Samsung UA32N4300AR Best HD Ready Smart TV 2022

Samsung UA32N4300AR is a Smart TV of Samsung series 4, very similar to the model Samsung UA32N4310. With this Samsung Smart TV, you can now combine both work and fun.

Its ability to convert to a computer makes it highly efficient. Enjoy Concert like experience with 40W & 4 Channel speakers surround sound.

Samsung SmartThings App allows seamless screen & sound convergence using just one App. You can use the TV as a Bluetooth speaker or easily connect your TV to any Bluetooth sound system with our Bluetooth 2-way audio feature. 

Samsung UA32N4300AR has the most intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface along with access to a bouquet of online content in 15000+ titles & 10+ languages from international & Indian partners.

You can work when you want to, and once you are bored, you can switch to unlimited entertainment. It can also be used as a virtual music system. 

You can also share content from your phone to this Samsung UA32N4300AR TV and enjoy videos and photos with your family.

Besides these mentioned features, it also comes with a varied range of other user-friendly options that justify its smart tag.

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Good And Bad


  • The screen has good uniformity
  • Picture quality is good.


  • Image degrades at an angle.
  • Input lag is higher than most modern TVs

Samsung UA32N4300AR Details

Design and Look

Samsung UA32N4300AR

The design of the Samsung UA32N4300AR is decent. The TV is made out of a combination of plastic and metal. The build quality is decent with no obvious issues.

The stand is plastic and supports the TV well, whereas the back is metallic. The TV looks slightly thick from the side and will stick out a little if wall mounted.


Width x Height x Depth (without stand)
  • 734.4 mm x 74.1 mm


Samsung UA32N4300AR

The display is quite thin but it is attractive. The stand can be managed when wall mounted.


Samsung UA32N4300AR

The back of the Samsung UA32N4300AR TV is plain and made out of metal. The electronics compartment is located at the center of the back.

If the TV is VESA mounted, some inputs might be hard to reach. There is no cable management on this TV.


Samsung UA32N4300AR

The stand of Samsung UA32N4300AR  is plastic and almost as wide as the TV. It supports the TV well and there is almost no wobble if the TV is gently knocked.

Footprint of the 32″ TV stand: 26.8″ x 6.4″


Samsung UA32N4300AR

The Samsung UA32N4300AR borders are plastic and have average thickness.

Picture Levels

Samsung UA32N4300AR TV has a decent picture quality. Now experience the power of HD content on HD-ready TV.

Play HD videos via USB or HDMI and HD videos shot from your mobile phone or digital camera. Get future-ready with Samsung UA32N4300AR TV and experience minutest details with 1366 x 768 resolution that keeps you immersed in everything you watch.

Video Features

Contrast Ratio
  • Mega Contrast (Static)
Panel Type
  • A+ Panel
LED Display Type
  • Direct LED
Refresh Rate
  • 50 Hz


The motion handling of the Samsung UA32N4300AR is good. It has a very fast response time, so there is only a very short blur trail behind fast-moving objects. But it may appear irrelevant for someone for this, not a big deal though.

It supports motion interpolation up to 50 Hz and has a Black Frame Insertion feature to make the image crisper, but it does not work very well.

Native Refresh Rate: 50 Hz
Variable Refresh Rate: No

Sound Quality

The sound quality is great with 40 watts 4 Channel speakers surround sound deliver powerful sound with enhanced bass performance on Samsung UA32N4300AR, making your listening experience as immersive as viewing.

With sound pouring in from nearly all directions a more realistic three-dimensional sound can be experienced.

Audio Features

Number of Speakers
  • 4
Speaker Type
  • 4.0 Channel Speaker
Speaker Output RMS
  • 40 W


Samsung UA32N4300AR

The input lag is average, but most people will not notice it. In terms of connectivity, the Samsung UA32N4300AR comes with 1 USB port.

This allows you to connect multiple external USB devices to the TV. There are 2 HDMI ports, including one HDMI ARC port. You can choose to connect a soundbar or a laptop through HDMI ports.

Connectivity Features

  • 2 Side
  • 1 Rear

Smart Features

Samsung UA32N4300AR

Smart OS:  Tizen

The Samsung UA32N4300AR interface is easy to use and intuitive for most new users. Unfortunately, it is not very smooth as the animations can get stuttery.

It has a large selection of apps to choose from and it is not as fast as the interface the higher-end models have.

Samsung’s App Store has an abundance of apps to cover any need. The most common apps like Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Video, etc. are preinstalled, but you can download many more.

It is worth noting that HDR in Amazon Video was not available in this model, as it was in other 2018 models.

The interface is easy to use, and it is very quick to access most features or change the settings. The interface itself is smooth, with no obvious issues when browsing, but it sometimes hangs a bit when launching apps.

Smart Tv Features

supported App – Netflix
  • Yes
Supported App – Youtube
  • Yes
Supported App – Hotstar
  • Yes
Operating System
  • Tizen
Screen Mirroring
  • Yes


Samsung UA32N4300AR

Not just the Samsung UA32N4300AR, even its remote is smart. It comes with dedicated hotkeys to directly access functions and more. The remote also allows you to control the TV with your voice, including searching within some apps.

Remote Control Features

Touch Remote
  • No
Smart Remote
  • Yes
Battery Type
  • 2 AA Batteries

Control from TV

Samsung UA32N4300AR

There is a single button that allows you to perform very basic actions on the TV, through a combination of short and long presses.

Overall Specs


In The Box
  • 1N LED TV, 1N Assy Accessory – Manual Cable, 1N Power Cord-DT, 1N DC VSS(A), 2N Battery-Alkaline(AAA Size), 1N Remocon-TV, 1N Leaflet-Warranty, 1N Manual Users, 1N Assy Stand P- Cover Bottom
Model Name
  • UA32N4300ARXXL / UA32N4300ARLXL
Display Size
  • 80 cm (32)
Screen Type
  • LED
HD Technology & Resolution
  • HD Ready, 1366 x 768
  • No
Smart TV
  • Yes
Curve TV
  • No
  • Series 4
  • No
Motion Sensor
  • No
  • 2
  • 1
Built-In Wi-Fi
  • Yes
Launch Year
  • 2018

Internet Features

Built-In Wi-Fi
  • Yes
3G Dongle Plug and Play
  • Yes
Ethernet (RJ45)
  • 1
Other Internet Features
  • Pre Installed Browser
  • Netflix
  • Hot Star
  • You Tube

Convenience Features

Other Convenience Features
  • Smart TV can be Converted into a Music System, Home Cloud, Personal Computer, Live Cast, Two-way Sharing

Power Features

Power Requirement
  • AC 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
  • 59 W, 0.5 W (Standby)


Mixed Usage

The Samsung UA32N4300AR is a mediocre TV for mixed usage with decent picture quality. Darkroom performance is poor due to the low native contrast ratio, so it is not a good choice for watching movies or HDR content.

It has good reflection handling, but the brightness is not enough to fight bright room glare. The small size and decent viewing angles make it a good choice for watching TV shows or sports in places like a kitchen, where you also do other work.


This is an adequate TV for watching movies in a dark room. It has an excellent contrast ratio, so blacks appear black in a dark room, but it has only decent black uniformity and lacks a local dimming feature, so some clouding can be seen in dark scenes. Unfortunately, it can’t remove judder from any source.

TV Shows

The Samsung UA32N4300AR is a good TV for watching TV shows during the day. It has good reflection handling and decent peak brightness, so glare shouldn’t be an issue in most rooms, but the image degrades at an angle, so it isn’t great if you like to move around with the TV on.


The Samsung UA32N4300AR is a good TV for watching sports during the day. It has good reflection handling and decent peak brightness in SDR, so glare shouldn’t be an issue.

Unfortunately, the image degrades when viewed at an angle, it isn’t a great TV for watching the big game with a group of friends.

Video Games

This is a good TV for playing video games. It has outstanding low input lag, resulting in a very responsive gaming experience, and it has a great response time.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t support any advanced gaming features like FreeSync, and some motion artifacts can be seen, due to the backlight flicker.

HDR Movies

The Samsung UA32N4300AR is a decent TV for watching movies in HDR in a dark room. It has an excellent contrast ratio, resulting in deep blacks, but it has only decent black uniformity and lacks a local dimming feature.

It can display a wide color gamut, which is important for the latest HDR movies, but it can’t get very bright, so small, bright highlights don’t stand out.

PC Monitor

This is a great TV for use as a PC monitor. It has outstanding low latency and it supports most of the common resolutions and can display chroma 4:4:4 properly in all of them, which is important for clear text. Unfortunately, the image degrades when viewed at an angle.

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