Bravia 65A9F OLED TV Review And Specification: Our Verdict

Overall Usage: The Sony KD-65A9F is an excellent TV that can stretch your TV viewing experience to the ultimate mark. The superb OLED panel offers rich color and deep black levels without sacrificing detail or brightness.

The built-in audio is superb, offering 3.2 sound with room-filling volume without the need for a soundbar. It is an outstanding TV for watching movies or gaming in a dark room.

It has excellent motion handling and great for fast-paced content or gaming. The 65A9F is outstanding for watching movies in a dark room. The OLED panel delivers a perfectly dark room viewing experience, and the image looks great, even if you are viewing it from the side.

Sony 65A9F is a great choice for watching TV shows during the day. The wide viewing angles make it a perfect choice for someone that likes to move about with the TV on. It has excellent reflection handling also.

HDR Movies: The Sony 65A9F delivers an outstanding HDR movie experience. The blacks deliver a perfect darkroom experience, and the wide color gamut and very good color volume deliver outstanding picture quality.

Gaming: Excellent TV for playing gaming. It has excellent low input lag and supports all common resolutions. Fast-moving objects are crisp and clear, and it has an optional black frame insertion feature to further improve motion. It is also is an excellent TV for playing games in HDR.

Monitor: The KD-65A9F is a very good TV for use as a PC monitor. The wide viewing angles ensure an accurate image, even when sitting up close.



Dolby Vision is the brand name for a high dynamic range (HDR) 4K video format developed and promoted by the folks that brought us Dolby Surround and all its subsequent permutations.

To use the Dolby Vision logo on a TV or Blu-ray player, manufacturers must pay to certify their products and license the name.

Dolby Vision is arguably the most advanced HDR format from a technical standpoint, but although it has improved significantly, the lack of content is holding it back a bit.

HDR10 has the distinct advantage of having more content available and being supported on the majority of TVs. HDR10+ almost matches the capabilities of Dolby Vision, but is extremely lacking in content

Image Source:- RTings.com


In this article Sony Bravia 65A9F OLED TV Review And Specification, the television model is reviewed and researched by our team, we give priority to TV features, specifications, price, and customer reviews.

But we strongly recommend you to check the details about price, return policy, warranty, service, and installation before buying. Because they change according to brands and according to time.

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