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Purpose of BSL (BigScreenLab) is to share the experience and knowledge that we have with our visitors, which will help them to take their decisions correctly and they know maybe which is the best for their hard earned money. Actually  Me & My Team member all are gadget enthusiasts, we endure a deep discusion everytime on a particular product that we opt to publish at our site.

ARJUN CHAKRABORTY  & AVIK DAS are Technical Experts who select any our featured products and then they initiate long and detail research , testing , collecting data from consumers who are using or have already used that product 

SOUPAL PANDA is our product photographer and also a blogger, he is actually a professional photographer and he as some great knowledge and experience about DSLR cameras and lenses.

Now that data comes to ME (TANMOY MISRA), I’m the owner of this website, the data from our team members is put in the shape of article by me.

At last it goes to our designer and editor BISHNU MISRA  he has really some tough job correcting mistakes, making good and attractive design for the web page 

And at last it is published.

But reviews of games and movies is totally on me & Bishnu Misra because I am a gamer, I like PC games very much it is been 19 years or more playing games and for movies I mainly depend on Bishnu Mishra, he is very expert in this actually.

My Team

Tanmoy Misra
Owner, Passionate Blogger,Gadget lover
Bishnu Misra
Arjun Chakraborty
Doctor,Technical Writer,Gamer
Soupal Panda
Photographer,Animator,Designer,Gadget Lover
Avik Das
Technical Expert,Writer,Explorer

Why you follow us ?

Yes why ? Answer is our reviews , product listing and our reference to you are not cherry picked they are thoroughly analyzed , researched  and tested . Our visitors are important for us and if get benefited by us they will come back to us.

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