Best Portronics adjustable POR-704 laptop table in India 2021

If your life is extremely busy and you spend a lot of time with your laptop you must need a multi-purpose cooler desk for your laptop.

Which helps to cool down your laptop. Portronics adjustable POR-704 laptop table is the ultimate laptop accessory that allows the laptop user to use it in any condition they want.

The desk comes with in-built cooling fans that keep your laptop cool while doing a task or just simply using it. This table can be used with almost every model of laptop available in the market to date.

Portronics adjustable POR-704
laptop table

Comfort: 8.5/10    Quality: 8.8/10   Usability: 9/10    Value For Money: 9/10

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Adjustable Portronics Por-895 Laptop Table

The important feature of My buddy is that the angles and heights of the desk can easily be adjusted according to the requirement of the laptop user.

This table is highly portable and can be easily carried anywhere as per the needs of the user along with them.

Convenient and portable

These are the all-new easily foldable laptop cooling table from portronics especially designed for storing or carrying.

Portronics adjustable POR-704 laptop table can be used with almost all models of laptop available today up to the size of 17 inches which can also be adjusted. 

This laptop table stand provides a strong airflow with an 1800 RPM USB fan which allows you to work all day without having any disturbance or inconvenience.

This portable laptop table gives the most comfortable than any other table you can work all day on this table with the most relaxing inclined angle for all-day viewing and typing.

The cooling pad stand can be folded back into a compressed design which you can be carried away easily.

It uses shiny French wood and comes with high-quality aluminum foldable legs that give it durability and super stability.

The portable laptop stand allows you to make vertical as well as angular adjustments ranging from 0-200 degrees. The angles and heights of this table can be adjusted as per the requirement of the user.

Comfortable and super safe

Portronics adjustable POR-704 laptop table comes with unique wrist protection and an anti-slip system. The soft silica rubber material makes your wrist and hand more comfortable while working.

This also helps the user to prevent the laptop or book you are reading from skidding when at an angle. It is compressed and folds back design makes it easy to carry for travel and offers easy storage.

You can use the My buddy cooling table at home to read a book or work on your laptop or you can even enjoy a meal on your sofa, bed, or floor.

You can take it with you on a picnic or while going on a trip by car or train, also if you are tired of sitting for hours in your office to work on your laptop and you want to stand and use the laptop then this cooling table allows you to do that easily. Second, your workstation can become a standing desk.

This makes your overall body get an overall relaxation while doing your tasks and increases your overall concentration.

Highly Durable and super Portable

The product is mostly made up of plastic and aluminum and the tabletop is wood but
the material the most important moving parts are plastic but for the price, the material seems extremely durable and the locks are stiff and will last for a very long period if you use them with proper care.

In the first impression, it is going to break and will exceed your expectation, if your laptop is 17 inches and weighs by close you may be a little bit uncomfortable but for all the laptops below 17 inches it will hold any of them without any problem, along with including the Asus ROG series and Alienware can be easily used on this table.

Well in some cases while it is not good for writing on paper because the cooling pad and the cooling fan area will not allow you to write on paper or a book, but yeah you can use a clipboard.

The good thing is that this is a rubber pairing and when we use a mouse the rubber feeling is much better and super comfortable which makes a lot of difference from that of any other tables available in the market.

The cooling fan seems tiny but there are enough holes and the holes are bigger so there is room for airflow and it is not as good as any proper cooling pad, also you can hide the wire-like the USB cable like this so you are not going to use the cooling fan that is fine and the aluminum rods are foldable but most of the locking switches and folding

The mechanism is made up of plastic but it feels like high-quality durable plastic also keeps in mind that if you are going to use the tilting and height adjusting mechanism multiple times a day there is the chance of breakage of the plastic.


This cooling table stand has a built-in USB 2.0 wire that connects to your laptop with ease. This removes the need for any additional wires, making it a highly convenient accessory to have.

The Portronics my buddy cooling stand can be used by anyone, kids, students, professionals, and elderly people.

Adjustable Portronics Por-895 Laptop Table – Let’s Read


➢ Portable and very attractive, can also be folded completely
➢ Adjustable vertical extension of legs and angular adjustment
➢ Compatible size and strength ensure all models of laptops can be mounted on top of it.
➢ Cooling and noiseless fan speed with up to 1800 RPM that protects your laptop from heating up while doing heavy tasks
➢ Voltage of 5W;USB 2.0 ; Input DC V 200mA
➢ Colour: Grey
➢ Weight: 2KG
➢ The angle of the panel is 30% adjustable
➢ Space for a mouse with a rubber pad for wrist placement
➢ Multipurpose


➢ Lightweight and awesome color theme
➢ Easy to carry and foldable
➢ Extremely durable and strong material
➢ Vertical height and angular adjustment
➢ Space for a mouse with rubber pad for wrist
➢ Built-in USB cable
➢ Ergonomic comfort
➢ Superior cooling


➢ Not very suitable for 17 inches laptops
➢ Most of the moving parts are made of plastic material


The color of the product may vary slightly compared to the picture displayed on your screen, this is due to lightning, pixel quality, and color setting.

Please check the product dimension to ensure the product will fit in through the entrance and doors premises.

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