Simple Solution To Make Your 120Hz or 144Hz Monitor Use Its Actual Refresh Rate

In my opinion refresh rate is quite important when you play games. A good refresh rate provides a better gaming experience and a boost to your gameplay.  

In this article, I will provide you with simple solutions to make your monitor use its actual refresh rate.

Why Monitor Doesn’t Use Its Actual Refresh rate

When you purchase a new monitor its default refresh rate is not set to maximum. And it is a major reason which we found happen maximum time.

Other than that outdated graphics card, a connectivity problem, using the wrong HDMI cables, and maybe your monitor supports 144Hz but not your gaming laptop or gaming console. 

Simple Ways to make your monitor use its actual refresh rate

Check your monitor

Well, if your monitor doesn’t support the quality of 144 Hz or it is set to a lower refresh rate both situations make it impossible to access the quality of 144 Hz at the same monitor. 

If your monitor’s maximum refresh rate is lower than 120Hz or 144Hz then you cannot do anything. You have to get a new monitor which supports a 144Hz refresh rate. 

How do you know your monitor is running at a lower refresh rate?

Well, first of all, you have to make sure whether you have the best quality gaming laptop or not? To get the best gaming experience it is most important that you have a decent quality laptop and good quality monitor with you. 

Now check at what refresh rate your monitor is running. Follow the procedure listed below so that you know whether your motor is running at a lower refresh rate or not. 

  • If your monitor is generating problems in working at 120 Hz. Open the settings of your windows and proceed to the next step. 
  • For Windows 7 you just have to make a right-click on the screen and select the option of Screen resolution
  • Now, various options will start displaying on your screen. Select the option of advanced settings. 
  • At this step, check that the screen resolution is set at your desired number. 
  • If the screen resolution is set to a lower refresh rate then you can change it up to its maximum and if the set screen resolution is maximum but didn’t fulfill your requirement then you can do nothing. You have to change your monitor to a high-resolution monitor. 
  • If you’re using Windows 10 then select the option of Setting then pass through Display and click on Advanced settings. Finally, click on the Display adapter and click on the option of the display monitor tab. 
  • Now, you can see the monitor refresh rate, and also you can change it. 

Well, if you still weren’t able to set the desired refresh rate then. You have to do some investigation regarding this. 

Change your default refresh rate in windows

Well, this is also an effective and reasonable way to set the desired refresh rate of your monitor. In windows, the default refresh rate is set automatically by the company. 

You can change it by changing the default refresh rate of your monitor. Various monitors are set to a 60 Hz refresh rate now let’s see how you can configure them. 

  • Firstly, visit the system and click on the option of Display. Now, click on the option of Display settings and finally select the option of display adapter properties. 
  • The monitor screen will start showing on your screen click on it and set the refresh rate of your monitor at 144 Hz. Well, this is only possible when you’re using an HDMI 2.0 port on your monitor.

Check your HDMI or Display port

How To Connect A Gaming Laptop To a 144Hz Monitor

In the field of connectivity, it is most important what cable you’re using. People with a lack of knowledge get unsuitable HDMI and Display ports which generate problems. The selection of the wrong cable may lead your refresh rate from 144 Hz to 60 Hz. 

A standard HDMI cable doesn’t support the quality of 144 Hz. You have to buy an HDMI 2.0 or 2.1 HDMI to get the responsive quality.

Update your graphics card

Outdated Graphics cards can also be a reason so that your monitor doesn’t support the 144 HZ quality. 

This problem occurs with the use of older versions of the monitor and not updating your GPU for years. 

So, to solve this problem you just have to make sure to update your graphic card at the most. Always update that your GPU and AMD are always up to date. 

Connecting cables in the wrong port

How To Connect A Gaming Laptop To a 144Hz Monitor

Well, this is one of the silliest mistakes which you can make by connecting the cable. Lots of people do this and put the cable in the wrong port while connecting the desktop. 

If you put one side of the cable at the HDMI port and another one in at HDMI 2.0 then it’s a wrong approach. You have to plug the cable at the right port for better connectivity.

Check your gaming consoles

PlayStation 4 Pro HDR

Well, this is also an issue that occurs in your system. Many times it is possible that your monitor supports 144 Hz but still shows 60 Hz because your console doesn’t support the quality of 60 HZ. 

So, if your console is not supportive then you’re unable to perform 144 Hz quality at this monitor. You may go through other gaming PCs to access the quality. 

So, these are the simple ways in which you can check that your monitor supports 144 Hz quality and how to configure it if not? Now, let’s discuss the most asked questions regarding this.

related questions

1. Which refresh rate is good for gaming?

Gaming on 60 Hz is recognized as the minimum quality which you need. Later on, you can shift this quality to 120 Hz. 

This screen quality (120 Hz) is recognized as the ideal gaming refresh rate but if you are a professional gamer then you can also upgrade your screen up to 144 Hz for getting extreme gaming quality.  

2. Why is the refresh rate important for gaming?

Well, refresh rate is a very important thing that generally decides the performance of the gaming in your monitor. 

A higher refresh rate and higher FPS leads to promoting an extreme gaming experience to your system. 

3. Does refresh rate affect FPS?

FPS leads to the maximum number of Frames which your screen will start displaying on your screen. 

Whereas the Hz or we can say Refresh rate is the maximum refresh rate of your monitor. They’re not connected to each other and don’t affect each other. So, don’t worry. 

4. Does monitor refresh rate affect CPU?

Not at all, you don’t have to worry about it because you’re not gonna sacrifice a single benefit of CPU with the effect of monitor refresh rate because it can’t be changed usually. In Fact, the frame rate change is also done by the graphic card. 

5. Can you get higher FPS on a lower Hz monitor

A system with 60 Hz will optimize the screen refresh at 60 times per second. If you want to play more smoothly then your Monitor can also do this accordingly. FPS and HZ are not the same things so the working of FPS can be different from HZ. 

6. What is the screen tearing problem?

Screen tearing problems lead to a situation that is a visual artifact where the display screen Shows the multiple frames on the screen. 

Generally, we can say that a situation where the Frame Rate exceeds the limit of the monitor refresh rate is called the screen tearing problem. 

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