16 Simple Ways To Increase GPU Performance On Laptop and Desktop

Whether you use a laptop or desktop good performance doesn’t come automatically. You have to do optimization manually and give a push to your device so that it can deliver what you desired. 

GPU performance plays a crucial role when you are playing a high graphics game. In this article, I have provided 16 ways to increase GPU performance. That’s what I have done with my gaming laptop.

How To Increase GPU Performance?

Stop Nvidia Streaming Service

The new NVIDIA which is used by the  Reddit users will also generate some issues. This issue provides extra load in the CPU and decreases the performance of GPF from 2%-5%. 

Users who are streaming the Nvidia service may face some issues that lead to a decrease in the performance of the gaming and you may also face some flags while gaming. 

So, it is better to stop streaming the Nvidia Streaming service on your laptop and desktop. 

If you’re a newbie and don’t know how to turn off the Nvidia services from your phone then see the steps below:- 

  • Firstly, open your task manager on your desktop and Laptop. 
  • Once you open the task manager then click on the services tab
  • Now, find the option of Nvidia Streaming services and click on this option. 
  • It’s time to click on the properties section
  • A new window will open on your screen. Here, you have to click on the status option and after that choose to disable it. 


Some users have an Nvidia shield to protect their laptops and enhance their gaming experience.

If you have an Nvidia shield then you don’t need to stop Nvidia streaming from your desktop. Your desktop and laptop will already get protected from and provide an impressive gaming experience. 

If you don’t have an Nvidia streaming shield then you can still manage the impressive gameplay by turning off the working of Nvidia Streaming from the task manager. 

Disable Anti-aliasing and V-Sync

When you start playing some heavy use games like WatchDog or any other then you may face FPS drop and GPU throttling while gaming. 

Well, this may happen because of the availability of driver optimization done in AMD later. 

Well, disabling the Anti-aliasing will provide the frequent change in the FPS. An additional improvement on FPS by turning off the Anti-Aliasing and V-Sync. 

Some other games Assassin’s Creed and GTA 5 will also generate some problems if the Anti-aliasing gets turned off. 

So, either you turn off the AA (Anti-Aliasing) or set it to the lower. Well, setting the AA and V-sync will be an option but I suggest you turn off it for getting the best performance in your gaming.  

Yes, you may face Deteriorate in the quality texture of the screen but trust me it’s quite better for okaying the game below the 30 FPS on your laptop or desktop.

Update Graphics Card Drivers

If you don’t have the Updated graphic card then you don’t have the right to complain against experiencing issues while gaming. 

If you’re a gamer who loves to play games with the best quality experience then always ensure that your Graphics Card Drivers. 

It doesn’t matter that you have Nvidia or AMD you still have to ensure that your drivers are always being up to date. 

Well, updating the Graphic card is not the only work to do. Ensure to upgrade your motherboard chipset drivers and ME. 

These updates will ensure a responsive Game performance and the latest version of the Graphic card will improve the FPS while gaming on your laptop or desktop. 

I have done this execution and found some unexpected results from it. I have compared the performance of a desktop with old drivers and Graphic cards and New drivers and Graphic cards. 

In this experiment, I have discovered that the device with the new and updated graphic card will provide 15% higher performance as compared to the desktop with an older version of Graphic cards. 

These results are shocking because the user will get a tremendous response from it. So, if you wanna enjoy highly impressive GPU performance then it’s better to make your Graphic card updates all the time. 

Defragment Of The Hard Disk

Defragment is one of the options and most effective tips for improving GPU performance on the desktop or laptop. 

If you wanna enjoy an improved and better gaming experience then you have to maintain at least 15% space in your drive. If you don’t have that much free space then take the help of defragmenting. 

What Defragment done

Defragment leads to a situation where the user deletes all the unwanted or less usable files from your device to ensure a specified space on your desktop. 

This will improve the gaming experience and reduce the load of GPU. This directly improves the GPU performance on the desktop and also reduces the loading time of the game. 

For defragment, you may take the help of some third-party applications or programs like CC cleaner and AVG Tune-up

These programs remove the unwanted files available on your desktop and free up a specified space. 

This process provides a direct impact on CPU and GPU. This also speed-up the performance of your device so that you’ll enjoy really good gameplay. 


If you are using SSD then do not defragment it. SSD doesn’t need defragmentation, defragmentation of SSD reduces its performance.

Overclocking Graphics Card

If you’re looking for a way by which you can easily get the maximum level of outcome from the Graphic card and want to gain some extra and additional FPS then you must have to do Overlocking your Graphic card. 

Overlocking the graphic card is also risky management which also provides a negative impact on the desktop but it is safe if performed under safe voltage limits. 

It is found that the Overlocking of Graphic cards will lead to an improvement of 10%-15% in the performance of GPU comparatively. 

For overclocking the graphic card you just have to change the memory clock and core clock and set them to their maximum. 

You’ll get the maximum output from it which leads to impressive gameplay on your desktop and laptop. 

If you’re an intel user then you just have to see the display properties and set them to their maximum. 

If you’re using a laptop then go to your power settings provide the configurations in the settings and set them to the maximum. 

Overclocking CPU

We have seen the effectiveness of overclocking the graphic card in the previous option. Let us tell you that the Overclocking of the CPU is also one of the most effective techniques which you can to improve your GPU performance on the desktop or laptop. 

With the overclocking of the CPU, you can easily ensure effective performance which is increased by 5%-10%. 

The thing which you have to make sure of before going to Overclocking CPU is that your CPU must attain the feature of CPU overclocking or support this configuration in the system. 

If you’re buying a new CPU then don’t forget to check whether it supports overlooking of CPU or not. 

Use An SSD

Using an SSD card is not related to increasing the rate of FPS in your gameplay. This directly relates to the reduction of game load time. 

So, if you’re waiting too long to open the game then upgrade your SSD card. Well, you can also increase your RAM to enhance the gameplay. 

If you’re using a desktop or laptop for gaming then you have to make sure that the RAM of the device will be 6GB or 8GB. 

8GB is the ideal RAM for gaming on the laptop. So, if you enjoy fast and effective gaming but play with a lower RAM then improving your RAM will be a great option. 

This configuration not only improves the gaming experience but enhances the effectiveness of the device. You can also run heavy programs in it without any lag. 

So, upgrade your RAM immediately if you’re playing with 4GB of RAM and shift it to 6GB to 8GB. Don’t forget it attains cost so be ready to invest the proper amount required in the upgrade. 

Try Game Boost Software

Game boost software is also a great option that everyone should use while playing games. Game boost options remove the additional cache and make a fresh environment for the games. 

This enhances the quality of gaming and also protects your device from any notification disturbance. 

Game boosters also stop the apps which are running in the background of the desktop to free up the space for the game. 

There is plenty of game boost software so you have a wide choice of software. But, make sure to only choose the best and most reputed software which is available on the online platform. 

You can search for some tremendous game boost software available online and make a quick purchase of them. 

Update Windows 10 and Direct X

Why Does Your Default Printer Keep Changing On Windows 10

Windows 10 is the operating system and is recognized as the most common graphics API. If you have their latest versions then you’re providing the best facility to your CPU which results in a tremendous performance on your desktop. 

This updated version of Windows 10 provides a bug-free environment to the game so that it runs freely and fast likewise the latest version of DirectX enhances the GPU performance to manage the best quality communication from the desktop. 

Yes, the older versions also work but you can enhance the performance of your frequently by updating the version of Windows 10 and DirectX. 

Let’s see a short and simple process so that you can easily update your windows 10 and DirectX. 


  • Firstly, you have to open your desktop and search to open the taskbar on the desktop. 
  • Now, type the “dxdiag” in the search box which is open in the taskbar and press enter to confirm. 
  • Here, you have to find the direct Diagnostic tools. Once you find that option then click on it and change the default option in the menu.
  • You’ll get the version number here. You can easily download the latest version from here. If you have the latest version then it’s ok. 


  • Firstly, you have to click on the option of Start Button and go to the left of the start menu. 
  • Select the option of Security and updates in the setting menu. 
  • Now, it’s time to click on the option of the Update button

Your update will start downloading and once the update is completed you can enjoy your gaming in it. 

Raise Your Power Limit

The use of MSI Afterburner will automatically enhance the voltage and power limits of your desktop. This configuration leads your desktop to the highest GPU performance. 

The use of this setting will squeeze the extra GPU performance and put it into the gaming performance. Let’s see the step below to know how to raise your power limits. 

  • Firstly, you have to open the MSI Afterburner on your desktop.  
  • You’ll have to find the drag option where you have to drag the power limit from 100 to 110. 
  • Now, you have to click on the checkmark. 
  • After all the configurations click the checkmark in the slider. 
  • It’s time to run games that provide a heavy effect on your GPU performance. 
  • It’s time to verify your clock speed after using the MSI Afterburner. 
  • It’s time to keep your eye on the GPU performance and temperature. You just have to make sure it doesn’t cross the safety limit. 


When you’re overpowering your limits then make sure that you don’t configure any other settings on the desktop. Stretch your limits until it becomes unstable.

Set a Custom Fan Curve

Raising the power limits is one of the best ways to get the maximum output from your GPU and CPU. 

Well, when you raise your power limits then your system will respond to unexpected heat. Commonly, the device gets heated when you overclock or raise the limits of your device. So, it’ll be very important that the device maintains the temperature. 

To maintain the temperature of your device you can set a custom fan curve. This configuration of the system fan curve will provide temperature management on your desktop. 

If you wanna know how you can easily set up a custom fan then follow the steps below:- 

  • Firstly, you have to click on the MSI Afterburner. Once you own the MSI afterburner then find the option if settings and make a click on it. 
  • In the setting section, select the option of FAN. 
  • Now, select the option of Enable User-Defined Software Automatic Fan Control. A new window will open on your screen. Tweak the option of customization of the fan. 
  • Turn the cooling fan option in 100%. This will improve your Fan performance and your system gets comparatively more stable and less hot while reading the power limits.  

This is a very important tip which you should consider. If you don’t raise your limits or overclock your device then also you can do configurations in the custom fan. This setting will provide a decent temperature management system for your device. 

Clean Your PC

When your PC gets hot and it reaches its high temperature then the temperature management system of the desktop will help to maintain the temperature. 

In this matter, you must clean the FAN of your desktop from time to time. If your FAN is not cleaned then it promotes less performance and if you don’t clean the components for a long time then it is also possible that the components will get damaged. 

For cleaning the FAN, you just have to open the FAN and clean all the dust gently with the help of a brush. 

Always avoid the use of vacuum cleaners because they may damage the sensitive components in your desktop. So, take the help of a brush for the cleaning of FAN.


Some laptops (like Asus Tuf F15) attain a clearing lid in the vent of the FAN. It automatically cleans the FAN and stays protected from any dust.

Improve The Airflow

Is Cooling Pad Really Important for Gaming Laptops

When you clean your desktop then the performance of your desktop will get improved. If you’re using a Desktop, then there is more space to add a fan for extra cooling. 

This space will available on the front, Bottom, and Top of your CPU. So, add a fan to your desktop which provides extra cooling in your device. 

Let me tell you that additional FAN will improve the airflow but enhance the noise level. So, you have to ignore it for getting the most premium performance. 

In the case of laptops, there is not a single chance to add FAN. All you can do is add a cooling PAD that attains 2 fans of 140 mm. 

These fans will provide extra cooling to your laptop and the overall performance of your desktop is get improved. 

Also, ReadIs Cooling Pad Really Important For Gaming Laptops (Here Are My Test Results)

Upgrade The Cooling (Desktop Only)

You can upgrade the cooling level of your desktop by adding an aftermarket cooler. This technology is recognized as one of the most updated and advanced liquid cooling solutions. 

Well, this technology can only be accessed If your graphic card is compatible with the aftermarket cooler. 

This attains bespoke waterblocks which attains cost. So, you have to spend an amount to get faster cooling and upgrade the cooling level on your desktop. 

On an alternative way, you can attach an al in one cooler which is designed for CPU.

Adjust Power Settings

Adjusting the power settings will enhance the performance of your desktop. Let’s discuss the steps so that you can easily adjust the power settings:- 

  • Firstly, open the desktop and click on the start button. This option will be available on the left edge of the screen. 
  • Now, select the option of setting and later select the option of System. 
  • Here, you have to find the option of the Display panel. Now, select the option of Power & Sleep. This option is available on the left side of the screen. 
  • Scroll the menu and find the option of the Additional Power Settings link.
  • Lastly, select the option of High-performance option and proceed to the final confirmation. 

In the case of laptops, you can reach the same option by clicking on the right side of the screen. 

Select the option of battery and after that select the power options on the pop-up menu and turn it to the high performance.  

Update Other PC Components

In the above tips, we have discussed all the options which improved your GPU performance and help you to get the maximum and most effective outcome from your desktop or laptop. 

Some other PC components also provide an impact on the performance of the system. Your CPU, Memory, and storage all aspects of the system provides a heavy impact on the performance of the system. So, updating all your factors like CPU, A.I. and GPU will enhance the performance of the system. 

So, make sure to update all the factors which are related to the performance of the system and provide overall development of the system to enhance the gaming performance. 

Also, have your special consciousness on the system memory. Make your system memory updated and ensure that your memory attains the RAM of at least 8 GB and if it is 16 GB then it becomes very impressive.

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