9 Effective Ways To Conserve Printer Ink When Printing

To conserve printer ink, read your email on the computer instead of printing it out. You can save paper and ink by reducing the font size and avoiding excess bolding, underlining, and italics.

Further, the best way to keep your ink cartridges from drying out is to refill them before they run completely dry. 

If you’re willing to invest up-front, you can save money over time by purchasing compatible printer cartridges.

9 Effective Ways To Save Printer’s Ink

  1. First thing first, you have to change the font you generally use to print your documents. You can use various fonts to save the ink as they are sleek and use up to 20% ink compared to standard fonts.
  2. Don’t make mistakes! You have to check your documents for mistakes before printing them out to save ink.
  3. If you print documents that do not require high quality, you can use the ECO mode in your printer, which will improve printing speed and use less ink.
  4. There are some documents in which unnecessary part gets printed. So, there is some specific software in the market which allows you to remove any unnecessary part from the document before printing.
  5. Most of the time, when we print, we do not require color printing. In such cases, black and white printing is the best option to conserve ink. Moreover, Black ink cartridges are ideal for frequent printing and much affordable than color cartridges.
  6. If the document is expanding to the top of a new page, you can minimize the text by editing and saving one page and ink. 
  7. Turn off your printer and save ink. Many printers these days have an on/off switch, so use this instead of switching off at the mains – this will ensure that your printer parks the ink cartridges and caps them so that they do not dry out.
  8. Do not clean or unnecessarily remove the print heads. This can waste a good amount of ink.
  9. Conserve the life of your ink and toner cartridges by printing too low levels on display. When the printer stops and claims that ink and toner are out, you likely still have 10-30% of the cartridge’s life left. Also, remember to buy a new cartridge when the old one does run out!

Don’t Buy the Cheapest Printer

Don’t buy the cheapest printer and expect to save money. Cheap printers tend to use expensive cartridges, which end up costing more to operate in the long term. 

If you want an efficient and economical printer, consider buying one from a reputed brand with ECO printing mode in it.

Nowadays, affordable printers are in trend, but you shouldn’t buy one. No matter how sleek and fashionable it looks. 

For a reasonable price, you should be able to enjoy affordable and hassle-free printing for a long time. 

Cartridges are often expensive for printers that use the ink quickly, so investing in a machine with a high page yield is priceless.

To ensure longevity, you need to invest in something that delivers what you want without breaking down after a couple of months or worse, costing you more to maintain long-term.

How to save printer ink

Use High-Quality Cartridges

Higher-end inkjet printers are specifically designed to work with high-quality ink cartridges because a high-quality cartridge takes less ink to print paper than a cheap cartridge.

Moreover, using off-brand or refilled cartridges that aren’t designed for your printer can cause damage to the print head, resulting in poor print quality, error messages, and other problems. 

This can not only cost you more in time and money but may also void your printer’s warranty.

Maintain Your Machine

In order to keep your printer in optimal condition, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. 

A little bit of maintenance goes a long way when it comes to your printer. Whether you deep-clean once a year, do spot cleaning on a regular basis, or simply wipe the dust off. 

Laser printers do not require the same regular maintenance that is common with inkjet models. 

However, parts such as fusers and toner cartridges may need replacing after an extended period of time.


1. Websites such as Play.com and Amazon offer up to 50% cheaper prices than most high street stores.
At Play.com, you can buy refilled or remanufactured Canon cartridges as well as original Canon ones – all at the same price as the originals.
2. If you want affordable cartridges, you can find recycles or remanufactured cartridges compatible with your printer.
3. These cartridges are cheaper than the original ones but have almost the same quality.
To find out which ink cartridge is affordable and best for your printer. Check out the quick start guide that comes with your printer.
It must have other cartridge options, which you can install in your printer. For instance, HP printers are compatible with HP21 cartridges.

Related Questions

Does printing grey save ink?

No, even if your software tells you to print in grayscale, you’re not saving ink – there’s no such thing as printing in “grayscale grey.”

If you have a printer that will work with only one ink cartridge installed, then print all of your grayscale documents using the black ink cartridge to save yourself some time and money.

Does the thicker paper use more ink?

Well, it depends! Cheap printer paper is often thin. As a result, the printer’s ink cartridge unnecessarily consumes much ink for this type of paper.

The thicker the paper, the more expensive it is. Eighty grams per square meter thickness is sufficient for everyday applications, with over 100 grams per square meter being better suited for important documents or photo prints.

Printing or copying which one uses more ink or toner?

Printing the same page over and over again uses more ink and toner than copying that page once. During copying, less toner is used to produce a less vibrant image of the original.

The only time copying will use more ink/toner is when the user makes custom adjustments in contrast or brightness of the final copy result.

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