(Fixed) Canon Printer Error Code B203

There are numerous Canon printer errors, such as Error 5100, Error 6000, Error 5B00, Error eO2, Error B203, etc. It is almost impossible to prevent Canon printer errors that sometimes cause a lot of trouble for you. See more printer troubleshoot.

Among the different types of Canon printer errors, Error Code B203 is a common problem that is visible frequently on almost all Canon printers.

Canon Printer Error Code B203

Several factors contribute to Error Code B203. Here we’ll cover the facts behind Canon Printer Error Code B203 and its solutions to fix the problems.

What is the Canon B203 Error?

The Canon B203 Error is a certain printing error that appears because of minor issues in a printer machine, such as an outdated printer driver, an empty cartridge, a paper jam, etc.

If you are a user of Canon printers, you are surely faced with a popup Error B203 message sometimes when trying to perform a print command.

This error usually prevents the task from completing on Canon printers, and it keeps showing the problem as error code B203.

Elements Which can Drive the Canon Printer Error Code B203

Several factors contribute to the cause of Canon Printer Error B203. We are describing underneath some common factors for which you meet Error B203 while executing a task on your device.

1. Empty Cartridges

Empty cartridges are a great factor that can cause Error B203. So, you should always keep filling the cartridges with ink. If your ink cartridges are empty, there is a chance to occur Error B203.

Check the cartridge from time to time, and before it runs out, fill the cartridge with ink to ensure your uninterrupted work on the printing machine.

2. Incorrect installation of Cartridges

If you fail to install the cartridge in a Canon printer correctly, Error B203 may occur. Hence, be careful in installing the cartridges in the device in their exact place.

3. Firmware Not Updated

If you want to avoid Error B203, you need to keep the firmware updated. If the firmware is not updated, you may frequently encounter this type of error while performing your task.

4. Damaged Printhead

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A damaged printer is a significant cause of Canon Printer Error Code B203. If the printhead of your printing machine is accidentally damaged, you may meet this error.

By chance, if any paper or any other material gets stuck inside your Canon printer, the printhead may be damaged, and consequently, Error Code B203 will be displayed on the machine.

5. Outdated Printer Driver

To avoid the occurrence of Error B203, never use an outdated or damaged printer driver. An outdated printer driver commonly contributes to Canon Printer Error Code B203.

So, using the right printer driver for the Canon printer is important. Apart from this, you need to regularly check the printer driver to see whether it is inefficient working condition.

6. Improper Connection

Make sure of the printer’s connection or the printer’s ability to connect to the system. This is because the improper connection may be the reason for the occurrence of Error B203.

Solution For Canon Printer Error Code B203

In order to perform your tasks on a Canon printer, it is necessary to fix the Error Code B203 issue, which happens quite often.

Here we present some solutions on how to fix Canon Printer Error Code B303. By proceeding with the simple step-by-step instructions, you will be able to fix Error B203.

Perform a Power Cycle

  • Your initial step is to shut off your Canon printer device.
  • Then, detach the power cord from the base of the wall outlet.
  • Next, hold down the power button for about a minute and restart.
  • Connect the power cord to your Canon printer again.
  • Provides power to both the system and the printer.
  • You are done. Now, try to do a printout to confirm whether the Canon Printer Error Code B203 is fixed or not.

Check Your Ink Cartridge

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  • Switch off your Canon printer machine.
  • Check whether the ink cartridges are filled with ink.
  • You can take the ink tank or cartridges out of the device to make sure there is good ink in the cartridges.
  • If you find ink cartridges empty, refill them to fix Error Code B203.
  • Also, ensure proper installation of the ink tank. It can cause Canon printer issues too.

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Rule out a Potentially Bad Network Connection

  • A poor network connection is also a big factor for Canon Printer Error Code B203.
  • Make sure there is good network connectivity between the device and the system.
  • If you have connected the system wirelessly with the device, try connecting it again to resolve the error issue.

Remove Paper Jam

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  • Open the front part of your Canon printer and eliminate all the torn papers.
  • If you find any obstruction in the middle of the paper feed tray and the front part of the device, simply pull out the blue thumbwheel piece and then clear it.
  • Reconnect your printing machine to the power socket and the computer.
  • Try taking a print to see if Error B203 reappears.
  • In case a small piece of paper or something else blocks the device, it will cause Canon Printer Error Code B203 to occur. Therefore, remove all those items to restore your Canon printer to its working condition.

Learn more about paper jam.

Update Drivers

  • In processing ‘Update Drivers’, first strike the Windows Key and R keyboard hotkey together.
  • Doing so will prompt a run dialog box to appear on the printer. Type devmgmt.msc.
  • Then, press the ‘Enter’ button.
  • You can see that the ‘Device Manager’ page will show on the screen.
  • Now, search for a Printer Driver.
  • Right-click on the Printer Driver.
  • A popup will be shown on the printer as usual. Press the ‘Update Driver’ button in order to update the Printer Driver.
  • Once the driver is updated, restart the printer to keep the changes.

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Use Windows Troubleshooter

  • Usually, internal issues with Canon printers are to blame for Error Code B203, yet improperly connected systems can also trigger printer issues.
  • So, it is best to use the Windows Troubleshooter tool. It can keep your printer free from any Canon printer error issue as the default troubleshooter on Windows 10.
  • You will be able to open Windows Troubleshooter from the search bar by simply typing troubleshoot.
  • The user-friendly tool will automatically fix detected Canon printer error issues.
  • Sometimes dust, dirt, etc., gets accumulated in the paper tray, causing Error Code B203. So, take a small cotton ball, soak it in water, and clean the printhead. Don’t forget to leave it to dry for a while.

Scanning of a Document from Your Canon Printer

  • It is important to scan the printer troubleshooter quickly to fix Canon printer internal issues. Hence, install Canon scan utility software that is customizable for your device. You can install it from Canon’s official website.
  • Click ‘Start’ scan to scan documents from the scanner glass or paper feed tray on the machine.
  • Now, click on ‘Next’ and click on the ‘Fix Now’ icon to solve the identified Canon printer error.
  • Finally, reboot the Canon printer and save the updated settings to the Canon printer.

Uninstall & Reconfigure Canon Printer

  • If you find that your printer is not working properly, and the above-noted steps did not enable you to fix error code B203, the ultimate solution would be to uninstall the Canon printer driver & reconfigure the printer driver.
  • To resolve the issue of Error Code B203, turn off your Canon printer, re-open the printer, and tap the ink cartridges in their places until they click.

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It is possible to fix Canon printer errors by following the correct instructions. I hope our suggestions will help fix Canon Printer Error Code B203. Take care when using the steps to fix Error Code B203.

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