Review of 8 Best Budget Small Business Antivirus Software USA 2021

Topic: 8 Best Budget Small Business Antivirus Software for Better Cybersecurity

The demand for Antivirus software has been continuously increasing because no one wants to be a part of a cyber attack. In fact, many companies are allowing their employees to work remotely and that’s why people are going for the best antivirus software for their systems. Keeping this point aside, the virus is always a big threat for everyone and the best antivirus software will prevent spam and malicious files to store on the device.

It doesn’t matter whether the business is small or big, all have a risk of getting attacked by hackers. Although, small businesses are unable to invest a huge amount to buy expensive antivirus software but cannot free down our security. That’s why we are here to provide you with complete information on the Best Budget Small Business Antivirus Software for Better Cybersecurity so that you can do the best possible protection for your business.

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Table of Contents

Best Budget Small Business Antivirus Software

Malwarebytes: Small Business Antivirus Software

Best Budget Small Business Antivirus Software

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  • Multi-layered technology.
  • Users will get monthly reports.
  • Supports Windows, Mac, Android, and Chromebook.
  • Very lightweight and flexible.


  • Customer service is not very good.

Malwarebytes is one of the best Small Business Antivirus software, which is quite affordable and lightweight. This software is built especially for small businesses, which can easily connect up to 20 devices. 

The devices will be full protected from cyber threats and any other dysfunctional activities. The best thing is that customer support is always available and will help if we are stuck anywhere. So it will be a good option to simplify our security with Malwarebytes and we can also go with their trial before going to buy it. 

Here users will also get monthly email reports of their network security performance. It provides a lot of flexibility, we can add any device to it and it performs very smoothly. It supports Windows, Mac, Android, and Chromebook. It will be a good option for growing businesses but it is a bit expensive as compared to other Antivirus Software.

Avast: Best Small Business Antivirus Software

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  • Includes VPN.
  • Clean up the browser and improves performance.
  • Removes phishing and spam messages from the mailbox permanently.


  • Lacks mobile support.

Avast is always a choice for many businesses because of its amazing security system. It will never let any virus come to your device and will keep all the threats away from your system. The best thing about this Antivirus Software is that it can easily identify the threats, will notify you, and keep your device safe from threats. 

It will not only block the threats from your device but also blocks the entire network. With this Antivirus, we can detect everything happening in our office and disallow the users from turning the Antivirus software off.

This Antivirus can clean your browser’s cache and remove all the harmful files and plugins that are restricting to operate the Bowser smoothly. All the emails will be secured in the inbox and will remove the phishing emails and other annoying messages permanently. 

McAfee: Budget Antivirus Software

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  • Provides real-time protection.
  • Very lightweight occupies less space.
  • Shows decent information of reports.


  • Anti-phishing capability is not so good.

McAfee is also a good option for a business where users will get 24/7 customer support. All the mail and data will get fully protected with this Antivirus, the company was started in 1987 and they have done many improvements in their Antivirus. 

Still, if you have any doubts then you can also start with a trial period, which doesn’t cost a single penny. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The best thing is that it is quite easy to use and it provides the complete security of the Internal IT infrastructure.

The scanning option is manual, even a user can start scanning when no one is using the system. Users can set scanning periods daily or weekly basis at their convenience. It will provide you with the complete information with the help of deep scanning where we can know the defect areas and it can also eliminate the suspected files. 

Vipre: Antivirus Software


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  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Web control and URL blocking.
  • Advanced protection feature.


  • Doesn’t have a comprehensive reporting feature.

This is an advanced machine learning Antivirus software that can keep all the threats away from your device. It will protect the device from threats and will be a good choice for small businesses. The threat intelligence network monitors all the activities and will inform if any suspicious activities are detected. 

It provides multiple levels of security agnostic DNS protection without charging extra money for that. Users will also get real-time reports and the simple interface allows the users to check the whole security system anytime and anywhere. 

It has a very simple admin panel so that control can be made easier. Users will get a detailed dashboard to view all the things in depth with full information. So if you are looking for the best Small Business Antivirus Software then you should at least take a trial of this software.

Norton: Antivirus Software

Best Budget Small Business Antivirus Software

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  • The software is very user friendly.
  • Great reporting system.
  • Packed with advanced features.


  • Makes the computer a little bit slower.

Norton is a very popular Antivirus Software in the market and has very good reviews. So it will be a good choice to go with Norton for small businesses. If you have 20 employees in the office then it will a good choice, which will provide immense protection from certain threats. 

This is a user-friendly software, which can be installed easily by following the installation steps carefully, there is no need to have technical support. If you want to add more people then you can just send them a mail and provide all the information with instructions to add their device to the security plan.

This Antivirus Software can easily find threats and organized them systematically as per their behaviour. It also provides warning signals when a user will try to download threat files on their device. The plan is to provide security for 20 devices but it can connect more than that. 

The company is also providing a money-back guarantee if they are unable to detect malware threats on the devices. The only demerit is that we don’t get any trial to check this Antivirus Software but still, it will be a good choice for small businesses. 

AVG: Antivirus Software


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  • Permanent malware removal.
  • Provides extra cybersecurity.
  • Sensitive data encryption.


  • Sometimes generates false results.

AVG can also be considered as one of the best small business Antivirus Software because of its amazing features. It can protect the device from viruses, malware, and hackers. 

There are some amazing techniques used by the company to keep the data safe like they will warn you when you will visit a webpage, which is not secure and will also let you tell about the dangerous downloaded file on your device. This software is already using by more than 6,00,000 businesses around the globe. So users don’t have to worry about anything.

AVG encrypts and stores all the sensitive and important information on the password-protected virtual disc on your system, which defends them from hackers. It provides an extra security feature of cyber capture, which will send the downloaded files to the experts, and they check whether it is safe or not. 

Recently AVG has introduced some amazing features for small businesses and it provides remote management that saves a lot of time, so it will be very convenient for all the users.

Bitdefender: Antivirus Software


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  • Lightweight doesn’t affect computer performance.
  • Complete Internet and e-mail protection.
  • Doesn’t generate false-positive reports.


  • Installation is not simple.

Bitdefender is a great business Antivirus Software that protects servers and web stations. As it is a small web-based Antivirus, so it will be good only for small businesses. This Antivirus helps in blocking all the malicious software like Trojans, rootkit, phishing, worms, and many other before the damage gets done. 

It provides Internet protection and Email protection by stopping all the threats from stealing your identity and the email protection feature provides a spam guide and will never let you download corrupted or dangerous files.

This Antivirus works remotely and can be easily installed on any unprotected computer. It is a good choice if we are looking for affordable antivirus software, it updates automatically so that we can always get the latest features. So now users can focus on their jobs instead of worrying about safety because all the work is done remotely. 

ESET: Antivirus Software


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  • Ransomware protection is very good.
  • It provides a complete defence system.
  • Detect and fix potential vulnerabilities.


  • Initial setup takes time.

ESET Endpoint is a popular and reputed Antivirus, which provides advanced protection with amazing speed. They have multiple plans and in every plan, users can block attacks and shield their system against malware viruses, and ransomware. 

The best thing about this Antivirus Software is that it doesn’t require more specifications, it can be easily installed on any computer whether it is high-end or low-end. The whole work management is done remotely so there is no need to get curious about anything and can do their other work easily.

ESET comes with a sandbox that will help in testing the unverified programs that can harm your system without letting know you. It provides the most important vulnerability scan, which is very crucial to scan all the files available on your system and prevents exploitation and viruses to make entry into your system. 

It provides a multiplayer defence that provided the highest level of security. Eventually, is a bit expensive software with some amazing features, so overall, we can say, that it will be the safest and secure option for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Why Anti Virus Softwares Are Important?

The actual reason for using an anti-virus is to protect your system from unknown and outer threats. The threats that can harm you massively by stealing your business crucial information. The threats can be so devastating that they may put permanent damage to your system. 

To prevent this from ever happening the best way is to use anti-virus software which cost not very much but saves you from massive loss. 

Final Words

We consider our testing results are good to go as we have improved our listing by comparing it with AV Comparatives this year testing results. AV Comparatives gives us a better idea of the products and allow us to add extra comparison points. Additionally, we give importance to factors like usability, detection accuracy, false positives, performance, and more.

Here we conclude our article Best Budget Small Business Antivirus Software for Better Cybersecurity. You can fully trust these 8 Best Budget Small Business Antivirus Software as they are perfectly researched and tested. Be sure to tell us what you think about Best Budget Small Business Antivirus Software and which one you prefer to use.    

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