The 6 Best Sony Bravia 43 inch Smart TVs: Reviews And Smart Features In India 2022

Sony 43 Inch TV is generally a pretty safe deal. Sony TVs have upgraded picture quality more than others.

Their Android TV smart platform isn’t the best, but it isn’t bad either. You might end up paying a little bit high over other similar models, but you’ll usually end up with a great TV.

Their build quality is also better than average and their budget models are not the most quality TVs. But their high-end and especially their mid-range TVs tend to be the best.

Best Sony Bravia 43 inch Smart TV Review

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Television models are not cherry-picked. Some models are Purchased by myself and some are managed by relatives and local electronic showrooms.

Sony 43X7400H – 4K

Sony 43X7400H

This Sony 43 Inch Smart TV KD-43X7400H has a great picture quality. Combined with 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR video content delivers exceptional detail, color, and contrast, with a far wider range of brightness than other video formats.

  • Smart: Android
  • Panel: VA
  • Ports: 3 HDMI, 2 USB
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
  • Sound Output: 20 w
  • Refresh Rate: 50 Hz
  • Display: X1 | 4K X-Reality Pro | Motionflow XR
  • Bluetooth: Yes

It can handle reflections well but has narrow viewing angles and it is not suitable for a room with a wide seating arrangement. 

It has a decent design delivering incredible viewing experiences without disrupting the relaxation of living space.

The Sony KD-43X7400H has a mediocre sound. The bass reflex speaker produces clear, rich sounds from crisp highs to extended lows well suited to movies, sport, and music.

Why Should You Buy

  • Good video and audio quality.
  • Overall built quality is premium.
  • No need of Stabilizer.

Why You Should Not Buy

  • 4K videos doesn’t play through USB.
  • The android operating system is nice but sometimes laggy.

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Sony 43X7500H – 4K

Sony 43X7500H

If you are looking for a 4K UHD TV that performs quite well and has good customer feedback then Sony KD-43X7500H is the right option for you. This Sony 43 inch led TV comes with a 4K X-Reality Pro and Triluminos display.

  • Smart: Android
  • Panel: VA
  • Ports: 3 HDMI, 2 USB
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
  • Sound Output: 20 w
  • Refresh Rate: 50 Hz
  • Display: X1 | 4K X-Reality Pro | Motionflow XR
  • Bluetooth: Yes

While this TV is a Smart TV that works on the Android Platform it will be packed with nearly all basic smart TV features.

The overall build-in quality is outstanding and it also features well cable management No distractions, just beautiful pictures, keeps wires out of sight.

On the other hand build in Wi-Fi allows you to link to your home network and you’re free to go online and browse movies, enjoy video channels like YouTube, and access services such as on-demand TV.

Why Should You Buy

  • Reasonable Price
  • Outstanding Design
  • Decent picture and sound quality

Why You Should Not Buy

  • Not yet.

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Sony KDL-43W6603 – Full HD Smart TV

Best Sony 32-Inch LED TV In India

If you are looking for 43 inches affordable TV, you can go with this TV. It is Full HD TV with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. 

It comes with pre-installed Video-On-Demand applications like Sonyliv, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and various applications. 

  • Smart: Linux
  • Panel: VA
  • Ports: 2 HDMI, 2 USB
  • Resolution: Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Sound Output: 20 w
  • Refresh Rate: 50 Hz
  • Display: HDR | X-Reality Pro | Motionflow XR 100
  • Bluetooth: No


This is 43 Inches Bravia Full HD TV that comes with X-reality pro support. The display has a 60 Hz refresh rate and supports HDR10, which delivers vividly clean pictures quality on the TV. 

Similarly, it also supports Motion Flow XR, ensuring clarity in the fast-moving sequence. Besides this, there are lots of these features worth in this price range.


The TV has 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port to connect external devices like a gaming console, pen drive, and hard drive. It also has built-in support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can easily connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks from the TV. 


Sony Bravia KDL-43W6603 is powered by Linux OS. The TV comes with a pre-installed application for watching movies and TV shows. 

Similarly, the OS also has features of Screen mirroring and a smart plug from where you can remotely Turn-on and off the TV from your mobile device. 

Warranty Support

Sony offers 1 year of warranty support which will minimize all your expense while repairing the TV. 
Similarly, they also have 10 days replacement policy if your TV malfunction or stops working in the 10 days. 

Why Should You Buy

  1. It supports every major OTT application
  2. Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chipset
  3. It has dedicated features for gaming

Why You Should Not Buy

  1. It does not have AI assistant support
  2. Internet connectivity is not that good with this TV.

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Sony KLV-43W672G – Full HD

Sony Bravia KD-32W820

The TV features an X-Reality Pro picture that processes every pixel and delivers exceptional full HD clarity. 

Besides this, the TV also features an X-Protection PRO, which protects your TV from Dust, Lightning, Humidity, and any kind of surge. 

  • Smart: Linux
  • Panel: VA
  • Ports: 2 HDMI, 2 USB
  • Resolution: Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Sound Output: 20 w
  • Refresh Rate: 50 Hz
  • Display: HDR | X-Reality Pro | Motionflow XR 100
  • Bluetooth: No


Sony Bravia KLV-43W672G TV has a Full HD display and a 50 Hz of refresh rate. The TV features HDR, which prevents image or quality loss in the darkest and bright part of the image and videos. 

Besides this, it also has X-reality pro features that reduce noise from the background and deliver Enhanced picture quality when watching pictures. 

Connectivity and Sound

Sony Bravia KLV-43W672G comes with a remote control that can also pair with STB and prevent multiple remotes in the TV. 

You can also connect the TV to the network through a USB cable or from your phone as well. 

It has 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports to connect an external device like Pendrive, Gaming console, and hard drive. 

The TV has one built-in woofer of 24 watts which is why it delivers very balanced and deep audio. 


This TV is powered by Linux OS and comes with pre-installed software and application to watch movies and TV shows from the internet. 

You can also play movies and TV shows from Netflix and YouTube. Besides this, you can also customize the TV language depending upon your native language. 

It supports all the Indian regional language and international language as well. 

Warranty and Supports

The TV has a 1-year warranty from the date of manufacture. You can also get support from the Samsung service center even after the warranty period. But, they will charge you additional charges depending upon the issues. 

Why Should You Buy

  1. In-built woofer which delivers deep bass and clarity in the sound
  2. In-built Wi-Fi
  3. Screen mirroring works pretty well without any loss in picture quality

Why You Should Not Buy

  • Low Contrast ratio

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Sony Bravia TV 43W6600

Sony Bravia TV 43W6600

Sony Bravia is another popular 43 inches 2020 model full HD TV. It is a smart TV and features Linux OS and has built-in Ram and storage, which allows you to install and run an application without any problem. 

If you are looking for affordable Full HD TV, I consider you to go with the Bravia 43W6600 model. 

  • Smart: Linux
  • Panel: VA
  • Ports: 2 HDMI, 2 USB
  • Resolution: Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Sound Output: 20 w
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Display: HDR | X-Reality Pro | Motionflow XR 200
  • Bluetooth: Yes


Sony Bravia 43W6600 has a Full HD display. The TV features Motionflow XR 200 with a 60 Hz refresh rate, which delivers smooth and clearer picture quality. Similarly, it also features a Clear resolution Enhancer that enhances viewing angle and excellent accuracy, colors, and brightness. 

Connectivity and Sound

The TV features 2 HDMI ports where you can connect your Blue Ray player and Gaming console. Similarly, it also has 2 USB ports to connect the Pendrive hard drive and various devices. 

When it comes to audio and sounds, it features two 20 watts with ClearPhase technology, which delivers balanced and clear audio when watching or listing to music on the TV. 


This particular model of TV has Linux OS, which features Screen mirroring, Video-on-demand applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney plus, and other similar applications. 

Besides this, you can also pair Bluetooth devices in the TV has it has a built-in Bluetooth card that helps you connect all the Bluetooth devices. 

Warranty and Support

Warranty and support depend upon the seller. If you have bought this TV from the authorized seller, you can get up to 1 year of warranty

Similarly, there are some sellers that do not provide a warranty as well. But, most of the seller provides 10 days replacement if you have received a defective product. 

Why Should You Buy

  1. It allows mirroring of Screen
  2. It has smart plus which will enable you to operate TV from your mobile devices
  3. The TV has multiple-Indian languages to choose from

Why You Should Not Buy

  • It does not have built-in storage and RAM

Sony Bravia TV KD-43X80J

Best Sony Bravia 43 inch smart  LED TV

Sony Bravia 108 is the first pick on our list. Overall, it is one of the best 43-inch TV you will find on the market right now. 

If you are looking for 43-inch 4K TV, I recommend you go with this particular Sony Bravia KD-43X80J. 

It has an 87.2 X 56.7 X 7 cm product dimension and weighs only 10 Kg. Let’s look more at the TV features in detail. 

  • Smart: Google
  • Panel: IPS
  • Ports: 4 HDMI, 2 USB
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
  • Sound Output: 20 w | Dolby Atmos
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Display: X1 | 4K HDR | Triluminos pro Display
  • Bluetooth: Yes


Sony Bravia KD-43X80J is a 108 cm 43 inches TV. It has (3840 X 2160) 4K resolution and 60 Hertz of refresh rate. 

The TV has a balanced color ratio and brightness which performs very well in the darkroom and thanks to the native contrast ratio for a deep black. 

The display also features motion flow XR 200 that delivers over a billion colors and extreme contrast while watching content on the TV. 

Connectivity and sound

It has 4 HDMI ports to connect the setup box, Gaming Console, and Blu-Ray players when it comes to connectivity. 

In addition to this, it also has 2 USB ports where you can connect USB and hard drive to access your content from TV. 

It has two 20W X-Balanced Speakers that deliver clear and smooth audio without distortion. 

The Isolated box design of the speaker ensures precise and smooth audio without compromising clarity. 


This particular model of TV has built-in Google OS, which comes with lots of smart features for your TV, including Video-on-demand applications like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon prime, and other lots of features. Besides this, you can also search the content using voice commands. 

Warranty and support

Unlike other TV brands, Samsung has good customer support; if your TV gets defective or malfunctions, you can quickly contact the customer service center to fix the issue in the TV. 

This particular model of TV comes with a minimum of 1 year of warranty which will save your cost of repairing TV if something wrong happens. 

Why Should You Buy

  1. It has a built-in X1 4K HDR Processor
  2. Built-in Google Assistant that allows you to search and play content without using remote
  3. Faster Response Time

Why You Should Not Buy

  1. Low Contrast Ratio
  2. There is no local dimming

Our Verdict

Sony Bravia 43 inch Smart TV Review: If you’re shopping for a TV, don’t go too deep into their smart features since little of your time is going to be spent using them. Instead, focus on the picture quality or other features that complement your usage.

You’ll get much closer to finding your perfect TV that way. All TVs that are reviewed in this article are the result of our research and testing.

Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no TV is perfect, most TVs are great enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them.

Smart TV Basic Concept

Basically, Smart TV is a television that gives you the capacity to access the internet and allows you to get web-related features.

In previous days televisions are like dump boxes with a basic duty to perform, receive the signal from HDTV antenna, cable or another A/V source then display it. But now things have changed.

Nowadays televisions are used for various functions but most likely used for entertainment. Like, use online services such as Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify.

Unfortunately, there is also some risk associated with Smart TVs, though, while they offer the same features, they tend to be a bit slower and less stable.

Smart TVs, much like smartphones and smart home devices, offer internet connectivity and support for a range of apps.

LG’s WebOS and TCL’s Roku stand out for their quality, but most shoppers should be pleased by the features of any of them.

A growing number of models now include voice recognition tools, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, for switching channels and searching for programs.

Buying Guide

Types of Television


LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and they came next after CRT. LCD TVs consume much less power than plasma displays because they work on the principle of blocking and passing light instead of emitting it. Hence they use the CFL bulb on the back panel.


LED TV is the upgraded form of the LCD. LED TV uses LEDs instead of CFL bulbs to glow the screen. LED TVs have a much better quality picture and are thinner compared to LCD TVs. Direct Backlit and Edge-lit are two types of LEDs available in the market.

Whereas in Direct Backlit LED TV the lights are arranged at the back to light the screen but in Edge-lit LED TV LEDs are arranged around the edges of the TV.


Between two sheets of glass, gas is injected and sealed into plasma form. When electricity passes between them these gases start illuminating lights. Plasma TVs are much better quality compared to LEDs but these are less in production.

Go for LEDs because LEDs are definitely brighter and longer-lasting than CFL bulbs. Secondly, the LEDs do not require much space to fit in. Hence, you can have thinner TVs.

Resolution (3840 × 2160 – 4K UHD, 1080p – Full HD, 720p – HD Ready)

Sony Bravia 43 inch Smart TV Review: The number of pixels factors a lot when we come to the point of resolution.

4k has four times as many pixels as 1080p, which means it should have a clearer picture likewise native 1080p delivers a much better high-quality picture than 720p. But on a condition that the content should be in the respective native resolution.

Though there is an exception in some situations, I mean to say that a UHD TV only improves the picture quality if the content is in native 4K resolution and sitting close enough to notice the difference. A 4k UHD TV doesn’t improve the picture quality of lower quality content like 1080p Blu-rays.

Sony 43 inch TV

Higher-resolution TV is better. Having a good resolution TV and genuine resolution content isn’t enough, another factor on which quality picture depends is the right viewing distance.

Hence when higher resolution TV paired with truly native higher resolution content they are bound to deliver you a high-end quality picture. And positively follow our viewing distance chart for your best-LED TV.

Aspect Ratio

Sony Bravia 43 inch Smart TV Review: What is the aspect ratio? It is the ratio between the width and the height of a display.

All TVs sold today have an aspect ratio of 16:9, which means that if the width is divided into 16 equal parts, the height of the TV or picture should be 9 parts.

Since that is the aspect ratio used by the majority of today’s TV shows, but unfortunately, most movies are made using the cinema standard, which is 21:9.

This is much wider, so parts of the screen need to be filled with black bars above and below the image in order to fit most TVs. These horizontal bars are called “letterboxes.”

And TV shows used to be made using a 4:3 aspect ratio, which is a lot more square than current TVs. Vertical black bars or “pillarboxing” are used to fit modern TVs.

Sony 43 inch TV

Unfortunately, there is no solution that can remove the black bars without altering the image, if the black bars bother you. There are a few options though, including:

Cropping the picture is the equivalent of zooming, but will result in the sides of the picture being removed. Stretching retains all the information but distorts the image to fit your screen.

There are a few monitors out there that have a 21:9 aspect ratio, but despite several attempts by manufacturers, they had never suitable for home use, because of vertical bars on the sides of TV shows.

Panel Types – IPS vs VA

There are two types of LCD panels used in LED-backlit TVs today: In-Plane Switching (IPS) and Vertical Alignment (VA).

While they are both Liquid Crystal Display types, there are many differences between the performance of these two technologies.

Those people who want to install their LED TV in a wide room not only that in addition, they have many family members who like to watch a program or cricket match together. They should choose LED TV with an In-Plane Switching type panel (IPS).

But those who are looking for a good quality picture and viewing angle is not a factor they can definitely go for LED TV with a Vertically Aligned type panel (VA).




Viewing angle

~36 °

~20 °




Black Uniformity



Picture Engine

Sony Bravia 43 inch Smart TV Review: The Thing which brings us to the concept of picture engine is the hunt for excellence. The market out there is now very competitive and every company has its own picture engine.

The basic of the picture engine is to provide increasing pixel count and deliver a crisp & clear picture.

X Reality Pro engine of Sony delivers outstanding picture quality by efficiently upscaling each pixel as well as adding extra colors, vibrancy, luster, and texture to the picture.

3D HyperReal Engine of Samsung also holds the ground very well, it is Samsung’s own version of the picture engine.

This picture engine governs the color, contrast, and motion to the highest levels of their efficiency. And provides a high-quality picture with amazing depths and enthralling colors.

Triple XD Engine of LG is also in the list of best picture engines to enhance picture quality, it increases the brightness, black levels, and changes the color tones. Not only that, but it also provides analog and MPEG noise reduction algorithms.

4K Fine Remaster Engine of Panasonic has come up with different parameters. 4K generation has already begun but in India content is not available in native resolution as the TV has packed up for.

So, they upscale the picture quality to fit the television native resolution but still, the image degrades. To overcome this problem Panasonic introduced the 4K Fine Remaster Engine.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate and Frame rate are often confused though they are very similar and share a basic logic still they are different.

Refresh rate and Frame rate measure how many times per second the TV redraws the image on the screen but Refresh rate refers to the video signal or display and Frame rate usually refers to the content itself.

There is little benefit to upgrading to a TV with a 120Hz refresh rate. Unless you have 120 fps content, there is very little difference between a 60Hz and a 120Hz TV, unless the missing frames are interpolated to make 24 or 60Hz content look like it is 120Hz which is known as the soap opera effect.

As gaming can generate content on the fly, it can easily scale to any refresh rate so there is an exception for gaming.

120Hz gaming is growing rapidly in popularity and is now supported on the Xbox One with a 1080p or 1440p resolution.

As HDMI 2.1 devices arrive on the market, 120Hz gaming is expected to continue growing in popularity, as HDMI 2.1 allows for gaming at 4k @ 120Hz.

In short, if you are looking for your best-led TV then our suggestion is always to go for a higher refresh rate of course if it is available.

Sound Output

Sound quality is how accurately audio is reproduced compared to the original audio arrangement.

An ideal TV’s audio reproduction sounds like a pair of loudspeakers in a room and is balanced and accurate to the source material as it was intended to be heard.

For sound quality, we evaluate the frequency and distortion response of TVs at multiple intensities. TVs that score highly for sound quality will sound great no matter what you are listening to.

However, most TVs tend to have a mediocre sound quality and usually, a dedicated speaker system or soundbars are recommended to those who want a good sound reproduction.

According to us for a mediocre and decent audio experience, we recommend a minimum of 20 W speaker output.

But if you really want good sound quality then we strongly recommend a dedicated speaker system or soundbars.

Smart TV Platform – Basic Overview

Not only does almost every TV include smart features today, but most of them are also pretty good.

LG’s WebOS and TCL’s Roku definitely stand out for their quality, but most shoppers should be pleased by the features of any of them.

If you’re shopping for a TV, don’t fret too much about its smart features since little of your time is going to be spent using them. Instead,  focus on the picture quality or other features that complement your usage. You’ll get much closer to finding your perfect TV that way.

LG WEBOS Ratings: 8.5/10
TCL ROKU TVRatings: 7.7/10
ANDROID TVRatings: 8/10

Non-Smart TVs come with HDMI ports. So, these TVs can be used as a Smart TV by connecting Google Chrome Cast or Amazon Fire TV Stick devices to that HDMI ports.

Power Consumption

Energy consumption is a much smaller factor in buying appliances today, and TVs especially reflect this.

Modern technologies such as LED and OLED have brought television power usage down a fair margin, and long gone are the days of inefficient CRTs and Plasma sets that could run up electricity costs by a good amount.

The bigger or brighter your TV, the more power it will take to run. While even modern large, bright TVs don’t consume that much power.

The easiest ways to reduce the amount of energy your TV consumes is to go smaller, go dimmer, and turn your TV off when it is not in use.

Tips for Reducing TV Power Consumption

  • Lower the backlight setting.
  • Turn the TV off. It may sound basic, but some people leave their TVs running all the time. Leaving a TV on constantly will result in much higher costs than if you turn the TV off.
  • If you often fall asleep in front of the TV at night, make use of its sleep timer feature.

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