Which Is The Most Economical Ink Tank Printer (Under 12000 Rupees) 2022

Which Is The Most Economical Ink Tank Printer | Buy Best Ink Tank Printer Under 12000 Rupees On Amazon

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Having the best and most economical ink tank printer in your office or home is a great boon if you need to print, scan or fax regularly.

Over the last many years, the printer industry has turned a lot. We have witnessed a significant shift from traditional inkjet color printers to cost-effective ink tank color printers. So, let’s see which is the most economical ink tank printer.

Which Is The Most Economical Ink Tank Printer?

Ink tank printers are nothing but the advanced or hybrid version of inkjet printers. Inkjet printers use ink cartridges whereas ink tank printers use ink chambers (70 ml in most printers). 

12000 rupees is the economical range for an ink tank printer. As ink tank printer can range from 8000 to 90000 rupees. 

But lower-end ink tank printers are only of single function and with nearly no features. And it is common that you may face typical printer-related errors or problems

Similarly, higher-end are multi-function ink tank printers and are less prone to printer problems but they are unaffordable. 

According to my experience and testing results, the most economical ink tank printers are HP Ink Tank 310 and Brother DCP-T220

These printers deliver excellent printing quality, low maintenance cost, low printing cost, and high volume output. Keep this in your mind you need a printer by which you can conserve ink while printing

Best Ink Tank Printer Under 10,000 To 12,000 Rupees in India

Canon PIXMA G1020 HP Ink Tank 316 Epson L130 HP Ink Tank 310 Brother DCP-T220
Star Ratings
Type Single Function All-in-one Single Function All-in-one All-in-one
Capabilities Print only Print, Scan, Copy Print only Print, Scan, Copy Print, Scan, Copy
Duty Cycle Up to 3,000 pages/month Up to 8,000 pages/month Up to 4,500 pages/month Up to 8,000 pages/month Up to 7,500 pages/month
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Economical ink tank printers are good for home use and small office or business use. Whereas the initial price is higher compared to inkjet but you have to spend less on maintenance and refilling. 

Benefits of Economical Ink Tank Printer

  1. Saves Money – These printers save a lot of money than the previous ones because they don’t need to refill frequently and when required can be easily refilled using Ink Bottles. These Ink bottles are available at very affordable prices.
  2. Easy to use – They are very easy to use and install without the installation CD. Users can easily figure out the mechanics of these devices.
  3. Multi-functional – Most of these ink tank printers are multi-functional, which means they do more than just printing, which saves your extra cost of buying a separate device for those works.
  4. Saves Time – These printers are very fast in their operation, saving a lot of time for the users.
  5. Easy to maintain – These ink tank printers are easy to clean and maintain as inkjet printers you don’t need to spend much time. 

Drawbacks Of Economical Ink Tank Printer

There is only one drawback that I have noticed in my four-year experience is Ink tank printers need to use frequently. It is best to use them regularly otherwise the ink will get dry in the tank and the nozzle or printhead will get clogged. 

Then you have to clean the printhead for better performance it is not a difficult task but yes definitely a disturbing situation. 

So, using your economical ink tank printer regularly or printing a test page at a regular interval is the best way to avoid printhead failure or printer nozzle blocking. It is recommended after opening the bottled ink should be used within 6 months.  

Economical Ink Tank Printer Model Full Detail

1. HP 310: Best Ink Tank Printer

Best Ink Tank Printer Under 10,000 To 12,000 Rupees in India

The second best ink tank printer on this list is also from the HP brand. But unlike the previous one, this is all in one printer, which means that you can print, scan and copy in this very easily. It is also a color printer and can be connected through USB.

This supports various types of pages for printing. It gives a scan speed of up to 21 seconds. You also get 1 year of warranty on this printer.

With a print resolution of 4800 x, 1200 DPI and a Duty Cycle of up to 8000 pages make this printer a great candidate for occupying some space in your house or office.

Why Should You Buy

  • Black/white and colour print quality are good.
  • Low printing cost.
  • Easy to maintain.

Why You Should Not Buy

  • A little bit slow.

2. Canon PIXMA G1020

Which Is The Most Economical Ink Tank Printer

Canon PIXMA G1020 is considered as one of the best tank printers under 12,000 that comes with a high efficient ink tank to provide quality and clear printing

This device only takes 45 seconds to print any borderless photos (10.16cm x 15.24cm). PIXMA G1020 is a recommended printer machine for getting instant printing.

This is a user-friendly ink tank printer that ensures maximum printing with low expenses. It is designed with replaceable printheads as well as easy maintenance cartridges which don’t delay printing and maximize productivity. 

PIXMA G1020 comes with a compact yet powerful mechanism that allows smooth printing every time in the mood of the economy.

The ink bottles of this premium printer are designed with anti-drip and spill-resistant technology that takes your worries away from inadvertent ink smears while filling ink into the cartilage. 

The significant nozzle and receptacle identifiers feature ensures your ink refills without any hassle.

The Canon ink tanker is manufactured based on state-of-the-art technology which extends its long lifespan. Under Rs. 12,000 this printer is definitely a standard quality printer that suits your budget. 

You can grab this best ink tank printer for under 12,000 for your regular home or office use. Also, it would be ideal to meet the needs of small businesses and students

Why Should You Buy

  • High page yield ink bottle
  • Super ink bottles deliver up to 7600 black & white pages and 7700 color pages
  • Ensures super-fast printing
  • USB ports

Why You Should Not Buy

  • Doesn’t support E stamping printing
  • Doesn’t allow mobile connection with the printer
  • Without scanner printer
  • Wi-Fi connectivity not available

3. HP Ink Tank 316

Best Ink Tank Printer Under 10,000 To 12,000 Rupees in India

If you are looking for the best ink tank printer under 12,000 for your office or home use, HP Ink Tank 316 would be the right choice. 

This is an all-in-one solution printer that comes with unique features that are important for high-quality printing tasks with simplicity. 

To maximize the user experience this printer gives you the freedom to extend the area of each printout as per your needs. 

This extraordinary printer comes with newly designed resealable bottles and HP’s unique ink tank system that makes your ink management more convenient. 

You can fill the ink tanks seamlessly without wasting ink, and you can see how much ink you have left. This feature lets you arrange refill packs in advance so that your work is not interrupted.

This device offers several facets and it supports printing of any size, like A4, A6, B5, etc. The printouts provided by the HP ink tank are outstanding

You can print your office or business documents speedily with this fast printer. Super ink bottles allow up to 8,000 color pages and 7,500 black pages

The fast printing performance of ink tank 316 saves your time and productivity. In addition, HP comes with high-speed USB port connectivity that ensures the smooth functioning of the printer. This is an affordable ink tank printer under 12,000  with high functionality.

Why Should You Buy

  • The industry-standard printer is ideal for all types of printing, scanning, and copying 
  • Supports printing without border
  • Costs are extremely low for printing per page 
  • Consumes less power, ensuring your savings 

Why You Should Not Buy

  • Not wireless printer 
  • The installation process is a bit tedious
  • Auto Duplex printing facility not available 
  • HP software may sometimes not work, while the printer is connected via OTG

4. Brother DCP-T220

Best Ink Tank Printer Under 10,000 To 12,000 Rupees in India

This color printer from the Brother brand comes with multi-functionalities. You can copy, print, and scan on this single device. It gives a print speed of 28/11 ppm and can be connected through USB.

It can be operated with a power source of 220 – 240 V AC. Most pages are supported in this ink tank printer.

It provides pinpoint, accurate prints, and crystal clear copies. The scanner is also pretty good and gives a clear output.

This printer will be a good buy for people with papers and documents around them, waiting to be scanned or printed.

Why Should You Buy

  • Print quality is good.
  • Low printing cost.
  • Printing speed is good.

Why You Should Not Buy

  • Create little noise.

5. Epson L130

Which Is The Most Economical Ink Tank Printer

Epson L130 is built with Micro Piezo technology that is capable of releasing fine droplets of ink. It delivers impressive and excellent finish touch printing. 

This printer offers extremely low printing costs for any type of page, like drafts, reports, documents, tickets, etc. It has high-yield ink bottles that free you from frequent cartridge refilling. You get 4,000 pages per 70 ml black ink bottle, while 6,500 pages for color ink

Epson L130 features mess-free refills which makes your refilling effortless at any time. This exceptional printer is designed with superb speed technology which enables you to meet your deadlines with timely delivery of your business printouts. It takes only one minute to print 27 black & white pages and 15 color pages

Furthermore, the Epson L130 printer allows you to print your exclusive photo-birthday cards, A4 posters, invitation cards, presentations, and more. 

This fast printer supports 8.5 ipm for the black & white page and 4.5 for the color page. Plus, it is compatible with the USB 2.0 ports which makes it an easy-to-use printer. Epson is a perfect printer that you can invest in for use in your small businesses or shop.

Why Should You Buy

  • Fabulous print resolution of 5760 x 1440 
  • Equipped with special tubes inside to ensure reliable ink flow 
  • Various paper compatibility printing

Why You Should Not Buy

  • Not suitable for bulk printing
  • Average built quality with ordinary plastic 
  • Not supportive of large photo printing
  • Not very appealing look

What is Ink Tank Printer?

Ink tank printers are refillable printers, and they have a tank where the users can fill ink when it gets empty. Special Ink bottles are sold in the market, which are used to fill these ink tanks.

The previous generation printers didn’t have such features, which yielded in higher cost of use and wastage of time.

But since the Ink Tank printers have come into the market, they have overshadowed the older printers and are now the talk of the town.

But the refillable nature of the Ink tank storage is not the only benefits of buying an Ink Tank Printer.

Which ink tank printer is best for homes under 10000?

Epson L130 color ink tank printer is the best printer for home use under 10000. Printer details are given above. But the printer is only a single function it can only perform printing and no other task.

Are ink tank printers good for occasional use?

No ink tank printers are not good for occasional. You need to use them frequently or regularly otherwise their print head or nozzle will get clogged.

Are an economical ink tank printer comes with wireless connectivity?

No wireless connectivity is not available in printers under 10000 to 12000. Wireless printers are easy to connect with a laptop or desktop but this option is available above 12000 or more.

Is an ink tank printer better than an inkjet printer?

Yes, absolutely. Ink tank printers are upgraded versions of inkjet printers. Due to their ink tank chambers, they can hold more ink and for that printing costs in ink tank printers are very low. Other than that they need low maintenance and deliver high printing quality.

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