Follow These 9 Easy Steps to refill an Inkjet printer Cartridge (With Pictures)

Refilling the inkjet printer cartridge is very much simple if you know proper tips and tricks. 

If you don’t know, then don’t worry; the process of refilling the cartridge is pretty much similar to any kind of Printer. 

There are different types of kits available in the market through which you can easily refill your cartridge. 

Today here in this article, we will discuss. How to refill Inkjet printer Cartridge? With stepwise instruction and some tricks. 

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Things to know before refilling ink

It is not recommended to change or remove the cartridge from the printer unless you are refilling ink. 

Refilling ink on an inkjet printer is not an easy task as you need to be very aware while doing so. There are some things that you should know before refilling ink on the inkjet printer.

  1. Don’t refill the ink too fast. You should be patients while refilling ink on the Printer. 
  2. If you have an LCD screen on your Printer. You should see the level of ink. Refill the ink before it completely runs out. The sponge inside the cartridge could dry and make it hard while refilling. 
  3. You should fill the ink equal in all locations of the cartridge. There should not be an imbalance in ink distribution.
  4. Before you refill, make sure that the syringe you are using is clean and doesn’t contain any inks. 
  5. Don’t print immediately after the refilling; give some time to settle the ink inside the cartridge. 

How to refill Inkjet Printer Cartridge?

Now as well, all know how to remove the cartridge, and it should not be that hard while refilling ink. If you know how to remove the cartridge, follow the step.

How to refill an Inkjet printer Cartridge

Prepare the syringe, ink, and clothes before starting refilling. If you don’t have any of this stuff, make sure to buy a refilling kit.

How to refill an Inkjet printer Cartridge

Now remove the cartridge from the Printer.

How to refill an Inkjet printer Cartridge

While refilling, ink can be spilled to the paper or table. Therefore, I suggest you put clothes or newspaper in the place where you are refilling.

How to refill an Inkjet printer Cartridge

Now put the cartridge on the clothes or newspaper. Then, find the holes through which you would have to inject the ink.

Fill the syringe with the ink and make sure the syringe is clean.  Now put the syringe needle inside the cartridge and slowly add ink inside the syringe. Don't be hurry while doing so; be patients.

Fill the syringe with the ink and make sure the syringe is clean. Now put the syringe needle inside the cartridge and slowly add ink inside the syringe. Don’t be hurry while doing so; be patients.

Repeat the same procedure for other ink and make sure to use a different syringe for different colors. Cover the ink holes with tape to prevent the ink from coming outside. Reinsert the cartridge on the Printer and put the clip on the cartridge.

This is how you can refill ink in an Inkjet printer. The process is pretty simple; all you need to know is how to remove and insert the cartridge from the Printer. After this, you can easily refill the ink of any printer. 

How to identify a printer cartridge or remove it from the Printer?

If you are using the Printer for the first time, then I am sure you might be wondering. 

What is printer Cartridge? Well, there is nothing to worry most people can’t identify Printer Cartridge at the beginning. 

Depending upon the brand or model, Cartridges are located in different places of the Printer. 

But, most of the printer Cartridges are located in the Printer’s center. Moreover, you can also look at the user manual to identify the cartridge on the Printer. Here is the stepwise instruction to remove the Printer.

How to remove Cartridge on HP printer?

If you are using any model of HP printer then here is the step-wise instruction to remove the cartridge on the HP printer.

  1. First of all, turn off the power of the Printer. You can directly turn it off by pressing the power button.
  2. Now open the ink cartridge door from the Printer. It is located between the input paper tray and output paper tray. In the new model of Printer, there is a separate button to open and close the door. Therefore, make sure to check if it exists or not. 
  3. After this, you should see the cartridge now. Don’t just force or manually try to move the cartridge. It will automatically move to the center once the door is opened. 
  4. There should be a release clip aside from the cartridge. Squeeze or push the clip it will release from the cartridge.
  5. Now push down the cartridge from the Printer and then pull it out from the cartridge. 

How to remove Cartridge from Epson printer?

If you are using an Epson printer then here is the stepwise instruction to remove the cartridge:

  1. First, turn on the Printer.
  2. Now open the printer cover from your Epson printer. On the left side of the Printer, you should see the cartridge unit.
  3. Depending upon the Printer, you may need to lift the whole scanner unit, not just the cover.
  4. Now, wait until the cartridge comes into replacement positions. If you are using an older model of Epson printer, then you need to press and hold the maintenance button to move the cartridge in a replacement position. 
  5. After it comes to the replacement position, open the cartridge cover from the Printer. You need to pull the cover towards your top open the cartridge.
  6. There should be a squeeze tab. Press or squeeze, and then it will quickly come out from the Printer.

This is how you can remove the cartridge from the Epson and HP printers. The process is pretty much simple if you know how to remove Cartridges from these two printers. You can remove cartridges from any HP and Epson models of printers. 

Important FAQs

Is Refilled Ink Cartridge worth it?

Yes, it is worth refilling ink in the cartridge. It saves around 50 percent of your money from buying a new cartridge. If you don’t know how to refill the ink cartridge, you can consider buying a new one.

How many times can cartridge refill?

When it comes to refilling a cartridge, you can refill it a maximum of three times. After this, you could see the fade or irregularity in the printing. Therefore, it is recommended to use not more than 3 times. 

Can refill ink damages the Printer?

No, refilling ink can’t damage the Printer; after all, it is a Printer feature that helps us refill the ink instead of buying a new one. But, if you are using a refilling cartridge, you will see irregularities in the printing.

How long does an ink cartridge last?

Depending upon your use, the Ink cartridge could last up to a maximum of 3 years or a minimum of 2 years. Over the period, the ink inside the cartridge gets dried out, which could cause your Printer to clog. So, make sure to change the cartridge once it reaches this time.


Refilling ink on the inkjet printer is hard if you don’t know the proper tips and tricks. Most people prefer to go printer store to refill the ink on the Printer. After reading this, I hope that now most of you can refill ink in your inkjet printer. 

It is not that hard; all you need to know is to remove and install the cartridge. If you have any problem while refilling, then comment down your problem. We will help you clear out all your doubt and problem.

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