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Iron Man: Entire Journey of Tony Stark in MCU

Tony Stark is the face of the entire MCU Infinity Saga. The man with multiple quality and undefeated champion of Marvel Universe. The who would challenge even god to save humanity from any threat. He gave the MCU a kick start from the depths of the cave back in 2008 and bring the end by sacrificing his life in Avengers: Endgame. Throughout his all 10 films in the MCU, Tony has seen a level of character development that has rarely, if ever, been seen before on film. While he had worked hard to became a superhero of one of his kind and become a hero capable of self-sacrifice he displays in the Avengers films, it hasn’t always been that way. Before facing the ultimate super-villain of Avengers Thanos, Tony still need a development after doing a tremendous job in New York and against Ultron. But whether he’s trapped in a cave by armed men with or grounded in space after losing the biggest fight of his life, Tony, for better or worse, is Iron Man. He knows nothing except success at any means or cost, even he had to sacrifice his life.


From Man to “Iron Man”( IRON MAN,2008)

First audiences were introduced to Tony Stark as an arrogant, womanizing billionaire and a high ground technological genius. He was so self-obsessed that he doesn’t have time to receive awards but have time to play casino and flirt with women. After he was a destined trip to Afghanistan where he presented an outstanding presentation of Jericho missile. On the way return, he was captured by a terrorist group named Ten Rings. however, Tony gets a real taste of the toll his family and lifestyle have extracted from innocent people all around the world. Tony is, possibly for the first time, truly aware of the weight of the Stark name and business.

There he realizes how bad things are happening beyond his knowledge. So, first, he jots down the plan of escape and that was the moment which going to change Tony forever. It is his fate that brings him deep down in the depth of a cave to worship and became a superhero. And of course the birthplace of Tony’s first Iron Armor MARK ONE. After losing Yinsen and escaping captivity, Tony dedicates his life to making up for the mistakes of both his past and his family.

The rest of the film shows Tony literally beat down the corrupt image of Stark Industries’ past in the form of Obadiah Stane. Stark flies up to new heights that the old school Stane just can’t manage. Shortly thereafter, Tony announces to the world for the first time, “I am Iron Man.”


The Stark Heritage (IRON MAN 2)

Throughout the second film “Iron Man 2”, Tony is concerned with the Stark heritage. Though he knows that he was dying slowly day by day. While he hides from the sad reality of his fate behind dramatic entrances to the Stark Expo and flashy appearances in Congress, in which he denies giving the Iron Man suit to the government because Tony Stark is Iron Man. We see this illustrated as he donates his art collection to the Boy Scouts of America.

We see it as he hands his Stark company over to the responsible hands of Pepper Pots and a prototype Iron Man suit to Rhodey who will be with Iron Man till the end as War Machine. The Stark heritage is responsible for not only what inevitably saves Tony from his fate, but also the birth of the film’s adversary. On the other side from there, S.H.I.E.L.D. initiates to take over MCU with a bigger plan and put there best on the field and introduced super secret agent Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow).


With the Good Fellows (AVENGERS)

That arrogant billionaire is now responsible and an undefeatable Avenger. After becoming an Avenger he is now super confident. He’s learned from his past, overcome death multiple times. After securing his family legacy and future from the hands of Obadiah Stane and bring it down to the safe hands of Pepper. Now it is time met with some good fellows and understanding the fact that in future he is not alone who has to do everything. But this also means that he doesn’t have to work with everyone whom he doesn’t trust. This is the point where Thanos got his eye on Avengers first time as he put a threat on humanity through Loki (god of mischief).


Return of Tony Stark (IRON MAN 3)

During the time in Iron Man 3, Tony Stark just isn’t acting like the man he used to see himself as. He can’t sleep, eventually facing trauma definitely experiencing PTSD. He can barely stand to be in public. He’s having panic attacks. He’s flown right into the null, and somehow, through pure coincidence, he’s managed to escape with his life and return to the world. It is the time Tony realizes that the world was not like it was as before however, it has become a whole lot larger. Iron Man or not Tony is very small to get through it. Tony knows the power he has is just not in the iron suite but it himself but he’s also cripplingly aware that his power isn’t enough. Tony begins to focus his attention on those who will come after him as his father did. Harley was the first little hero seed that he planted.


Tony’s NightMare (Age Of Ultron)

During the events of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Tony creates Ultron as a core result of his fears and paranoia, and ultimately, it costs him and many others. We see the extreme of Tony’s mind that has been as a nightmare sine New York battle. The good, and, unfortunately for Tony and the world as a whole, the bad.
At last Vision, Tony’s new hope ultimately saves the day. It is important to note that this is the first time where Tony and Cap’s disagreement has ever come blows. This is a fact that will be important in moving forward.



During the course many things have changed, when the Sokovia accords are pushed on the Avengers, Tony accepts that they shouldn’t be allowed free to solve the problems of the world. This essentially puts himself into the exact concavity he fought against in Iron Man 2. We also see that Tony has gone out of his way to seek and advise the young Peter Parker. Tony is the only Avenger confronted by a relative of a victim. Tony tries to restore the difference between what he thought of being a superhero and the reality of the situation.


Becoming a Mentor of Neighbourhood Hero (SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING)

Till now we have seen many ups and downs in Tony’s life. Tony’s appearances in Spider-Man: Homecoming kicks off what’ll be referred to in this article as the Mentor the Iron papa. Tony has gone through a lot of growth to get to this point emotionally. He comes to his life ending terms multiple times. The terms of the relationship that he shared with his father. Breaking the limits that his father ever could as an engineer, as Stark, and as a human being. Meanwhile, through Tony’s relationship with Peter, fans begin to see Tony as a mentor of a middle-class home ground kid hero. Opposite to Howard Stark’s freeable personality, Tony began to show how loving and involved he can be. Tony knows that this home-ground hero has the capacity to grow big without any doubt, can be better, if he’d just get a chance of guidance from a good mentor.



Avengers: Infinity War is a film all about the loss that each and every character has paid even Thanos. Whereas Tony Stark’s relationship with Peter Parker has moved on from a mentor to fatherhood. Tony’s supportive, nurturing, and present parenting style we see him display with Peter, but also strikingly similar to Howard Stark’s parenting style. Taken to an extreme, of course.  It’s also certainly not a coincidence that Peter’s dusting is both the longest and most intimidating. It could be that Tony wants to secure his legacy with the young superhero, but he’s just watched his legacy turn to dust before his eyes. It is the point may Tony realized that he could have secured the Stark legacy with Pepper in charge of Stark Industries.


Selfless Act Of Heroism: Avengers Assemble (Avengers: Endgame)

Tony Stark

It is the end of everything that has been started by a self-obsessed billionaire. Tony was fighting for a very long time and in the end, he saves the lives of everyone in the MCU by sacrificing himself. Tony Stark aka Iron Man is one of the grandest acts of heroism ever displayed in the MCU. He had already proved he was no longer the guy who would find an easy way around a difficult scenario in The Avengers, but this was even greater.

While Doctor Strange held up his index finger indicating that if Tony does this act it would be the end for him. But still for the good of humanity, and to secure the futureTony performed the act. He used the power of all six Infinity Stones and snapped his fingers to wipe out Thanos and his entire army. Tony sacrificed his life to preserve the family he recently found with Pepper and Morgan, ensuring that they and the rest of the universe remained intact. The death of Iron Man. With three simple words. And gave Peter an unattainable goal: Be better than I was.

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