How can I turn My Laptop into a Gaming Laptop? Best 9 Steps (Updated)

How Can I Turn My Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop? – Well, it is true that after the completion of the required configuration your laptop, for example, ASUS Vivobook does not convert into a gaming laptop like Acer Nitro 5 completely but the performance of your laptop will be enhanced which provides you a better gaming experience.

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How Can I Turn My Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop?

Physical Cleaning Of Your Laptop

The first and most important thing which you should do is to physically clean the laptop. Clean all the dust and dirt from it and place it in a clean and dry place.

Make sure to consciously clean the “vents” and “can” of the laptop because this helps to reduce the overheating problem in your laptop while doing gaming.

Overheating and dirty outlook reduce the performance of the laptop so you must clean your laptop regularly. You can also use a dedicated cleaning kit which you can easily buy online.

Defragment Of Hard Drive

Defragment of the hard drive is very important to measure to convert your normal laptop into a gaming laptop.

If your hard drive is not properly clean and attains plenty of junk files and cache then this will decrease the performance of your laptop and your laptop lag while gaming.

I suggest, install an Antivirus application on your laptop that easily identifies the junk field and also helps to clean them all.

Update DirectX: To Turn Your Laptop To Gaming Laptop

DirectX is a program of windows that provides extra support in gaming. So, if you’re going to turn your laptop into a gaming laptop then the availability of an Updated DirectX version is very important for you.

If you’re a newbie and don’t know how to check the version of directs then follow the steps which are listed below:- 

  • Firstly, you have to open your laptop and open the main menu. 
  • Once the main menu will open then you have to type “Dxdiag” into the search bar. 
  • You’ll get the working version of DirectX on your laptop. By updating the Windows version of your laptop you’ll get your DirectX updated. 

Once you update your windows version then your gaming experience will be automatically enhanced. 

Note:- There are plenty of brands that manufacture laptops of different types.

Well, the software and hardware of these laptops of every company will be mostly the same as Windows, Linux, etc.

So, if you update your drivers then you’ll get the same gaming experience outcome as a gaming laptop.

Overclock your VGA Of Your Laptop

Turning into a gaming laptop is not easy. Users will have to optimize their VGA to get a fast and high-quality gaming experience. Users will have to increase the clock frequency and GPU voltage of the laptop.

This will enhance the capacity of your laptop to handle heavy gaming. You may buy the Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M SLI upgrade kit from to optimize your VGA.

Teasing your Clock frequency and GPU voltage can damage your device.

This action provides a heavy load on your laptop which leads to some unfavorable changes at the time of gaming.

This action will also lose the warranty period of your device.

Texture and shade settings

Texture and shade settings give a decent look to the interface of your laptop. If you’re willing to turn your laptop into a gaming laptop then you should consciously take care of Texture and Shade settings.

You can easily customize the texture and shading according to your taste. Take care of high-resolution display because it consumes high battery consumption and also affects more Frame rate in the RAM.

Network speed To Run Games Smoothly

All the above tricks will become meaningless if your network connection is poor. Nowadays most games are operating online and to enjoy a fluent gaming experience on your laptop you must have an impressive Network speed

Your wi-fi must attain good and active internet speed so that your game will run with a good ping. 

Disable automatic updates

Keeping your laptop and OS updated is very much important to get a nice gaming experience. But it is good to keep your games and OS auto-update turn off.

Auto-update will process any update that releases and it is very possible it can affect your gaming performance.

Whereas we suggest you keep the control in your own hand so that you can make the choices to get a better result. But be sure to make the update as they are very important don’t ignore them.

Turn On Game Mode For Better Gaming Experience

Every laptop which runs in the operating system of Windows 10 will attain a Game mode.

So, if you’re a YouTuber and want to stream your gaming directly from your laptop then this game mode will help you a lot.

It also improved the gameplay quality of your gaming and provided you a fluent gaming experience.

Power settings

The last top which we want to narrate is to optimize the power settings of your laptop. Optimize your power settings in Windows 10 so that your laptop will get activated to handle the heavy game load easily.

If you don’t know how to optimize the power settings in windows 10 then see the steps discussed below:- 

  • Firstly, you have to enter the settings option on your laptop. 
  • Now, click on the Settings option and find the option of “System”. 
  • A new popup will open on your screen in which you have to search and click on the option of “Power and Sleep”. 
  • Now, press on the “additional power settings option”. 
  • Further, select the option of high-performance and change the power settings into advanced power settings. 

Hence, your power settings are changed to advanced and you can come back to your home page. 


So, here we discussed all the major tricks and tips which will help you to turn your normal laptop into a gaming laptop.

But it is a process for which we recommend to do under expert supervision or you may damage your laptop. 

Here we conclude our article “How Can I Turn My Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop?” So, if you really need to upgrade your laptop into a gaming machine you can do by the above methods and get a better gaming experience. 

Don’t wait and do the configurations now and enjoy an excellent gaming experience on your ordinary laptop.

So, don’t forget to share your thoughts about “How Can I Turn My Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop?” in our contact section.

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