Is Cooling Pad Really Important for Gaming Laptops (Here Are My Test Results)

We all know that Gaming Laptop is a bit expensive and we cannot afford to buy them again and again. 

That’s why many people also buy a cooling pad for the gaming laptop so that the temperature of the laptop remains constant without heating. 

The Gaming Laptop runs at a high temperature because of high GPU and that’s why a Cooling Pad is quite necessary. 

The Cooling Pads will be very helpful to keep the temperature normal during short and long sessions. Let us know more about that. 

Why do you need a cooling Pad for your Gaming Laptop?

It is a common thing we all know that a laptop generates heat due to its components. But in a Gaming Laptop, more heat generates because GPU also produces heat with PCU. 

That’s why many people are going with a cooling pad to get rid of this issue. The heating can be very harmful to the other components of your laptop, as it can damage your inner hardware. 

The heat can melt the plastic and can cause many damages. There will be a risk to the headphone jack because the heat directly comes to that part. 

The plastic of that portion will start melting and can cause many other damages as well. There are many other components in your gaming laptop that requires special care. 

The heating of the CPU can also harm other parts like Motherboard and GPU, that’s why it is necessary to go with a cooling pad that ensures durability and longevity.

What happens when your gaming laptop overheats?

CPU Throttling

When you are playing high-end games on your gaming laptop then it will reach a certain temperature when you will not be able to play games with full capabilities. 

CPU Throttling can be a bit harmful to your laptop and you should go with some safety measures to prevent it perfectly. 

To prevent CPU Throttling, it will be the best option to have a cooling pad that can make your laptop a bit cooler. 

GPU Throttling

As per some reports, we got to know that GPU also gets throttled if you are running games on your laptop for a long time. But there are some manufacturers only who come with a GPU Throttling feature. 

Generally, GPUs don’t get the heat as compared to CPUs but if it happens then you should go with a proper solution to prevent it. 

But for that, you need to check on the company’s website whether your laptop has a GPU Throttling feature or not.

Does Cooling Pad Damage Laptops?

Is Cooling Pad Really Important for Gaming Laptops

As we have seen many people are telling that Cooling Pads can damage laptops. But let me clear that there is a big misconception about this thing. Let us understand briefly. 

Misconception about Cooling Pads

Many people are saying that a cooling pad can damage your gaming laptop, which is not true as per our experience. 

People say that a cooling pad blows air into the laptop that can increase the dust and dirt inside the laptop. 

Well, it is a rumor because if you have not placed your gaming laptop at the right place then the dust can enter inside the laptop in every situation. 

A cooling pad doesn’t make any impact on that, so it is a big misconception that Cooling Pads can damage your gaming laptop. 

When Cooling Pads will be harmful to your laptop?

Well, we didn’t tell you that a cooling pad can harm your laptop but for a second if we mean it then let me tell you more about it. 

If you have not bought a cooling pad as per your laptop’s requirement then it can be harmful to you. If a cooling pad is blocking the airflow of your laptop then it can be harmful but it can block the airflow only if it is placed beside the airflow vents or else there is no harm to a cooling pad. 

Do Really Laptops Get Overheat While Gaming?

The laptop doesn’t get overheated every time while playing games. As some games need more power and that’s why the laptop gets overheated. 

But there is nothing to worry about because there are many safety measures that will help to get rid of this issue. 

The technology is developing nowadays frequently and that’s why heating will be very rare in advanced laptops. 

If you are playing high-end games then it requires more power and will provide more heat. But if the games are normal then don’t worry about it. 

How much heat develops the Risk of Overheating?

No one wants to face that situation when the gaming laptop faces overheating issues. That’s why it is always necessary to know how much heat is sufficient and have no risk of overheating. 

So you should know that your gaming laptop should not cross the temperature of 85 to 90 degrees, otherwise, it can cause big issues for you in the future.

If your gaming laptop has a Throttling feature then it will let you know through that but if there is no throttling feature then your gaming laptop is at a big risk. 

So it is always necessary to check the temperature of your PC so that you can get aware of it. 

Does Cooling Pad Really Work? (My Test Results)

Yes, definitely cooling pad works and works really well. And I have tested it by playing different games on high settings with and without a cooling pad. 

I have provided screenshots for that. Before going further let me tell you what gaming laptop and cooling pad I have used for this test and I have also provided links to the product if you like then check it out. 

Asus Tuf F15 Gaming Laptop

Asus TUF 15.6″ FHD Gaming Laptop, 10th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-10300H, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650Ti 4GB GDDR6 with Windows 11 

Really an awesome and outstanding gaming laptop on a budget. It is been more than one year and now no issue. (India) (USA)

Cooling pad

Lapcare ChillMate Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad with Twin Fans for Efficient Cooling. 

This is a very cheap cooling pad and I have a doubt about its performance when I purchased it but trust. But I was wrong and it deliver me a fabulous performance. (India) (USA)

So, now let’s see the test results.

Is Cooling Pad Really Important for Gaming Laptops

Without cooling pad – CPU temperature: 88 degrees and GPU temperature: 69 degrees

Is Cooling Pad Really Important for Gaming Laptops

With cooling pad: CPU temperature: 70 degrees and GPU temperature: 59 degrees.

So here we can clearly see that there is a great CPU temperature difference of 18 degrees. And 10 degrees difference in GPU temperature.

But I will not say you get this type of result in every game as different games have different requirements. In high-end games, you will get to see a difference of 7 to 10 degrees which is also enough.

Hence in my opinion cooling pads are one of the best options to stop gaming laptops from overheating. And cooling pads are really effective.

Which Cooling Pad you should buy?

As we know there is a huge variety of Cooling Pads available in the market so you will always have a good choice to choose the best one for your laptop. 

Every cooling pad comes in different shapes and sizes, they also have some different features so that you can choose it at your convenience. 

Different Cooling Pads come with different features like fan speed, RGB lighting, and different ports. Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you have to choose the exact size of the cooling pad for your laptop so that no issues can arise. 

If the size is small then it can cause different problems while if the size is very big then it can block the vents and can interrupt the airflow. So always make sure that you are buying the exact size cooling pad for your laptop. 

Users should also look at the vents on their gaming laptop because most manufacturers add vents to the side of their laptop. 

If you can see the vents on the bottom side then those are the extra vents that will help to improve airflow. 

But the best thing is that the cooling pads are not expensive and users can easily afford them to play the game without any issues.

Types of Cooling Pads

Before moving further, it is necessary to know more about Cooling Pads and there are four types of cooling pads. The main types are –

Active Cooling Pads

An Active Cooling Pad requires small fans to remove the heat out of the laptop around the chassis. There can be 6 small fans that will help to cool down or remove all the heat outside the laptop. 

This cooling pad will be powered when the USB cable is inserted into the laptop or some laptops that come with an in-built USB hub. 

Passive Cooling Pads

Passive Cooling Pads don’t require any type of electricity to reduce the heating of the laptop. It comes with an organic salt compound that will absorb the heat and will provide you with a limited amount of cooling time of up to 8 hours. 

These pads will be recommended only to those laptops having vents on the side of the laptop or else it can block the airflow. 

Multi-Surface Cooling Pads

Multi-Surface Cooling Pads are very helpful to keep them on different types of surfaces to cool down the laptop. 

It will keep the airflow between the chassis and the cooler itself. The best thing is that this cooling pad can be used on any type of surface whether it is hard or soft. 

Multi-purpose Cooling Pad

As the Technology increases, the cooling pads come with multiple Functionalities to make the whole work more convenient. 

Some of them come with card readers for memory cards while some of them will work as a workstation.

Advantages of Cooling Pads

Playing Games is always amazing but if we are not able to play our favorite games due to their bad performance then we should do something. 

Generally, laptops come with cooling fans to keep the temperature cool but still, if you are going with a cooling pad then it will be a great option for you. 

Let us know about some of the main benefits of Cooling Pads. 

Improved Performance

We all want a smooth gaming performance on our laptops and that’s why cooling pads will be the best option. 

The cooling pads will be very helpful to improve the CPU and GPU performance so that no hassles can arise while playing the games. 

The continuous load of the games can increase the temperature of your laptop and it can also affect the hardware components. 

A Cooling Pad will keep the CPU and GPU cool so that harm cannot be made to any of the components.

Low Ambient Temperature

Users should know that the laptop temperature also depends on the temperature of the room where you are sitting.

If the temperature is hot then your laptop will warm very quickly but if there are cooling pads then they will keep all the hot air outside the laptop. Indirectly, they can be very helpful in low down the ambient temperature of the room. 

Easy to Use

The best thing about Cooling Pads is that we can use them very easily without making more effort. We just need to keep it inside the laptop, the crystals will start spreading the liquid to control the temperature. 

The cooling pads will be effective only when the temperature is going above 25 degrees and will make the whole work easier by having the best gaming experience. 

How to keep your cooling pad clean?

Buying a Cooling Pad is not everything, it is quite necessary to take care of your cooling pad. It will be very helpful for you to fun your cooling pads for a long time. 

Once you have decided to buy the best quality cooling pad, you need to make sure that you are cleaning it frequently. 

Dust is the biggest concern when it comes to cleaning a cooling pad and that’s why its cleaning is quite necessary. 

So it will be the best option for all the users to go with a can of compressed air that will help to remove all the dust and debris from the pad. 

Apart from that, users can also use a wipe cotton cloth to clean every part of a cooling pad to run it for a long time. 

As it happens sometimes that the cooling fan doesn’t run properly or makes some noise while running. 

In this situation, bringing them out, and cleaning them with compressed air will be the best option.

The fan can also get dirt because of some hairs stuck on the fans so users can use a set of tweezers to clean it effectively. 

A blade of the fan may get bend anytime and it will be the best option to remove that blade properly. If the blade is not removed properly then it will not work properly. That’s why users need to be very careful while taking care of the cooling pads. 

There are many other ways to keep cooling pads clean and users can do it properly. But they need to be very careful while cleaning the fans. 

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