Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV Review India 2022: Great TV With Limitations

This Samsung Crystal 4K Pro smart TV is a much lesser price compared to its competitor Sony X74 but it comes with fantastic picture quality and amazing color reproduction. And that we are going to explain in this article Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV Review.

Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV

Budget Pick

Best Price: ₹34,990.00 at Amazon (38% OFF)

Please Note: Prices and discounts are affected by time and place. So there are possibly the product price and discount may change over time and location.

Type: LED, Panel Type: VA, Resolution: 4K

Pros: Fantastic picture quality, amazing color reproduction, 350 nits brightness amazing, LED backlight quality is amazing, eARC port available.

Cons: viewing angle not good, lacks Dolby vision support, and average audio quality.

Manufacturer: Samsung

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Total Score

Picture Quality9
Sound Quality6
Build Quality8
Smart Features7.6

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Video: Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV

Our Verdict: Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV

Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV is great for most of the uses. The LED TV has some outstanding color reproduction that is nearly unavailable at this price range. 

Whereas the viewing angle of the TV is not good and it is quite natural with every VA panel TV. VA panel delivers excellent contrast and deep blacks compared to the IPS panel but not the viewing angle. 

The Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV has superior upscaling capabilities, generally, it is not that you will only get it in the best budget Sony TVs. 

The TV can be a great choice for watching movies and gaming in the dark as the contrast ratio and the black uniformity are very good compared to other brands. 

But we are not impressed by its sound quality at all you will definitely require a soundbar or home theatre system. 

But the good thing is that it has an HDMI 2.1 eARC which means you can connect Dolby Atmos supporting soundbars for an excellent sound experience. 

You will get full usage ratings of Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV in different categories down in the article
In short, if you are looking for a budget 43-inch 4K TV that really has awesome picture quality and excellent color presentation then this is the best.

Where’s The Best Price?

Our Analysis and Test Results

Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV

Design And Build Quality

The Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV has an excellent and attractive minimalist design. The appearance of the television will give a premium look to your living room look. 

The TV comes with slim bezels as well as bottom bezels are also very slim. Whereas foot stands are screw-free and are made up of strong and sturdy plastic. The gap between the stands is not very much you can place them on the small table.

Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV

The back of the TV is a-ok. The back is fully made up of smooth and solid plastic with the option of a wall mount. Other than that two clips with rubber gripping are provided in the pack for wire management by tieing them to the feet. 

The thickness of the TV is normal not very slim or not very thick and that much is available in the best-LED smart TV under 30000 or 40000 it will not stick out too much when wall mounted. 

Overall, we like the build quality and are impressed by its look the Samsung TV really has a premium finish with stability. 

Picture Quality

Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV


The contrast ratio of the Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV is excellent as expected from a VA panel. But Samsung has pumped it up more by contrast enhancer feature that enhances the picture quality at a very good point in terms of contrast. 

Local Dimming

The TV doesn’t have a local dimming feature. As you can see in the above media Halo effect is in the white circle. And it is not a big deal as budget TVs don’t come with local dimming.   

SDR & HDR Brightness

Our luminous filter meter (which is used to measure brightness)has recorded 355 nits of peak brightness in HDR. The numbers are amazing, the TV is excellent to use in an average bright room and not in a very bright room as it cannot fight too much glare. 

But this is not a very serious issue to think about as we all use to have an average bright room. 

Gray Uniformity

The Samsung Crystal 4K Pro TV has passed successfully the screen’s gray uniformity test. We have tested by putting the grey screen at different percentages (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%). But we didn’t find anything wrong with its grey uniformity

And the good news is that the TV screen doesn’t have much dirty screen effect. So, you can enjoy your favorite sports and programs with great pleasure. 

Viewing Angle


The Samsung Crystal 4K Pro smart television doesn’t have a good viewing angle as IPS panels and it is common for all televisions with VA panels. 

From the front side, it has stunning picture quality, you will get fantastic color due to the best color reproduction and on the extreme side, there is a loss of 20% to 25% (loss of colors and brightness). 

Learn more about the IPS and VA panels.


The TVs reflection handling is good but not the best. The TV has a semi-gloss screen finish and can reflect indirect ambient light very well but the reflection from a directly opposite light source may affect a little. 

Color Gamut And Color Volume

The TV has an excellent color gamut and a good amount of color volume. The TV is capable of displaying a superior amount of colors to make a colorful scene rich and colorful. We already said this TV is for pictures and color. 

Quality of Different Video Formats

Samsung TV has upscaled different video formats very well. Testing of SD channels that are played from an HD set-top box. 

SD channels are upscaled to an average level. Actually, this is not a drawback, all 4K TVs are not capable of upscaling SD content. 

But the TV has upscaled 720p, 1080p (Blu-ray or game console), and 4K video content very perfectly without any faults. Well in the budget range TVs are the best upscaling that you can get. 

The Samsung smart 4K led TV is free from temporary image retention and permanent burn-in risk. But VA panels are not immune to permanent burn-in-risk like IPS panels.  

Motion: Response time And Refresh rate

Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV

The Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV has an ok response time of 18.3 ms. The response time is enough to watch sports and action scenes. 

The Samsung TV has a native refresh rate of 60Hz which is good for maximum use but it doesn’t have a variable refresh rate like other 43-inch smart TVs so don’t expect too much gaming performance. 

Total Inputs And Specs


Total Inputs:

HDMI 3, USB 1, Digital Optical Audio Out 1, Analog Audio Out 3.5mm 1, Composite In 1, Tuner (Cable/Ant) 1, Ethernet 1

Input Specs: Video

HDR10 Yes, HDR10+ Yes, Dolby Vision No, HLG Yes, HDMI 2.0 Full Bandwidth Yes (HDMI 1,2), HDMI 2.1 Class Bandwidth Yes (3), CEC Yes, HDCP 2.2 Yes (HDMI 1,2,3), USB 3.0 No, Variable Analog Audio Out Yes, Wi-Fi Support Yes (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz)

Input Specs: Audio

ARC Yes (HDMI 3), eARC support Yes, Dolby Atmos via TrueHD via eARC Yes, DTS:X via DTS-HD MA via eARC No, 5.1 Dolby Digital via ARC Yes, 5.1 DTS via ARC No, 5.1 Dolby Digital via Optical Yes, 5.1 DTS via Optical No

One of the major drawbacks that we found in the input section is the Samsung crystal pro has only one USB port. It can be a deal breaker reason for some who desire more USB ports. But if you don’t need USB ports too much then it is the best deal that you can choose. 

On the other side, the TV supports eARC Which allows you to pass uncompressed audio in the Dolby Atmos via TrueHD structure to a compatible receiver over a single HDMI connection. 

Sound Quality

The Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV comes with a 20 Watt RMS powerful speaker With Dolby Digital Plus and Q Symphony technology. 

We didn’t find the sound quality very good and an external sound system or Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbar is highly recommended. 

The Q Symphony technology of Samsung Crystal 4K Pro is not very impressive. The technology facilitates you to play sound from TV and Q series soundbar simultaneously. 

Which we found not required because definitely, no one will listen to a budget TV average speaker with an expensive sound bar. 

Smart Features

Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV
OS: Tizen, App selection: good, Casting capability: Yes, HDR in: Netflix, Youtube, Amazon prime

This is the home screen that you will get after the setup. The home screen contains Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, and other apps. You can download additional apps from the Samsung app store. 

You cannot download apps from another side you can only download those apps which are available in the Samsung app store. 

The Samsung TV is based on Tizen OS with an in-built Chromecast facility. Samsung had used its own Quad-core CPU and GPU with 1.5GB RAM and 8GB storage which you will get 2.5GB free storage It has Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant but not Apple Airplay and you can use one at a time.



The remote size of the Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV is good enough. The remote comes with a built-in microphone and a devoted button to use google assistant, Alexa, and Bixby for voice control. Hotkeys for Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are also available.

TV Controls

samsung tv control

TV controls are functional at the bottom of the television right under the Samsung logo. That can be utilized to turn off and on and change channels.

In The Box Contents

samsung tv

User guide, Remote control, 2 x AAA batteries, 2 x cable management clips, power cord, and analog connector.

What We Like/Dislike About Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV


  • 350 nits brightness which is amazing.
  • Backlight LEDs are amazing you will not find them in budget TV. 
  • Exceptional color reproduction. You will find rich and glowing colors.
  • Best TV for picture quality also in this price range. 
  • This TV delivers the deepest blacks and bright colors.
  • Supports eARC. 


  • Dolby Vision is not supported.
  • Doesn’t support Apple AirPlay.
  • Cannot play Hotstar 4K videos. 
  • Ok sound quality and sound bar are mandatory. 
  • Bad viewing angle as it is quite common with VA panels. 

Usage Ratings


Overall Usage

TV Shows8.8
HDR Movies7.4
PC Monitor6

For Movies: The Samsung 4K TV is decent to watch movies in the dark and in the average lightroom. The TV has high native contrast and outstanding black uniformity.

Whereas it doesn’t have a local dimming feature to enhance black levels. But still, blacks are very deep and upscale lower resolution content good.   

For TV Shows: This TV is great for watching TV shows and serials. Though the TV cannot get very bright but still holds good reflection handling, there will be no visibility issue in a moderately lit room.

Whereas viewing angles are not so good, the picture looks inaccurate when viewed from the side. The TV speaker’s sound output is average and an external sound system is recommended.  

For Sports: The TV is decent to watch sports. You can be run in a fairly bright room and can watch your favorite sport. Unfortunately, the TV has an average response time so very fast-moving objects may look blurry.

Also viewing angles are narrow which can be an issue if you like to watch sports with too many friends and families.  

For HDR Movies: The Samsung TV is great for watching HDR movies or content. Generally, HDR movies are meant to watch in the darkroom and this TV has a VA panel that delivers a great good contrast ratio that presents the deep blacks and bright white.

Though it doesn’t have a local dimming it supports HDR 10 and HDR10+. So, for HDR it gets a thumbs up. 

For PC Monitor: The TV can be used as a PC monitor without any doubt. The TV has a decent response time so you do not find any mouse track following your mouse motion. 

We have seen in many reviews that they suggest not using Samsung Crystal 4K Pro as a PC monitor due to the 60Hz native refresh rate.

But that’s not correct the Samsung TV has a low input lag of 20.0 ms for 1080p @ 60Hz and for 4K @ 60Hz is 15.0 ms. So you can use it as a PC monitor. 

Overall Usage: The TV is good for mixed usage. It is great for watching movies, TV shows, and HDR content. It has a great contrast ratio and excellent black uniformity that makes it one of the best 43-inch smart TV.

But the TV doesn’t have a wide viewing angle so it is not good for wide seating arrangements. 

The TV is not great for gaming as the TV lacks gaming features and also has a slow response time which creates motion blur but still for low input lag you will get a responsive gaming experience.  

Sadly the Samsung Crystal 4K Pro smart TV has average Sound quality compared to other brand’s in this budget range for common use external sound system is recommended.  

Who Should Buy Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV?

Look this is subjective for your liking. But from our end, we can give you two big reasons to buy this TV:

  1. This is one of the cheapest 4K smart TV available in the market at 43 inches from a reputed brand. You will not find 4K TVs at this price point from LG or Sony. 
  2. The second biggest reason is the picture quality, excellent blacks, and outstanding color reproduction. If you are looking for the best budget 43 inches 4K smart TV with the finest picture quality then you must choose with one click.   

Whereas if you are looking for a TV with good gaming and PC monitor performance then this is not the television for your need. 

Samsung 4K Pro Smart TV Comparision With Other Models

The Samsung Crystal 4K Pro has a splendid peak brightness though you can use this TV as a PC monitor and for playing video games, whereas we don’t suggest PC use on this television. 

If you are looking for a versatile 4K Smart LED TV that is best for regular home use and also provides a great PC and gaming experience then Samsung UA43AU9070ULXL is the best 43 inches smart TV for your requirement. 

Sony 43X7500H

The Sony 43X7500H is an excellent 4K smart TV that holds a good contrast ratio (but not good as Samsung Crystal 4K Pro), a great viewing angle due to the IPS panel, and a faster response time. You can check the price here

Main Difference: 
Sony 43X75 has a great viewing angle due to the IPS panel. 
Sony 43X75 has better sound quality than Samsung TV. You will not require any external sound system unless you need a cinematic viewing experience.
Whereas in terms of picture quality and clarity Samsung is better. 
Sony X75 has a better port option than Samsung. 
But from the price point, the Sony 43X74 is much higher than Samsung 4K Pro.

Our Suggestion: Motion handling of both LED TVs is the same no big difference. In the sound section, Sony X75 is the winner. Whereas according to us Samsung 4K Pro beats Sony X7500 in picture quality. Sony X75 provides a better port option than Samsung 4K pro. 

So if you are looking for a television that can give you both picture and sound satisfaction then Sony 43X7500 will be the right choice but you have to pay more to get that. 

And if you are budget conscious but desire a decent 43 inches 4K LED smart TV under 35000/- then Samsung TV will be the best pick.   

Samsung UA43AU9070ULXL

The Samsung UA43AU9070ULXL TV has an incredible picture quality with a great contrast ratio, it is also based on VA panels so it delivers the deepest blacks like Samsung Crystal 4K Pro. 

It has a wide color gamut and has a good color range which means you will get an impressive and vibrant color Picture quality. The sound quality is great in general you will not require an external sound system. 

We like the build quality as strong, sturdy, and has an appealing look. You can check the price here

Main Difference: 
We mainly found differences in sound quality Samsung Crystal 4K Pro has an excellent sound output and you will not require an external speaker. Whereas Samsung Crystal 4K Pro doesn’t have a great sound quality and you will require an external sound system. 
Samsung Crystal 4K Pro has fewer HDMI and USB ports compared to Samsung UA43AU9070ULXL smart TV.
In the price segment, Samsung Crystal 4K Pro beats Samsung UA43AU9070ULXL.  

Our Suggestion: In terms of picture quality both Samsung TV has the same picture quality. But motion handling of Samsung AU9070 is better than Samsung 4K Pro. And Samsung AU9070 is best for gaming and PC use. 

Samsung AU9070 delivers excellent colorful pictures, great sound quality, good motion handling, and low input lag. But you have to pay more than Samsung AU9070 but we think it is totally worth paying that price.

Sony 43X7400H

Sony Bravia 43X7400H smart TV is decent for most of the uses. The LED TV has some outstanding color optimization that you will not find in any television brands at this price range. The TV delivers a fantastic viewing experience from every angle.

See our review

Main Difference: 
We mainly found differences in sound quality Sony 43X7400H has an excellent sound output and you will not require an external speaker. Whereas Samsung TV doesn’t have a great sound quality and you will need an external sound system

Samsung has fewer HDMI and USB ports compared to Sony 43X7400H smart TV.
In the price segment, Samsung Crystal 4K Pro defeatsSony X7400. As Samsung is much cheaper than Sony TV.  

Our Suggestion: Sony and Samsung are two unbeatable brands and there is no doubt. So, brand preference can be a major point, if you like Samsung more than Sony then you can go with it. 

Samsung Crystal 4K Pro TV’s outstanding picture quality and low price are the two big reasons to buy whereas there are fewer ports and ok sound quality. 

On the other hand, Sony has mastered X7400H to deliver excellent colorful pictures with great sound quality. But again you have to pay more than Samsung TV to acquire it. 

So, if you are looking for the best and cheaper 43-inch 4K TV then Samsung 4k Pro is good to go but you have to compromise with some specs and quality. Otherwise, if you can pay then definitely choose Sony Bravia 43X7400H. 

Final Thoughts On Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV Review

It is an excellent best budget smart 4K TV with wonderful pictures. Picture quality is crisp, clear, and vibrant with a narrow viewing angle due to VA panels. 

Whereas it is totally outstanding for those who are looking for the cheapest 43 inches 4K TV with the best color reproduction.  

So, now here we conclude this article Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Smart TV Review. If you need more options you can check out our recommendations for the best-LED TV, Best Budget 4K UHD TVs, and more

— Tanmoy Misra and Bishnu Misra

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