Best Ink Tank Printer under 15000 Rupees Review India 2022

Ink tank printers are the best-selling printer type. They got popular in the market due to their quantity and quality. 

The initial cost of inkjet printers like Canon Pixma E477 is very low compared to Canon G3010 ink tank printers. But ink tank printer will save you most in the long run. 

Under 15000 is the best range for an ink tank printer whereas you can opt for more economical ink tank printers

What is Ink Tank Printer?

Ink Tank Printers are the same as normal printers but it needs to be refiled the ink when you are facing a low ink issue.

The tank needs to be filled with a bottle of ink so that the work can be done smoothly. It is a far better option than average inkjet printers are more economical if we compare its costing. The printer functioning is the same as the ink delivered with an airtight tube to the print head.

What Is The Best Ink Tank Printer Under 15000 Rupees

HP Ink Tank 319
Canon PIXMA G2020
Brother DCP-T420W
HP Ink Tank 410
Epson EcoTank L3210

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Benefits Of Ink Tank Printer


Ink Tank Printers are cost-effective if compare with cartridges, as there is no headache of replacing the cartridges again and again. It can be easily filled up with just a bottle.

The ink bottle will be a far economic because refiling of the tank can be done easily and we cannot afford cartridges replacement again and again.

Easy to Use

Ink Tank Printers are easy to use and the ink filling can be done with the help of a bottle easily.

Ink filling is not a tough process, the nozzle and the resealable cap also reduce the risk of leakage of ink. The pressure mechanism feature makes it easy for the users if the tank gets filled. 

Better Quality

Users don’t have to compromise with the quality of printing, as it is designed for specific devices only, so users will be able to get amazing results.

It comes with Heat-Free technology so the color photographs will be quite amazing with these printers. As it can provide 40 million precise dots per second, there will be no imperfection in the printing. 

Environment Friendly

As we know, our environment is getting worsen due to wastage and unwanted heat in the air. But these printer comes with heat-free technology so there will not be heat consumption and users can print many pages in a single time so there will not be too much wastage, which helps in making our environment pollution-free.

Compact Size

We don’t want that our printer equips a huge space but these ink tank printers are compact and we don’t need to free up too much space for placing them.

These are also lightweight and quite easy and perfect for home use. It can be easily connected with Wi-Fi at any place. 

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Ink Tank Printers?

There is only one downside of ink tank printers is that you need to use them often.  If you don’t use them frequently then ink in the tank, cartridge, and tubes will get dry and create clogging problems.

Which Printer Is Better Ink Tank or Inkjet?

Ink tank printers are always better than inkjet. Inkjet printers are prone to a common printing issue

Ink thank printers are best for printing high volume printing jobs at minimal cost and with low maintenance. Only one thing their initial are very much compared to inkjet printers. 

So, if you have a high printing requirement for both photos and documents then the ink tank is the best choice. 

But if you are looking for only documents printing then it will be good to go with the best laser printers under 15000

Does Ink Get Dry In The Ink Tank Printer?

Yes absolutely. Over time the ink in the ink tank will get dry but the process is very slow compared to the inkjet cartridge as the ink tank printer holds more amount of ink.  So, it is better to keep the ink chamber airtight and store the printer correctly when not in use

How Often Should You Use An Ink Tank Printer?

It is better to your best ink tank printer regularly. But if it is not possible for you to use them frequently then it is recommended to use them at least once a week.

Reviews Of Best Ink Tank Printer Under 15000 Rupees

Why Should You Buy

  • It is a cost-effective printer – 10p for black color paper and 20p for color pages. 
  • It is made with high-quality plastic.

Why You Should Not Buy

  • Tech support can be improved

This product is a high-quality Ink Tank printer that is best recommended for office use. This printer can provide printing services in different sizes of sheets like A4, A6, B5, and DL. 

It is a highly durable manual Ink Tank printer that runs manually. It is an all-in-one product in which you can easily perform printing, scanning, and copying different tasks. 

The ink filling features of this printer are very gentle. You can easily fill the color with full convenience without wasting it. 

This product assures low power consumption so that you can make more and more work with it. You can also connect your printer with USB 2.0 connectivity

The maximum printing of this product is about 8 pages per minute which are decent, this speed reduces to 5 pages per minute when turning to color page printing. 

When we talk about the design then it is very good and highly compatible. The dimensions of this product are 31 x 52.5 x 15.8 cm which comes with a weight of 4.67 Kilograms.

Why Should You Buy

  • It assures an impressive picture resolution of 4800 x 1200 DPI. 
  • A set of 4 ink bottles are also provided with this product which assures stage printing of about 7000 pages.

Why You Should Not Buy

  • It is a completely manually operated printer.

Canon PIXMA G2020 is one of the best and most high-quality inkjet printers for home and office use. You can easily complete printing on various types of sheets like 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 7 x 10, and 8 x 10 also.

This product is a high volume 3-in-1 inkjet printer where you can perform printing, Copying, and scanning. This printer attains a 5.08 cm LED display which shows you the current status of your printing. You’ll also get operating buttons below this display so that you can easily operate the printer. 

It assures borderless printing with high-quality printing. The ink filling facility of this printer is also awesome. You can easily fill it without any wastage.

It attains an impressive volume where students can easily print 100-300 pages in a month. USB connectivity in this printer enhances its effectiveness.

Why Should You Buy

  • It provides superb print quality, 
  • The print speed attains the ratio of 28:11 for black and color prints respectively. 
  • 7500 pages (Black) and 5000 pages (Color). 

Why You Should Not Buy

  • Not an easy-to-use product. You may face some problems if you’re a newbie.

If you’re looking for a printer with wireless features under the range then this product is for you. It is a high-quality Ink Tank Printer. You can operate your printer through Smartphones and Tablets. This product is one of the best office use Ink Tank printers

You can easily print various sizes of sheets like A4, A6, Letter, legal, India legal, Folio, Executive, Envelopes, Photo, Photo 2L  Legal, and Mexico also. 

It attains a 150 pages paper tray so that you don’t have to fill the pages early. This attains superb tech support in USB, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi, with a power source of 220V-240V. 

Yes, you can easily perform printing, copying, and scanning with a single printer. The dimensions of this product are 43.5 x 35.9 x 15.9 cm which comes with a weight of 6.4 Kilograms. 

It attains a compact size so that you can easily place it in a less space area. This product comes with some included components like Printer, Power Cable, and installation CD

Why Should You Buy

  • High-quality resolution 4800 x 1200 DPI, 1200 x 1200 DPI. 
  • Cost of 10 p for black and 20 p for every color print.

Why You Should Not Buy

  • The material quality of this product is comparatively less durable.

This product is one of the most attractive and effective Ink tank printers presented by HP. It is an All in one printer which attains features like Printing, Copying, and scanning. 

It attains an impressive level of connectivity which strains the Wi-fi features and USB features too. You can perform wireless printing by connecting it with a smartphone

It can easily perform printing on different size sheets like A4, B5, A6, and DL also. You can easily print 8000 colors and 4000 black pages with this printer. 

The dimensions of this product are 5.25 x 3.1 x 1.58 cm which comes with a weight of 4.6 Kilograms. The maximum print speed of this product is about 19 ppm and reduced to 15 ppm in color pages. 

Why Should You Buy

  • Easy to install this product. 
  • It is made with high-quality plastic which makes it durable. 
  • The cost-efficient printer and low power consumption.

Why You Should Not Buy

  • This printer is only comfortable to print a specified A4 Size printing.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty and high-quality ink Tank printer then you can easily consider this product as your priority. 

This printer is one of the faster printers because it maintains the max printing speed of 26 pages (black) which turns to 17 in the case of color pages. 

It attains high-quality ink which assures the printing of 4500 black and about 7000 pages for color easily. 

The dimensions of this product are 37.5 x 34.7 x 17.9 cm which comes with a weight of 5.5 Kilograms. When we talk about the design then it attains a decent level design that looks attractive. 

It is an easily portable and lightweight printer. It is an easy-to-use product so that you can easily understand the working mechanism of this product if you’re a newbie also. 

Before Buying Guide

It is quite necessary to consider some things before going to buy the Best Ink Tank Printers under Rs.15,000 so that we can get the best deal and never have to compromise with the quality of the product. So these are the things that a user needs to consider –

Printing Speed

Printing Speed is a very important thing that a user needs to consider because if we are buying an ink tank printer for office use then its speed should be faster.

Comparatively, the Ink Tank Printers have slow speed than Laser Printers but still, we can expect 25 – 30 pages per minute. So don’t forget to consider the Printing speed. 

Print Yield

We cannot ignore the Print Yield because it determines the cost-effectiveness of an ink tank printer. Yield means the number of pages in a single fill-in tank.

So the more yield will be beneficial for us. An Ink Tank printer should have a yield of 4000 to 5000 pages so that users don’t need to fill the tank again and again. 

Print Quality

We cannot ignore the print quality of an ink tank printer because we don’t want dull printing, black dots, and improper clarity.

Many peoples look for speed printing but speed printing is not good for color printing, it is good only for monochrome printing.

Users should go for the best quality printing with a decent speed so that quality cannot be compromised. 

Multiple Functions

Today users are preferring to go with multifunction Printers so that they can do many works with that printer. We can do print, copy, and scan with a single printer, so it will be very convenient for all of us.

It will save a lot of time, space, and money. Whether you are buying an Ink Tank Printer for office use or home, you should go with Multiple functional printers


So these are the Best Ink Tank Printer Under 15000 rupees, as we have given all the details, pros, and cons of the product so that you can make your buying decision easier.

Still, if you have any queries or doubts then you can tell us in the comment section.  And be sure to share what you think about our article Best Ink Tank Printer Under 15000 rupees in India. 

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