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LG 32 inch TV 5 best models available on the market in July-2019

Specifically, LG ( Lucky Goldstar ) is the brand which is known for its transformation and innovation. In detail LG offers cutting edge Television for you it has a vast range of TVs with a slim and ultra-modern design. It is an intimidating task to list down the best LG 32 inch TV.

Therefore we have spent the last few months testing and reviewing over a dozen of LG 32 inch TV models and putting them through their paces, and these are absolute best in their class. In 32 inch LED TV, there is not much variety but it has enough to make you puzzled. We’ve found lots of great TVs that are reasonably priced that are better than the expensive stuff.

On this page, we are going to apprise you with 6 best-LED TV in 32 inches by LG and their pros & cons and let you pick the one that best fits your situation.

1. LG 32 inch HD Ready 32LJ573D

LG 32 inch TV

PMI ( Picture Mastering Index ) is known for the German “ Picture Calculation Index” it is the value which consists of various factors that influence the picture quality. Whereas it is defined by 3 factors first Digital Image Processor, second Advanced LED Panel Technology and third Advanced BLU Technology. To summarize PMI makes the picture more vibrant and life-like.

In brief, the LG 32 inch LED TV 32LJ573D is HD Ready (1366x768p) including normal 50 Hz of refresh rate. Besides that, the TV has a WebOS operating system together with the IPS panel. For clearer, more consistent and sturdy screens LG mostly uses the IPS panel. Type of panel point often overlooked by many customers while buying a TV, but the quality of the panel determines the quality of the TV.

On the whole, you have to understand panel is the base of a TV on which every one gonna plays their role. Whereas the Color Master Engine enhances colors, adjusts color saturation, hue, and luminance to make the picture more intense and deep.

On the other hand, the sound is a very crucial part of Television and also for us when viewing our favorite programs. 
Whereas LG stacked this model with 20 W Dolby audio speakers with DTS technology which gives the experience clearer and louder sound. In addition to that, you can change your TV into a music player users can enjoy the music through TV speakers while the TV screen is switched off.

Additional Features like Live Zoom you can enlarge live screens while viewing live shows or any sports by pressing the live zoom button on the remote. Also, have the feature of surfing the internet while watching TV simultaneously. You can also use apps, games and TV programs from LG content store. Occasionally get notification of software update, call, message, email, a social network on the right corner of the Television screen.

GOOD –Picture quality is really good. All apps, games, and features working absolutely fine.

BAD –Yes, the Remote has all features that are impressed here but it’s not the magic remote typically.


Overall the product is quite good to go and its reviews are really great. You can check out the deal I found on Amazon.


Sony KLV-32R202F
Comparatively, you can consider this model from Sony which fits well with LG 32LJ573D concerning picture quality, sound quality, and features.

If you like to know more about this TV then you can  check our post on 10 best Sony 32 inch LED TV.
Or you can check out its detail specification on Amazon.

2. LG 32 inch HD Ready 32LK526BPTA

LG 32 inch TV

This affordable LG 32 inch TV is HD Ready (1366x768p) also with 2 HDMI and 1 USB ports to connect external storage devices. Above all the TV has a stunning design with some great features equally it is very popular for its flawless and consistent performance. We have checked online and offline customer’s feedback quality and till now it’s on 95 percent positive.

Similarly, like other LG TV models, this TV also provides life-like color and blur-free images due to the LG IPS panel, one of the best panels in the industry. The IPS panel also offers a wider viewing angle. So that you don’t need to compromise with quality when viewing from a different angle.

Especially in India, we all are cricket lovers and it will be cherry on a cake if we get stadium like feeling from our TV while watching cricket. Hence keeping that in mind LG has packed it with cricket mode. Stadium like picture and stadium-like surround sound. Also, LG giving you the option of becoming the third umpire by enlarging any scene with live zoom feature directly pressing live zoom key from your remote.

However the TV has 20 W speakers with the additional support of Dolby digital plus and DTS technology now experience crystal clear, louder and separate sound for dialogues or music. Furthermore the TV is also equipped with All Round Saftey which protects your Television from dust, humidity, electric surge, lightning, and heat.

Additional Features like Bollywood mode when you use this mode it automatically select the right sound EQ ( Equalization ) on TV. External audio connectivity options also available are Headphone-out, RCA analog out or Digital optical audio out. You can use FM Radio feature to enjoy live FM radio on LG TV.

GOOD –As usual picture quality is good. Good sound quality as well.The TV specified features are just working fine no issue found.

BAD –The major issue that we found the sound from internal speakers and 3.5 mm jack supported home theater cannot be played at the same time for that either you have to buy an optical sound-enabled home theater or an optical sound convertor.


In short according to us the TV has no serious drawbacks. Hence if you go for this model it will be a good choice to buy on Amazon.See the LG 32LK526BPTA for yourself.

Sony Bravia 80 cm(32 inches) KLV-32W622G
Analogous to the above model this Samsung TV model is perfect to make a substitute. You can also take it as an option if you are not an LG brand lover.
Get more details of this Sony TV in this article
or you can directly go to Amazon to see the TV.

3. LG 32 inch HD Ready 32LK628BPTF
LG 32 inch TV

Again this LG 32 inch TV comes with Smart AI ThinQ technology by which you can control your TV through voice recognition. Besides the TV has 50 Hz of refresh rate with 1366×768 pixels( HD Ready ) of resolution. Whereas LG ThinQ AI is a great technology because AI is natural language processing technology and ThinQ helps you set up a TV quickly by voice commands.

Besides that, the standard of picture quality is maintained by HDR ( High Dynamic Range ) which provides delicate details and lifelike color with a wider range of contrast. The TV supports multi HDR formats like HDR10 PRO and HLG PRO. 

But the quality of sound is directly related to your viewing experience so LG has packed the TV with 35 W Dolby digital speakers supported by DTS technology to take your viewing experience to the next level. As a result, you will get much clear and louder sound quality as you can differentiate music and dialogue. And with that, you will get LG’s Magic Remote, AI-assisted, let your voice operate your smart TV. After sharing your smartphone screen on TV you can control your mobile using Magic Remote 

Additional Features

You can watch photos and videos on TV easily by just launching cloud photos and video apps. Active WebOS notification for Incoming calls, SMS, Social network, email on the TV screen. The new WebOS Smart TV allows you to use LG Content Store for apps, games, TV programs. You can also connect your Bluetooth headset or HTS/Soundbar wirelessly with TV. Whereas Multi-tasking facility allows internet surfing and TV viewing simultaneously.

GOOD –It is really fun to use the magic remote when giving a voice command to TV. It has built-in WiFi.It’s audio is superb you won’t need an external sound system.

BAD –Nothing serious to express right now.


Straight to the point, TV is really superb and fantastic. We have tested the TV to its limits and the result is good and satisfactory for us.You can see the bargain we found for that TV on Amazon.

Alternate Model

Samsung 32 inch series 4 UA32N4300AR – If you don’t have much favor with LG then you can take a look at this Samsung LED TV. This Samsung TV matched perfectly with the above LG TV model. 

Click here to see Samsung TV detail specification or
Click here to see directly on Amazon.

4. LG 32 inch HD Ready 32LK510BPTA
LG 32 inch TV

This LG LED TV has an IPS display which produces more shades of color with finer gradation. Besides that, it is an HD Ready TV 1366X768 pixels resolution and 2 HDMI, 1 USB ports for connectivity. Not only the display is good like other LG TVs but also the IPS panel offers a wide-angle view. Hence you can expect a clearer, blur-free, lifelike color experience. 

However, the sound is boosted by Dolby Digital Plus and DTS technology. So that you can differentiate between dialogue and music.

Furthermore, the TV has two in-built modes the first one is Bollywood mode in which upon switching to this the TV automatically adjusts the sound level as per need. And the second one is Cricket mode this mode is for cricket fans who want stadium like feeling while watching cricket on TV. Specifically, if you switch to cricket mode you will experience the sound and picture quality as you are sitting in a stadium.

Additional Features
Consequently, the LG TV is equipped with All Round Protection which protects the TV from dust, humidity, heat, lightning and electric surge. On the other hand Live Zoom allows you to see your favorite scene by enlarging the size.

GOOD –Picture quality is good, sound quality is very good as compared to 20 W speaker.And all features are working just fine.

BAD –If you lost your remote than TV becomes useless. So, be careful with the remote.


At last LG 32LK510BPTA has no issue to mention, we put the TV in a 60-day test and results are quite comfortable. Nice TV to make a choice value for money. Currently available at a very low price( limited time ). You can check it on Amazon.

Alternate Model

Samsung 32 inch UA32N4010AR – Correspondingly this Samsung LED model match nearly exactly. Consequently, it is a good low price TV from Samsung.

You can get full details about the TV in this article click here.

Or you can directly go to Amazon to see for your self click here.

5. LG 32 inch HD Ready 32LK536BPTB
LG 32 inch TV

After all, this is a low-cost LG LED TV having the resolution of 1366×768 pixels with the refresh rate of 50 Hz indeed it performs very well so far. Also, you can expect awesome picture quality due to the IPS panel and as well as the Live Zoom feature makes the live scene enlarge by a single button press on your remote. Hence you will not feel disappointed when watching the TV from a different direction because it maintains the display quality due to the wide-angle view.

Whereas poor sound quality can hamper the viewing experience of any program on any Television model with different size, feature or technology. But thanks to LG that delivers outstanding sound levels due to Dolby Digital Plus and DTS technology even with 20 W speakers.

Additional Features
Equally, the TV comes with Cricket Mode and Bollywood Mode, especially for Indians. The TV adjusts automatically its sound and picture output parameters when these modes are enabled. Additionally, the TV has 2 HDMI and 1 USB ports to connect external storage devices. Also have All-Round Protection to protect the Television from dust, humidity, heat, electric surge and lightning.

GOOD – Picture quality is good , sound quality is good, modes and features are easy to use.

BAD– We didn’t find anything to say.


After 60-day research and testing on this particular LG model, we can say the TV is good as an option to buy. We will give it a 95 out of 100. One of the major things is that it is available on Amazon at a very low price.

Check out the price of LG 32LK536BPTB by yourself.

Alternate Model
Sony Bravia 80 cm (32 inches) KLV-32R412D– However, if LG didn’t reach your expectation you can also opt for this Sony model.
Check the specification and details in this article. Or you can go to Amazon.

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