Samsung NU6100 Review And Specification: 4K UHD Smart TV

Samsung NU6100 is a 4K TV with a high native contrast ratio and performs a decent performance.

Whereas VU Pixelight 4K TV is a new model of 2019 and from a nearly mature company with respect to Samsung.

Nowadays consumers prefer buying any kind of stuff from a well-known brand though they have to pay more for the specs and quality which they can get in much less amount from new manufacturers.

Samsung UA43NU6100



More in the core specification Samsung NU6100 lacks other more advanced features like local dimming to enhance image quality.

It can’t get very bright and does not have a wide color gamut, so it cannot deliver good HDR performance. But it has a low input lag and a fast response time which are good for games, but motion handling is only mediocre.

Samsung NU6100 is popular in three sizes 43, 50, 55 inches and that so far our test and research ends.


  • Panel: VA
  • Size: 43 inch
  • Ports: 2 HDMI, 1 USB
  • Operating System: Tizen
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160)
  • Sound Output: 20 w
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Display: Real 4K Ultra HD
  • Bluetooth: No


  • High native contrast
  • Low input lag


  • Limited HDR capabilities
  • Picture quality degrades when viewed at an angle

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Best Alternative: Samsung UA43TUE60FKXXL

Best 65-inch TV For The Money

The best alternative to Samsung UA43NU6100 is Samsung UA43TUE60FKXXL as per our calculation. The Samsung UA43TUE60FKXXL is entirely identical to UA43NU6100.

Some significant differences are that it comes with 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports and is loaded with some additional advanced features. So, we think it is an excellent option to buy if you are not interested in UA43NU6100.

Samsung NU6100 Review And Specification

  • Design and Look: The design of the Samsung NU6100 is excellent and very similar to the higher end model NU7100. The TV casing is made of plastic but this does not look bad. The stand supports the TV well and the TV is very thin. If wall-mounted, it will not protrude much. The build quality is decent and should not cause any issues.
  • Thickness: One of the good aspects of this TV’s design is its thickness, it is fairly thin and will not protrude much if wall mounted.
  • Back: Samsung NU6100 back is plastic and very plain. There is one vent on the top of the back and some grooves across the bottom edge for the cable management.All inputs are facing sideways and should not be hard to reach if you wall-mount the TV. Unfortunately, there are only 2 HDMI ports and that limits the number of devices you can connect simultaneously to the TV.
  • Stand: The stand of the Samsung NU6100 is plastic and supports the TV well. Unfortunately, it is not very tall and you might block a small part of the bottom edge of your screen if you place a soundbar in front of it.
  • Borders: The Samsung NU6100  borders are of average thickness with a thick bezel. They are made entirely out of plastic with a gloss finish and fingerprints show easily.

Picture Levels

The native contrast of the Samsung NU6100 is excellent. It is one of the highest native contrast ratios we’ve measured so far in LED TVs.

Unfortunately, the TV does not support a local dimming feature to further improve contrast. Decent SDR peak brightness.

The Samsung NU6100 cannot get very bright in SDR to overcome glare. But the HDR peak brightness is very disappointing.

The gray uniformity of the NU6100 is decent. Though the TV has excellent black uniformity. Decent reflection handling, semi-gloss filter diffuses reflections across the screen thus diminishing their intensity.

This is good for average lit rooms but in very bright rooms, it can be distracting.

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The Samsung NU6100 does not support any variable refresh rate technology. The 55NU6100 has a fast response time, better than a more premium model NU7100. The response is quite good in all sizes of the super 6 series.

The Samsung NU6100 allows you to reduce the flicker frequency to 60 Hz, to reduce persistence blur. As in all Samsung models, to activate it you must set LED Clear Motion to ‘Custom’, and enable LED Clear Motion.

The NU6100 can interpolate 30 fps content up to 60 fps. The motion appears more fluid but it introduces some ‘Soap Opera Effect’ that some people do not like.

Native Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

Variable Refresh Rate: No

Sound Quality

The frequency response is decent. So, this TV produces no thump or rumble in the sub-bass region, and also lacks a bit of body and punch to their bass. However, this Samsung NU6100 TV produces a clear and intelligible dialog. Additionally, this TV doesn’t get very loud, produces some pumping artifacts under heavy loads, and doesn’t have a digital room correction system.

Number of Speakers
  • 2
Speaker Output RMS
  • 20 W

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Samsung NU6100

Unfortunately, the NU6100 has only 2 HDMI ports. If you need to connect more devices you will need an HDMI switch. The Samsung NU6100 has a remarkably low input lag. The TV supports most of the common resolutions.

  • 2 Side
  • 1 Rear

Smart Features

Smart OS: Tizen  

The interface of the Samsung UN43NU6100 is similar to that of the other NU lineup without the more advanced features. It has a simple design and it is very intuitive and easy to navigate. The interface is generally smooth. But the TV does not react immediately when you press a button or scroll through the menus. Like all Samsung TVs, there are ads and there is no option to disable them or to opt-out of ad tracking.

Samsung’s App Store has an abundance of apps. Only the Google Play Store found on Sony and some Hisense TVs has more. The most common apps like Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Video, etc. are preinstalled, but you can download many more to cover your needs.

Supported App – Netflix
  • Yes
Supported App – Youtube
  • Yes
Supported App – Hotstar
  • Yes
Supported App – Prime Video
  • Yes
Operating System
  • Tizen
Screen Mirroring
  • Yes


Samsung NU6100

The remote is very basic and the buttons cover most of the basic functions with no quick access to any apps. It is worth noting the presence of a button to control the upscaling options for lower resolution content.

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Control from TV

Samsung NU6100

The TV has only a single physical button located underneath the TV. When you press it, it brings up a menu that can power the TV on and off, control the volume and channel, and change inputs.

Samsung NU6100 Specs

In The Box
Model Name
  • UA43NU6100KXXL / UA43NU6100KLXL
  • Black
Display Size
  • 108 cm (43)
Screen Type
  • LED
HD Technology & Resolution
  • Ultra HD (4K), 3840 x 2160
  • No
Smart TV
  • Yes
Curve TV
  • No
  • Super 6
  • No
Motion Sensor
  • No
  • 2
  • 1
Built In Wi-Fi
  • Yes
Launch Year
  • 2019

Internet Features

Built In Wi-Fi
  • Yes
Ethernet (RJ45)
  • 1


The Samsung NU6100 is a decent TV for mixed usage. It has an ordinary picture quality with low input lag that makes it responsive, which is good for gaming, and an excellent native contrast ratio that allows it to display deep blacks in a dark room. It has decent reflection handling, but since it can’t get very bright, it is not suitable for very bright rooms.


In this article Samsung NU6100 Review And Specification, the television model is reviewed and researched by our team, we give priority to TV features, specifications, price, and customer reviews.

But we strongly recommend you to check the details about price, return policy, warranty, service, and installation before buying. Because they change according to brands and according to time.

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