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One of the most significant kitchen gadgets is the mixer grinder. With the capacity to handle chores such as mixing, grinding, and blending, it may help you save a lot of time and effort. On the market, there are two types of mixer grinders:

  • Normal mixer grinders: Includes three jars: a large one for batter grinding, a medium one for pastes, and a smaller one for chutney.
  • Juicer mixer grinders: Comes with the same three jars as well as a juicer jar. They are ideal for families with three to four members.

A motor with 500 watts of power will sufficient for Indian cooking. If you have a large family, however, a 750Watt motor will be the ideal option because it can grind more in one go.

Read our “Buying Guide” and “Popular Questions related to Mixer Grinder” for additional information on other factors. We’ve also have compiled a list of the The 6 Best Juicer Mixer Grinder on the Indian market and 5 Best Mixer Grinder For Indian Cooking.

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Best Mixer Grinder For Domestic Use

Best Mixer Grinder For Domestic Use


Bajaj Classic: Best Selling Mixer Grinder

Best Mixer Grinder For Domestic Use

Bajaj has been the top brand that provides Best Mixer Grinder For Domestic Use and one of the most trusted brands in India for home appliances when it comes to making mixing and grinding easier. When it comes to offering a quality and long-lasting product, Bajaj’s mixer grinder is among its best.

Grasp reliable functionality with adequate power and ease, civility the Bajaj Electricals Classic 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars. Bring this trustworthy mixer grinder home and see how much time and energy it saves you.

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  • The Multi-blade stem has been inserted for optimum grinding performance.
  • The body is strong and the design is elegant.
  • The grinding speed is controlled by three-speed controls.
  • The level of durability is really high.
  • Warranty: 5 years on motor and 2 years on product.


  • When running at high speeds, it creates little noise!
  • Cooking a meal for six people took much longer than normal!

This mixer grinder comes with three jars:

  • The 1.5-liter Liquidizing Jar
  • 1-liter Dry Grinder
  • The 0.3-liter Chutney Jar

With the 750 Watt motor in this fantastic mixer grinder, you’ll never be short on the ability to complete even the most difficult tasks. It’s meant to run for as long as you want it to, with an RPM count of 18000.

The Bajaj 750 Watts Mixer Grinder is equipped with a flexible edge mechanism that assists in successfully executing operations such as grating, liquidizing, whipping, pureeing, mincing, and so on. See our full review.

Lifelong Power Pro: Best In 500 Watt

Best Mixer Grinder For Domestic Use

Lifelong online is part of a diversified “Lifelong group” that has been around for twenty-five years. This company is committed to providing high-quality items in a variety of areas, including home appliances, kitchen appliances, wellness, and personal care, at a reasonable cost.

The Lifelong Power Pro 500-Watt Mixer Grinder is a fantastic appliance on the market right now. This mixer grinder has a powerful 500-watt 100 percent copper motor with an 18000 RPM speed that provides outstanding performance over time.

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  • 3-speed control function with a pulse.
  • A motor overload protector is included with the 500-watt superior performance motor.
  • It is a low-cost item, making it suitable for purchasers on a tight budget.
  • A warranty period of one year


  • When used at high speed, this mixer grinder generates a little noise.

This 500-Watt mixer grinder comes with three stainless steel jars:

  • The 1.25-liter Liquidizing Jar
  • 0.8-liter Dry or Wet Grinding Jar
  • The 0.5-liter Chutney Jar

With exceptional ease, the Lifelong power pro mixer grinder performs mixing, grinding, and juicing. This allows you to spend quality time with your family while dining. The jars have an easy grip making them ideal for use with a mixer and run at 500W.

Sharp blades in the 500-watt mixer grinder produce the finest textured blended preparations. So, if you’re seeking a multi-purpose kitchen product, this 3-jar Lifelong Pro mixer grinder is a must-try. See our full review.

Prestige Delight: Standard Mixer Grinder For Domestic Use

Prestige is a renowned company that ensures that all of your kitchen requirements are satisfied with a well-designed household appliance like a mixer grinder.

Prestige Delight Mixer Grinder has a 600-watt motor that ranges between 500 and 750 watts, making it ideal for the majority of Indian households. This basic mixer grinder (600 Watt) is designed to be compact. It helps to save a lot of kitchen space. It is best suited for small kitchens because of this characteristic.

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  • 600W powerful motor
  • White/Blue looks premium
  • Three Stainless steel jars with transparent lids
  • Very low noise
  • Warranty: 5 years on motor and 2 years on product.


  • No downsides noted yet

Prestige Delight, like every other model on our list, comes with three stainless steel jars that are specifically designed for different applications like:

  • The 1.5-liter Wet Jar
  • 1-liter Dry Jar
  • The 0.3-liter Chutney Jar

Two of the jars have ergonomically designed handles that won’t fall out of your hand while you carry them. This model comes with three super-efficient blades that decrease the time required for grinding or mixing operations.

The mixer grinder’s outer body is composed of superior-grade plastic that is extremely sturdy. Its powerful turbo motor delivers 600W of continuous high-speed grinding. With its powerful engine, you can effortlessly grind even the toughest food items, such as whole gram (dal), to create tasty meals. Read our full review.

Bajaj GX8: Best Mixer Grinder For Regular Use

Bajaj GX8 Mixer Grinder

Bajaj is another excellent brand for mixer grinders in India, as it has been providing sturdy and high-quality home equipment to Indian households for many years.

Bajaj GX8 750 Watt is a sturdy pure compartment for liquidizing, wet and dry winding and chutney pounding, transparent PC vault spread for liquidizing and granulating containers, 3-speed control with incher for fluttering activities, Multifunctional bleeding-edge framework.

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  • Motor with copper winding
  • An overload protector is included for further safety.
  • Shockproof ABS body!
  • Very less noise
  • The handles on two of the jars are ergonomically designed.


  • Not very easy to clean!
  • Fruit waste occurs throughout the juicing process, however, this is a frequent issue with mixer grinders.

This mixer grinder available with three jars:

  • The 1.5-liter Liquidizing Jar
  • 1.2-liter Dry Grinder
  • The 0.3-liter Chutney Jar

Bajaj Mixer Grinder is equipped with an extraordinary engine of 750 Watts with a 30-minute power rating to ensure reliable execution. Its different containers with SS sharp edges allow you to crush hard flavors and chutneys and make smoothies in an instant.

The Mixer processor bajaj GX8 750 watts is equipped with an extraordinary 750 Watts engine and a working rate of 20000 RPM, which can ensure that things going quickly. The useful overload protection function keeps this mixer grinder intact without the danger of overload or separation. Read our full review.

Prestige IRIS Plus: Best Mixer Grinder For Domestic Use

Prestige is known for producing one of the best kitchen appliances because both the design and the price are on target and tailored to the demands of Indian households.

The motor in this Prestige Iris Plus mixer is 750 watts, which is quite powerful. The copper motor is of excellent quality; the aluminum motor is prone to rapid deterioration, whereas the copper motor lasts for years. You get improved performance with the copper motor.

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  • 750 Watts powerful copper motor
  • 1 transparent juicer and 3 stainless steel jars
  • Easy to operate
  • A warranty period of 2 years


  • No downsides noted yet

This mixer grinder available with 1 Transparent Juicer Jar with a blade and three stainless steel jars:

  • The 1.5-liter Wet Jar
  • 1-liter Dry Jar with a blade
  • The 0.3-liter Chutney Jar

It is slightly lighter than the rest of the mixer grinder. It can produce greater outcomes with less weight because it does not contain very heavy motor material. This Prestige mixer grinder can be used to meet a variety of requirements.

It allows you to mix everything nicely, from grinding strong materials to blending organic items. The 750-watt motor is built to grind even the toughest ingredients to a smooth finish. It’s simple to use and creates a nice blending background. Read our full review.

Buying Guide: Best Mixer Grinder For Domestic Use

Wattage: When it comes to a mixer grinder, one of the first things to look at is how much wattage it has. In an Indian kitchen, anything between 500 and 750 watts will sufficient.

Size/Number of Jars: The more jars there are, the better. To satisfy your needs, look for a mixer grinder with two or three jars of varied capacity. For a secure grasp, look for an ergonomically built handle.

Blades: Because blades are the ones that perform all the work, it seems sensible to check their quality. Ensure that the material is stainless steel, preferably grade 304.

Branding and Service: A product’s brand is just as vital as its after-sales service. Make sure to see if the product you’re buying has a nearby service facility.

Overload Protection: Overload protection is required, and you must check for it. In the event of an overload, overload protection will provide a circuit breaker that will break the circuit.

Quality: When determining which product to buy, consider the quality of the body, blades, and jars. Make sure the appliance you choose has strong blades and jars that are tightly sealed.

Design: For a small residence in the city, a small and elegant device that is convenient will be a good choice. For household use, a slim tower or L shape form is excellent and stable.

RPM (Rotations/Minute): Anywhere between 18000 and 23000 RPM will suffice for a domestic mixer grinder. For optimum operation, a juicer mixer grinder should have a low to medium RPM. Liquids or spices may not be blended or grinded adequately at a higher RPM.

Warranty: If the company provides you with a good warranty on your product, you may be confident that it is of high quality. When choosing a model, look for a warranty that ranges from two to five years. Look for a motor with a separate warranty.

Budget: Last but not least, there’s the budget! The cost of your mixer grinder will be determined by the functions it provides as well as its overall quality.

Popular Questions

  • Is it possible to juice citrus fruits using a juicer?

Yes, of course. Simply add the citrus fruit and mix until smooth. Make sure the seeds are removed before putting them in the container. Aside from that, juicers can be used to blend oranges, melons, spinach, and other fruits.

  • What’s the difference between a juicer and a mixer grinder?

A mixer grinder has many jars that can be used for a variety of tasks, including grinding chutneys, preparing pastes or purees, and grinding spices. If you get a mixer grinder with the juicer, you’ll get a different jar for preparing juices, shakes, or smoothies, which is constructed of high-grade plastic or stainless steel.

  • Is it safe to use a mixer grinder with water or other liquids?

They are, indeed. We recommend using ABS shock-free mixer grinders to ensure your safety. This ensures high-quality grinding with a low risk of damage and shocks produced by overload or other factors.

  • Every time I use my mixer, I get a burnt smell? What may be the cause?

It’s normal to acquire a smoky or burnt smell while using the mixer grinder for the first and second time. However, if you’re having this problem on a regular basis, you should contact your customer service department. Because the smell could be caused by any issue with the motor.

  • What are the components of a mixer grinder?

All mixer grinder models have liquid jars, chutney jars, grinding jars, anti-slip feet, ergonomic handles, blades, top protective lid/cover, and adjustable control knobs.


Because there are so many options on the market, it’s easy to become confused. And most of us don’t have a lot of time to think about the options. That is why our team hand-picked the Best Mixer Grinder For Domestic Use available on the Indian market.

Here we conclude our article on the best mixer grinder for domestic use in India. We suggest you not to go deep into the details of mixer grinder because no grinder is perfect and you may get confused and end up buying an average grinder. So, don’t forget to say about what you feel about our article Best Mixer Grinder For Domestic Use in India in the contact section.


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