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What is Ink Tank Printer?

Ink Tank Printers are same as normal printers but it needs to be refiled the ink when you are facing the low ink issue. The tank needs to be filled with a bottle of ink so that the work can be done smoothly. It is a far better option than average inkjet printers are more economical if we compare its costing. The printer functioning is the same as the ink delivers with an airtight tube to the print head.

Printers are very common when we have a huge assignment work or we have the need for copies regularly. But as we know there are a lot of printer types in the market and choosing the best one is a bit difficult task.

It also depends upon the quantity of work we have, if we have a huge amount of work then we need to go with Ink Tank Printers. So if you are looking for the best Ink Tank Printers then you are in the right place. We are providing you the list of the Best Ink Tank Printer Under 15000 with brief information.

Epson L3152

Epson is a popular brand and that’s why we keep this printer in the list of the Best Ink Tank Printers under Rs.15,000. This is a colorful and multifunctional printer that allows users to print, scan, and copy.



It has an amazing speed of printing of 33 black and white pages per minute and 15 colorful pages per minute.
It comes with a high page yield of 4500 black and 7500 color pages in a single tank filling. There is also a Wi-Fi connectivity feature that allows the users to connect with 4 devices without the need for a router. It comes with a 1-year warranty or 30,000 pages, whichever is earlier.

HP Ink Tank 410

This is a very affordable Ink Tank Printer having the capacity of 8000 color and 4000 black pages with a cost of 10 paise for black and 20 paise for color.



 It comes with multiple functions of copy, print, and scan in a single product and the print will be very clear without any white borders. It has a speed of 19 black ppm and 15 color ppm.

Users can operate this printer with their command using Alexa and Google Home without leaving our place. There is no need for a router, it can be easily connected wirelessly. The company is providing a 1-year warranty for this Ink Tank Printer. READ OUR FULL REVIEW.

Canon Pixma G2012

This printer comes with a 1.2-inch panel design that makes it quite convenient for the users to operate. It has an easy ink level visibility and users can see the amount of ink left in the tank.



This printer is popular because of its amazing quality with low costing. It has a print yield of 6000 black and 7000 color pages and has a costing of 9 paise for black and 32 paise for color, it will be a perfect product for home and office use. The company is providing a 1-year onsite warranty for this product. READ OUR FULL REVIEW.

Epson Eco Tank L3101

This is a multiple functional ink tank printer that can print, copy, and scan. It has a speed of 33 black pages per minute and 15 color pages per minute.



It has a page yield of 4500 black and 7500 color pages and it has a compact design that doesn’t take too much space. It will provide high-quality printing of 5760 dpi so that users don’t have to compromise with the printing quality.

It consumes only 12 Watt of power so it can also help you to save electricity bills. It can print any size of paper and the company is providing a 1-year warranty for this product.

HP Ink Tank 310

With this printer, users will get their print pages at a very low cost and the printing can be done without borders for the user’s convenience. It is an all-in-one printer that scan, copy, and print.



The filling of the ink is quite easy and convenient. This printer consumes very little power as compared to other printers and can print many sizes of papers. The printing quality is outstanding and the company is providing a 1-year warranty for this printer. READ OUR FULL REVIEW.

Benefits Of Ink Tank Printer

Cost Effective

Ink Tank Printers are cost-effective if compare with cartridges, as there is no headache of replacing the cartridges again and again. It can be easily filled up with just a bottle. The ink bottle will be a far economic because refiling of the tank can be done easily and we cannot afford cartridges replacement again and again.

Easy to Use

Ink Tank Printers are easy to use and the ink filling can be done with the help of a bottle easily. Ink filling is not a tough process, the nozzle and the resealable cap also reduces the risk of leakage of ink. The pressure mechanism feature makes it easy for the users if the tank gets filled. 

Better Quality

Users don’t have to compromise with the quality of printing, as it is designed for specific devices only, so users will be able to get amazing results. It comes with Heat-Free technology so the color photographs will be quite amazing with these printers. As it can provide 40 million precise dots per second, so there will be no imperfection in the printing. 

Environment Friendly

As we know, our environment is getting worsen due to wastage and unwanted heat in the air. But these printer comes with heat-free technology so there will not be heat consumption and users can print many pages in a single time so there will not be too much wastage, which helps in making our environment pollution-free.

Compact Size

We don’t want that our printer equips a huge space but these ink tank printers are compact and we don’t need to free up too much space for placing them. These are also lightweight and quite easy and perfect for home use. It can be easily connected with Wi-Fi at any place. 

Before Buying Guide

It is quite necessary to consider some things before going to buy the Best Ink Tank Printers under Rs.15,000 so that we can get the best deal and never have to compromise with the quality of the product. So these are the things that a user needs to consider –

Printing Speed

Printing Speed is a very important thing that a user needs to consider because if we are buying an ink tank printer for office use then its speed should be faster. Comparatively, the Ink Tank Printers have slow speed than Laser Printers but still, we can expect 25 – 30 pages per minute. So don’t forget to consider the Printing speed. 

Print Yield

We cannot ignore the Print Yield because it determines the cost-effectiveness of an ink tank printer. Yield means the number of pages in a single fill-in tank. So the more yield will be beneficial for us. An Ink Tank printer should have a yield of 4000 to 5000 pages so that users don’t need to fill the tank again and again. 

Print Quality

We cannot ignore the print quality of an ink tank printer because we don’t want dull printing, black dots, and improper clarity. Many peoples look for speed printing but speed printing is not good for color printing, it is good only for monochrome printing. Users should go for the best quality printing with a decent speed so that quality cannot be compromised. 

Multiple Functions

Today users are preferring to go with multifunction Printers so that they can do many works with that printer. We can do print, copy, and scan with a single printer, so it will be very convenient for all of us. It will save a lot of time, space, and money. Whether you are buying an Ink Tank Printer for office use or home, you should go with Multiple functional printers


So these are the Best Ink Tank Printer Under 15000 rupees, as we have given all the details, pros, and cons of the product so that you can make your buying decision easier. Still, if you have any queries or doubts then you can tell us in the comment section.  And be sure to share what you think about our article Best Ink Tank Printer Under 15000 rupees in India. 

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