This Is How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last Before Significant Performance Drop

There are many factors that affect gaming laptop performance over time. There are no electronic gadgets that remain evergreen. 

But yes our main objective is to try to make our gaming laptop or even normal laptop run for a longer time. 

In this article, I am going to guide you about gaming laptop performance drop and tips on how to avoid them. 

How long does Gaming Laptop Last?

If you are looking to buy a gaming laptop then you will want to know how many years a gaming laptop lasts. 

So the direct answer is approximately 3 years but if proper care is done then it might run for 4 to 5 years. 

You have also listened that people are using gaming laptops for 10 years, Yes it is common. But it doesn’t mean that they are enjoying all the games fully.

The GPU and CPU get outdated after some time and you may need to have a replacement of that. You can use gaming laptops for a long time but they will not work for the latest technology games and you have to play on the lowest settings. 

So the actual life of a gaming laptop is 3 years but if you are doing replacement of GPU and CPU then you can use it for a long time. 

Most of the tasks like browsing, word processing, and watching videos can be done easily through your old gaming laptops. 

Do Normal Laptops perform longer than a gaming laptop?

If we talk about durability then gaming laptops are more durable than normal laptops. It also depends on the usage of a laptop and how you are using it and how frequently you are playing the games. 

But in general, Gaming Laptops are more durable than a normal laptop. 

A gaming laptop comes with features that can tolerate more temperature and run for long hours without any issues. 

The keyboard of a gaming laptop is very sturdy because it will be used very roughly and all the things are made up of heavy material that ensures its durability.

Do they last longer than a desktop?

The life of a Gaming Laptop and Desktop also depends on how you are taking care of it. The hardware of the system is also responsible for how a gaming laptop will perform. 

But if we talk in general then Desktops will last longer than a gaming laptop because the parts of the desktops can be easily upgraded. So here the main advantage goes to the desktops. 

Factors affecting Gaming Laptop Lifespan

Some factors that will be responsible that affecting Gaming Laptops Lifespan. Let us know about those factors –

GPU Type

GPU is mainly responsible for the quality of the images you will be able to see on your Gaming Laptops. NVIDIA and AMD are the manufacturers of the graphics card. 

If you want to play high-quality games then it is always recommended to go with the latest GTX series to have the best experience. 

The advanced technology includes Ray Tracing which will help to provide the best quality images, shadows, and reflections on the screen. 

Here, users need to make sure that GTX 10 and 16 Series don’t support ray tracing and you need to update your drivers. 

It is always recommended to go with the latest GTX that can serve for longer and will be ready for future updates. 

CPU Type

CPU is the brain of a computer and a laptop, which sends all the commands to a keyboard and a mouse.

The processor of the system is responsible for how the games will perform on your gaming laptop. I9 is the latest processor in the market that can easily support all types of games.

Today, most people have i3 or i5 processors, which is not bad and can easily support high-quality games.

But still, if you don’t want to compromise with the upcoming future games then you should have at least an i7 or i9 processor

This type of processor will help to run the games for long years and that’s why it is necessary to consider CPU type while buying a gaming laptop.

RAM Capacity

The RAM capacity also affects the lifespan of a gaming laptop. Users cannot compromise with the RAM capacity if they want to have the best gaming experience

Today, 8 GB RAM is a good option to play games without any issues. But if you are a proper gamer and don’t want to compromise in anything them you should go with a more RAM capacity gaming laptop. 

If you are playing more demanding games then your gaming laptop should have a 16 GB or 20 GB RAM storage capacity. 

Hardware Quality

The quality of the hardware also affects the lifespan of a gaming laptop because every laptop comes with different specifications and features. 

Just like smartphones, a good quality phone will run for a long time whether it slips from your hand, the same thing applies to a gaming laptop. 

If you are owing a good hardware gaming laptop then it will run for a long time without having any type of damage. 

The games in a gaming laptop are playing very roughly and that’s why the quality of the hardware impacts a lot. 

Build Quality

It is a very common thing that if you are buying a premium laptop then it will run longer than a normal laptop. 

The main reason is that a reputed brand never compromises with the build quality of their product. 

If your gaming laptop is built with all the premium quality products then its lifespan will be too good as you expect.

How you treat your Laptop

If you are using your gaming laptop only for gaming purposes then it is a common thing that it will be used roughly. 

The lifespan will get reduced if you are treating your laptop very roughly. The normal games will not do any effect on your laptop but if the games are of high quality and you are using them frequently then their lifespan will be reduced. 

If you want more service from your gaming laptop then try to play the games with gentle hands, don’t make too much noise of the keyboard and touchpad. 

What you use Your Gaming Laptop For

A Gaming Laptop has multiple Functionalities and users have a lot of options to do on that laptop. If you are playing only games on a gaming laptop then it will have a low lifespan as compared to you are using it for some other works also. 

Gaming requires a good processor that will increase the temperature of a laptop but if you are using it for multipurpose then it will get time to cool down and will stay under normal conditions. 

So the lifespan of a gaming laptop also depends on what you are using your Gaming Laptop. 

And second most important matter to consider is that don’t try to go beyond your laptop capacity.

Don’t put too much stress on it, don’t play any game in a setting in which your laptop is not capable of playing. 

Heat Dissipation

This is one of the biggest reasons for reducing the lifespan of a gaming laptop. The heat generated from high-end GPU is the main killer of reducing the life of a gaming laptop. 

If any of the parts are getting hot for a long time, the parts will start getting break down and malfunctioning very quickly. 

That’s why it is always recommended to all users to go with the cooling option while buying a gaming laptop so that it can run for a long time without creating any hassles. 

How can you make your Gaming Laptop perform for a longer time?

If you are looking to buy a gaming laptop then you must take all the safety measures so that it can perform for a long time. So these are the main thing that you need to keep in your mind –

Go with the best configuration under your budget

We all know that budget plays a huge role while buying a gaming laptop. Gaming Laptops are a bit expensive than normal laptops but you have to with the best and high-end gaming laptops. A gaming laptop below $750 will not be a good choice for you.

Users always should with the best hardware quality so that they can use it for a long time. You need to make sure that you are going with a good processor and more RAM to get the best gaming experience.

The RAM can also get updated after using for some time. There are some more things like the Cooling mechanism and Chassis quality that you should look at because it impacts a lot to run your Gaming Laptop for a long time. 

Clean your Laptop at a regular interval

Cleaning everything is always the best option to make their life longer. Just like that, users need to make sure that they are cleaning their laptop at a regular interval so that no dust can stay there inside. 

The CPU has a very low space and the dust can get inside and make the fans and vents dirty that can slow down their speed, which will impact more heating.

That’s why the proper cleaning is necessary at a regular interval but you need to read the manual carefully about warranty instructions. 

Some company doesn’t go for repair if the CPU is opened manually. Then you have to make sure that the switch is off so that cleaning can be done effectively. 

If the fan is On and you are cleaning it, then it can make them damage quickly. So take care of cleaning properly to run a gaming laptop for a longer time. 

Use External Keyboard and Mouse as more as possible

As we all know that a gaming laptop requires the frequent use of a mouse and keyboard because the main functions are controlled by these two things.

 Clicking mouse buttons roughly and typing buttons on the keyboard frequently can reduce the life of your laptop. 

So it is always recommended to all the users to use an external keyboard and mouse as more as possible.

We know that the external keyboard and mouse will also get damaged after long use because of frequent playing games. 

But the thing is that the external tools can be easily bought again online. Then you can continue playing your games without any issues. 

If you are not using the in-build trackpad and keyboard then it will run longer as much as possible, it will directly impact the lifespan of your gaming laptop, so always keep these things in your mind. 

Keep your laptop away from Food and Drink

We have a habit of eating and taking some liquid while working on a laptop whether we are playing games or doing office work. 

This is completely a bad habit of keeping the food and liquid items nearby your laptop because the liquid and electricity have no match. 

That’s why it is always recommended to keep the liquid items away from your laptop to get rid of spilling fear.

The liquid spill will not only make your laptop dirty but can also play a big role in damaging some sensitive parts inside it. It can also make losses by losing the memory if some liquid goes inside the laptop. 

Keep it updated always

Keeping the laptop updated is always a good option to run your laptop smoothly. You need to make sure that you are using the updated Operating System and have installed the Antivirus software that should be timely renewed. 

If you are using an outdated version then your processor will take more time to load the things that impact the overheating of the laptop. 

In the same case, if the antivirus is not updated then some malicious files can attack your laptop, and overheating may take place. 

That’s why it is always recommended to keep your laptop updated with the operating system and antivirus software to improve its lifespan. 

Keep the Laptop on the Right Surface

Many people will think that the surface doesn’t matter a lot but they are wrong. It is necessary to keep a laptop on a flat and hard surface. 

If the material is not hard then it can block the air vents, which is not a good thing for your laptop’s lifespan. 

Still, if you want to use a laptop on your bed then you need to use a hard material that you can place on the bottom side of the laptop. 

A soft surface can block air vents and it will start heating the laptop. Placing the laptop on a hard surface will allow the flow of the air quickly and keep the system cool. 

Replace Thermal Paste Every Few Years

Thermal Paste is an important part, which is also known as a thermal compound that will be very helpful to make a proper contact of graphic card and processor with the heat sink. 

If it is getting proper contact with them then the laptop will not get overheat anytime. As it allows both the things to cool down by having proper contact with the heat sink.

If the thermal paste is not replaced timely or has poor allocation then it will be the biggest reason for overheating of your laptop. 

That’s why it is necessary to replace the thermal paste every few years to get rid of overheating dissipation, as it will be helpful to keep your laptop lasting longer. 

Keep your Laptop on Charging while Gaming

Yes, you have heard right, it will be the best option to keep your laptop on charging while gaming. Many Lithium-ion batteries have limited charging cycles and doing plugged-in and off will reduce the life of a battery. 

But if you are charging it while playing then you don’t need to charge it separately after playing. 

 If you are keeping the laptop on charging while gaming, it will also improve the gaming performance, and the overall results will be the best for your laptop. 

There is nothing to worry about overheating because there is a circuit inside the laptop that will prevent the battery to overcharge. 

Battery Maintenance

If we are talking about gaming laptops then we know that it will drain the whole battery very quickly. So it is always necessary to take care of your battery so that it can run for a long time without any issues.

At first, users need to make sure that they have to switch off the charging when it gets completed. Don’t just leave it on charging and leave for long hours. 

Another important thing that you need to keep in your mind is that don’t let the battery fully drain out, just plug in the charger immediately after getting the notification.

Heat Management

Heat is the biggest enemy of your laptop that reduces its lifespan and that’s why heat management is quite necessary. 

Playing games can generate more heat and can also damage the internal parts of the laptop. It is always the best option to go with a built-in cooling system feature so that it can cool down your laptop.

Buying Cooling Pads is also an amazing option that improves the airflow from vents and reduces the heat. 

Apart from that, if the laptop is getting heat then you have to keep your laptop shut down completely and close all the programs. 

Let your laptop get cool and then start using it again. Your room temperature plays a huge role and you need to be very careful during summer.

Component Upgradation

If the gaming performance is getting down after having your laptop for 2 – 3 years, then you should go with some up-gradation of the components of your laptop. 

The best hardware component that you should upgrade is RAM, it will help to improve the overall gaming performance. The best RAM will be easily available for under $100. 

Another important thing is the storage that should get upgraded timely. SSD and HDD are the storage devices people are using.

If you are using HDD then it will be the best option to switch to SSD and you should go with at least 512 GB to 1 TB for the best gaming experience. 

The next thing is to upgrade the processor, many laptops don’t allow upgrading your processor, so always take care of this thing while buying a gaming laptop.

Replace HDD with SSD

After upgrading the RAM size of your laptop, the next step will be to replace your Hard Drive with Solid State Drives. 

SDD will be the best option, which is quicker and performs smoothly. The best thing about SSD is that it doesn’t have moving parts like a hard drive so there is no headache of getting your laptop hot. 

Many people are already switching to SSD because of their long service and nowadays it is an easy task to upgrade the drive from the latest laptops by just using the M2 slot.

Related Questions

Can you use a gaming laptop for regular use?

Ans. The direct answer is Yes, you can use a gaming laptop for regular use. Users can also use a gaming laptop for their office work because it comes with powerful hardware that will help to complete your tasks quickly. 

We know that portability and battery consumption is a big headache because a gaming laptop’s battery drained out quickly. Overall, the performance will be amazing to do your regular work on a gaming laptop. 

Q. What is the lifespan of a laptop battery?

Ans. The lifespan of a laptop battery depends on how many hours you are using a laptop. If you are using it for more hours then it needs more charging and the more it charges, the life of the battery gets reduced. 

Generally, a laptop battery runs for almost 2 – 4 years. We can also say that a battery will perform for almost 1000 charges. 

Q. How long can a laptop battery run on a single charge?

Ans. If we talk in general then a laptop will run from one hour to ten hours after a full single charge. 

The exact time cannot be decided because many factors are responsible for running a battery. If you are playing high-end games then the laptop starts getting the temperature high and if the temperature is getting high then the battery will get drained very quickly. 

But if you are using it for normal work then the laptop battery will run for up to 10 hours.

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